French site claims Bourdais to sign this week

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French website Toile F1 claims to have ‘exclusive’ information that Sebastien Bourdais will sign for Toro Rosso this week.

If you can read French, check the original article out here.

Thanks to Paul for the tip!

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18 comments on “French site claims Bourdais to sign this week”

  1. I have been reading this one on various websites and as much as I want to hear this, I will wait till official announcement is made.

    As is with Buemi driving one of their cars,I am not expecting much from STR for ’09

  2. Dunno why I bothered reading the ToileF1 thing, I knew I couldn’t read French when I clicked on the article.

  3. This news is a Fake.
    Disputed information. Finally this site is not a reference in France, it’s a Web site buzz F1.
    Not credible

  4. paste the title of the article on google, then click on translate this page.

    heres the translation

    Bourdais sign his contract this week!

    After lengthy discussion with a French journalist known to many, we learned that Sebastien Bourdais is expected to sign his contract with the Toro Rosso team in the course of the week. Information that the site ToileF1 is proud to unveil exclusive.

    Our informant did not give us the information refused to have his name mentioned in this article. Meanwhile, the journalist had the information confirmed by several members of the Toro Rosso team.

    Despite several rumors, including one launched by the radio Europe1 last week, the French driver Sebastien Bourdais is therefore assured its future in Formula 1 for the 2009 season.

  5. The website says that Bourdais has not yet signed and will sign nothing yet …
    I prefers the news read this blog more seriously in France :

  6. If he signs this week, it will be something it should have been done a long time ago. Why wait so much?

    1. Indeed. I think it’s completely asocial to have drivers wait so long before their contract is signed. If they don’t sign Bourdais he wont have much time to find something else. Before he is signed he can hardly look for another place. Of course he can try, but it will be a lot more difficult to get something going if he’s not even sure if he’s going to be free.

      What kind of amateurs are they at STR that they cannot even decide which drivers they will use?

  7. Fairplay to bourdais if this is true as he did a good job and will only get better. But if this is true where does this leave Button if Honda are not bought. I dont trust these claims so have to wait and see.

  8. I was looking at the Toro Rosso website ( last week and noticed they have Buemi and Bourdais on it as forming part of the team. I took it to mean he’s got the nod…

  9. From what I’ve read elsewhere it seems that STR are looking for a pay driver, I don’t think Button would go down that road

  10. ToileF1 = Fake

  11. @patrickl – Thats STR management 4U. Thank God For small mercies, no finger prints of team principles on Drivers necks this season.
    They had that kind of impudence, when the world knew kind of crappy car they were offering their drivers till last year.

  12. I hope he is signed. I think he needs another year to see how he does.

    However, it does look like he has a fall-back option if he can’t get a F1 ride. Curt Cavin reported last week that Paul Newman’s old team is trying to get him to come back to Indy Cars.

  13. regardless of the validity of the article i think Bourdais deserves a drive for this year on his performances in 2008, dont get me wrong he has been pants compared to vettel but has at least shown some promise, especially at Spa where he was unlucky and his qualy performance at Monza in the wet.

  14. Regardless if they sign Le Seb # 1 (since there are now two Le Seb’s) it is ridiculous that the start of the season is less than 7 weeks away and they haven’t announced their driver lineup.

    If they were signing someone new to the team, how is someone supposed to adjust in that short space of time?

    And to keep a driver on a string like they have done with Le Seb & Liuzzi and Speed before him is unprofessional IMO.

  15. I hope that his signing with STR is going to take place. Bourdais would be a good fit this year in F1. His credentials from ChampCar seem to strengthen his claim to a seat this year. While he was in ChampCar, they ran lower downforce, slicks, and had push to pass. Sound anything like this year’s F1 cars? I know that F1 is not ChampCar, but this years F1 rules may just help Mr. Bourdais.

  16. Also, there is a button on that site at the top left of the page to change the language to English.

  17. This team is bad at learning new names.

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