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Autosport's new look
Autosport readers will be confronted with a new-look magazine tomorrow.

The weekly motor sport magazine gets a complete overhaul while ex-F1 driver and new BBC pundit David Coulthard joins them as a correspondent.

According to publishers Haymarket:

The title has been redesigned from front to back, with a new masthead, writers, editorial features and changes on every page – even though its focus remains firmly on reporting everything from F1 through to the British club motor racing scene. […]

The magazine also features an all-new back section, ‘Final Drive’, including a comprehensive weekly guide to what’s on in motorsport and the return of an Autosport favourite, ‘Race of My Life’. The latter feature kicks off with an exclusive interview with seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher.

However it’s not clear whether the Autosport website is to benefit from the redesign. Presumably it will be brought into line with the new branding, but it would be a surprise if Haymarket are not bringing any innovations in here as well.

All will be revealed tomorrow. What do you think of the new-look Autosport?

New Autosport logo

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15 comments on “Coulthard joins new-look Autosport”

  1. It will be worth a read but to be honest I only read the Autosport mag in the off-season as I need to get as much F1 exposure as possible. During the season the website gives me all I need and is considerably cheaper.

    1. I’m the same I pick them up off season to check out the new cars etc. But when the season starts I want the news now!! It’s already history when Autosport comes out on Thursday.

  2. I haven’t brought an F1 magazine in years and never will…the internet gives me everything i need to know!

  3. Looks great, but find it really expensive. Will glance at it in the shops but will not buy. There’s enough information on the web.

  4. Jeez I remember when old Autosport featured ‘Race Of My Life’! Sounds good…

  5. I was a regular reader for some time, but it isn’t a true F1 mag, (yes, I know they don’t say they are), and it was quite expensive for just a few pages.

    Who said cheapskate? :)

  6. I get it every so often, just to see what else is happening in Motorsport, especially when F1 is getting tedious or political, as it does at some point each year.
    Its good to be reminded what else gets raced in this country and elsewhere – the cheapie Formula VW and 2CV Endurance for example, and that while Button seems to be going nowhere, there is another generation coming up fast to replace him!

  7. I went to Tesco this morning to get a copy and they didn’t have any on the stand yet…

  8. This morning the site has the new logo and not much else.

  9. I find Autosport keeps me up to date with most 4-wheel motor sport, and have been reading for too many years to mention. Have just unearthed copies from 1975 and 1979 – should I chuck them?

    1. I’ll have them off you if you don’t want them any more?

  10. Provided you pay the postage!
    4th Sept 1975 – 25th Aniversary issue
    4th Dec 1975 – Graham Hill Special on his passing.
    7th June 1979 – Green cover Gunnar Nilsson tribute.
    They’re fairly tatty but readable.

    1. No problem – I’ll email you! 8-)

  11. So I picked up a copy at lunch and was looking through trying to see what the subscription offer was (I usually buy the mag after each race so a good offer would make it worthwhile) and I can’t find it…

    Didn’t notice DC’s column either, though wasn’t looking out for that so could have overlooked it…

    I hope they keep the technical updates by Gary Anderson after each race – they’re fascinating.

  12. I honestly don’t know what to say.

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