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A1GP adds Mexican round but Peraltada gets chopped

The daunting Peraltada corner, scene of one of the greatest F1 passes of all time, is to be mutilated beyond recognition ahead of A1GP's next visit to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico. (From Maximum Motorsport, sister site to F1 Fanatic).

Tobey Maguire to star in F1 biopic

"Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire has signed up for F1 biopic The Limit, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is based on Michael Cannell's new book Limit, which tells the story of real-life friends and racing rivals Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips."

SKY: F1 Monsters

I don't know if this is a real advert or not, but it looks cool.

F1 on the BBC: A new era of F1 coverage

Hugely detailed analysis of BBC's F1 coverage.

Scuderia Ferrari – Pit Wall

Look at Ferrari F1 car telemetry on their re-designed site.

Alonso: Diffuser call may decide title

Fernando Alonso: "We'll have to see what they decide on the 14th. But it's difficult because you have to work on the whole car. It's not just adding the diffuser and suddenly the car is a second quicker. The diffuser makes you go fast if you have a new front end, new sidepods, a new engine cover. You have to rebuild the whole car and that would take a lot of months. We'll see what happens. It's a complicated issue and the championship could be more or less decided on the 14th. If the diffusers are legal, the Brawns are going to be nearly unreachable for any other team."

Brawn, Toyota, Williams – the diffuser controversy

The diffuser debacle explained.

Q & A with Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello on Jenson Button: "We respect each other very much. But we both want to win. It is like we love other away from the track, but we hate each other when we are driving. So, it is a common thing between drivers, but the most important thing is that it is fair and honest."

Q & A with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: "I was sat on the grid thinking, 'Shall I take it a bit easy into the first corner, knowing it's a long race, and be patient… or shall I just go for it and try to overtake as many cars as I can before Turn One?' In the end, I decided to be cautious: I knew there was likely to be trouble going into the first corner and I didn't want to be part of it. Then, after that, I just put my foot down, and I didn't back off for the entire race."

New full-time driver for F1 medical car

"At Albert Park last weekend, 29-year-old South African race driver Alan van der Merwe made his debut as medical car driver, and he will remain in the role for the whole 2009 season."

Rosberg criticises twilight races

Nico Rosberg: "In Melbourne it was obvious that it just increases the danger so much. The visibility is so difficult, you can't even see the edges of the track in some corners. I was driving into the sun and that's not what racing is about. So I really hope they reconsider that. Even moving it forward by one hour or something will help us massively. It was just the last part of the race that was the really problematic time."

Toro Rosso vindicated by Buemi decision

Sebastien Buemi: "The people who say this don't understand anything about racing. If you look at the car we had last year in GP2, and the comparison with my teammate, I was a lot better. Now being in F1, everyone knows what a Toro Rosso can do, and I could do the job."

Brawn-Mercedes team say they can go even faster

"A senior source in the Brackley-based team has told the Guardian that they have been intentionally holding back in some sessions, saying it would be "foolish to annihilate people" at the start of a world championship they believe they can win."

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13 comments on “F1 links: Famous F1 corner chopped”

  1. Terry Fabulous
    1st April 2009, 4:00

    That is ridiculous about Peraltada. That is like getting a lovely glass of water and taking a whizz in it before you drink it. Idiots.

  2. Ahaha. The peraltada one is funny, you almost got me there.

  3. F1 drivers accept the risk of death as a part of their job. Racing is dangerous. If they can’t take the challenge, they should make way for someone who can.

    Why are the FIA doing this now? What about that corner has become more dangerous over the last ~10 years? Why bother changing something that hasn’t proved ridiculously dangerous?

  4. Why is Alonso so worried? Surely if Renault have any sense they are already redesigning the car ahead of the decision on the 14th?

    1. Why would that be necesary? There would be every chance for the hearing to against the diffusers on the trio of Brawn, Toyota and Williams, why would Renault need to start redesigning their cars until the writing is on the wall?

      The Renault isn’t looking a great car at the moment, it looked rubbish round Albert Park. Instead of redesigning their cars, they would be trying to make it go better. Of course Alonso is worried, who wouldn’t? He’s got his mind set on a 3rd WDC, wouldn’t you be worried?

    2. It looks to me as if most of the teams are having major redesigns ready for when they are back in Europe, so if Renault (and others) have a couple of alternatives ready in the design software, either with or without diffuser alterations, and whichever is the legal one gets the go ahead after the 14th.

  5. No! Don’t do that to Peraltada… it makes the circuit look terrible!! :(

  6. Can’t these corners be retained, while increasing the run off area.

  7. Ah-haaa… when I saw the changes to the Peraltada, i thought it was a tad far-fetched.

    Clever… very clever.

  8. How can they ruin a classic corner like like that!

    Also how bad is that cbbc commentary, I’m glad I didn’t get that when I was a 10 while watching the massive crash at Spa 1998.

  9. Oh my god how stupid is that CBBC commentary.

    “There’s race control…where they…control the race.”


  10. I wonder if today has the same meaning in other countries as it does elsewhere?

    Anyway, regarding the diffuser issue – since some, if not all, of the rest of the teams not running double deckers are looking into it, and run it before the appeal is heard (maybe unlikely, given the work), does that mean their positions will be DQ’ed as well if they overrule them?

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