Name Singapore’s turns and win F1 tickets

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Singapore street track map for the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix - click to enlarge

The Singapore Grand Prix organisers are asking fans to come up with names for three of the corners on the Marina Bay circuit.

The circuit’s website says:

Readers are invited to send in their suggestions from now until February 28 to win attractive prizes. Three lucky winners will each receive a three-day 2009 FORMULA 1?? SingTel Singapore Grand Prix [ticket] for the grandstand closest to the turn they’ve named, as well as a pit lane tour. The best overall contributor will also get a two-night stay in a five-star trackside hotel.

It wants names that are no longer than three words, have a local flavour and include the word ‘turn’ or ‘corner’.

What do you think would be good names for the corners? Post your suggestions below – and don’t forget to enter the competition!

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21 comments on “Name Singapore’s turns and win F1 tickets”

  1. Do you think Turn Hermann Tilke is taking the proverbial?

    1. Still, interesting competition, and I definitely approve of giving these new tracks some sort of soul with proper corner names.

  2. How about Jeff, Steve and Tarquin? has a nice ring to it I reckon.

  3. They should name one turn for the winner of the first race.

    The Alonso turn has a nice ring to it.

  4. ninety degree numpty, Crappy Corner no 7 and Souless sludge bucket. off the top of my head

  5. I quite like the idea, rather than celebrating the greats of the sport like Senna, Prost, Schumacher etc., we celebrate the famous (infamous) duffers via corner names.

    So I present Turn Jean-Denis Deletraz, Turn Ricardo Rosset and Turn Yuji Ide. Beside the Andrea Moda Grandstand.

  6. “The Badger Bends” ….guess I would say that!

    As long as they don’t name another lame corner after the great Ayrton Senna that’s fine.

    ‘the singapore sling’ or ‘sling turn’ – both a bit naff but you can see where i’m going with the cocktail idea, first thing that comes to my head when someone says Singapore (after F1, nightrace, ferrari pit stops of course!)

    1. Sounds like a nasty infection LOL.

  7. There’s plenty of names available for these corners, especially if inspired by the colonial elements of the old part of town (near Turn 10). The track as it is (and I drive on these roads almost daily, in the correct traffic direction) is too Mickey Mouse for road cars, let alone F1…

  8. The Trulli Hairpin perhaps or if your to believe GU..

    …the Patrick curves?

    Schumacher Chicane? why?? well, only one car at a time and no overtaking

  9. Name them after the 3 Singaporians that won the Past Grand Prix in Singapore.
    Yong Nam Kee/Lee Han Seng/Rodney Seow, alternatively by their nick names Fatso/Champ/Buzzer

    1. “Yong”

  10. Another interesting article from your blog :) When will it stop….hopefully never

  11. iwant to go

  12. Cool, I like it!

  13. Good! I like it, very nice news! thanks a lot!

  14. HounslowBusGarage
    22nd September 2009, 14:40

    I think Turn 17 should be always known as Piquet’s Revenge . . .

    1. Sorry but I think should be known just as Nelsinho turn.

      At the end that was the only time Nelson did the job he was asked for…

      1. Corruption Corner


  16. Hi, i would suggest:

    Historical Moment:
    “The Jackson Plan Turn”
    “The Stamford Raffles”
    “The 909 Turn”

    Funny Name:
    “The Shiok Turn”
    “The PCK Turn”
    “The ABC turn”

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