No F1 game from Codemasters until 2010 – unless you’ve got a Wii or PSP

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F1 2009 logo
The last official F1 video game came
out in 2006 – so there’s a palpable sense of frustration among many race game fans at the news Codemasters’ ‘next gen’ F1 racer is at least another 12 months off.

Codemasters today confirmed rumours that their new F1 title won’t appear until 2010 for top-of-the-range formats like the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

However Nintento Wii and Sony PSP owners will get to play a new game based on the 2009 season this year.

IGN have done a preview of the 2009 game (unfortunately their image gallery isn’t working):

The team are adamant that Formula One 2009 won’t be an infantile take on the sport. Nor, however, will it be the sole reserve of the hardcore who salivate at the prospect of tweaking wing angles. “We’re trying to make an authentic recreation of the sport but at the same time we really want an accessible version,” declares the game’s producer Jason Wakelam.

Screenshots of F1 2009 for Wii and PSP have emerged. But inevitably given the lesser processing power of these machines they are well short of the standard expected from modern racing games.

The first details of the new game emerged a year ago and hundreds of comments have been posted on F1 Fanatic discussing what might be in it.

The wait for the ‘proper’ game goes on – and the delay will only raise expectations that the finished thing will be something really special.

In the meantime, I’m sticking to rFactor and its excellent array of user-generated F1 car and track models.

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64 comments on “No F1 game from Codemasters until 2010 – unless you’ve got a Wii or PSP”

  1. With the Codemasters, we will never get a real simulator based on Formula 1…

  2. Game production costs are considerably more now, than ever before. For that reason, I always guessed codemasters would make the game accessible to as wide an audience as possible, otherwise, they just couldn’t make it financially viable.

    It’s annoyed it’s still at least another year off, as the PS3’s F1 Championship Edition isn’t really that great, and horribly out of date. Thankfully, I’ve got a PSP3000 in dire need of a game I’ll actually play on it, so not all bad.

    Come on codemasters, please, please put some options in there for die hard F1 fans like us that we can turn on to create as realistic simulation of the F1 experience as possible!

  3. My wife bought me a Ps3 specifically so I could go out and buy myself the F1 game only to find out it no longer was being stocked by retailers… Now I’m waiting for this new game that seems to never come.

    I hope the game has mechanical breakdowns and unpredictable rain among other features.

    1. I am sorry to hear of your situation- I was considering doing the same thing, but I don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for even a used PS3 for just one game.

      I don’t know where in the world you are at, but if you happen to be here in the U.S., try your nearest GameStop video game shop. I believe they have used copies for around $30-best wishes getting a copy :)

  4. f..k codemasters

    1. yeah, f**ck codemasters for wanting to make this the best game they can instead of rushing it out to make a quick buck. How could they be so selfish??

      Having said that, graphically the wii/psp versions look horrible. And quite a large part of the immersion of simulations for me are the realistic graphics.

    2. ha, can you tell I’m not used to censoring my swear words?…

  5. i wonder if they try to release it around the same time as that big screen phil hill movie with Tobey Maguire

  6. YEY me i got a Wii for christmass!!!

  7. this is stupid how long does it take, if they release it 2010 then they are going to have to do 2010 spec potentially the greatest year in f1 for many years will be missed in a game because of incompetence. Sort it out codemasters

    1. It’s obviously taking so long because they’re trying to make a very good game.

      They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t really. If they rushed it out in time to keep the impatient people happy then those very same people would complain if the game wasn’t perfect.
      Now that they’re trying to make the game as perfect as they can, people are complaining they’re taking too long.

      Just be grateful that it looks like we’re going to get a well made, well thought out game for the first time in a long time. Instead of the usual money-grabbing rush jobs.

    2. But how long ago was it announced that they have won the rights, they are pushing peoples patiences now

    3. And how long does it take to make a high quality F1 simulation for a next-gen console? I have absolutely no idea, and I doubt you do either.

      Like I said, if it takes this amount of time to make something brilliant then just be patient because if they rushed it out and it was crap you’d complain even more.

    4. You really can’t throw a video game together overnight, or even over a few months. They’re not easy things to make. I wish more people would understand that.

  8. Codemasters are a joke!

    Get R-Factor for pc, I’ve been playing a F1 2009 mod since australia, and have fantastic versions of 08, 07, 06, 05, 91, 88, 79, 67….

    I rest my case!

    1. Not everyone has a PC with the specs to run R-Factor… why should they miss out?

  9. just seen the screen shots……total gash

  10. EPIC I’m gonna get the wii one then :) Then Xbox one later

  11. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

  12. Man, I’ve been Play GP4 for 7 years and before that GP3 and so on… I’m yet to see a better ‘reality engine’ in any game. The only good think is that it’s almost open source and there’s so many more things done by everybody than the original game…. Season Packs, Tracks, Cars, Helmets, but the engine it’s the original and is still the best. Only today we can take all advantage from its graphics, because in those old days PCs were toasters…. if we put too much scenery, the car slowed down… the old processor couldn’t manage the needed frames per second…

    I really hope something new is done and not based on 2 seasons ago… If people around can make a season pack before mid-season, why can’t a team of top programmers? Just keep it open as GP4, so we can go on rectifying your mistakes and updating the game from season to season. I miss the slick tires… I’m all fed up on those rugs and that unthinkable white line on Formula One car’s tires…

  13. Alonso Follower
    23rd April 2009, 21:29

    As someone that has much much less F1 knowledge than most people on this forum, I’ve always restricted my comments to supporting Fernando and from time to time bashing Hamilton. However, guys, this time you’ve touched something where I think I can really add genuine technical value.

    Guys, the Wii is, and has been for the last 3 years, the best selling gaming console in the world. Codemaster is releasing the game on the Wii only because it makes sense financially to do so. While the so called attach rate (number of games per console sold) is much higher for XBox and PS3 than for the Wii, the sheer numeric superiority of the Nintendo system makes it up on volume.

    As for the much commented lack of power of the Wii in comparison with their generation counterparts, let me remind you that this is mostly a marketing ploy blessed by Microsoft and Sony. See, the Wii has less powerful graphics chip, true, but only if you want to output HDTV quality you’ll see the difference. At standard TV resolutions the Wii has equivalent graphics muscle to the PS3 and XBox. And since the Wii does not output HDTV, man, you’re rarely going to notice the difference in PERFORMANCE as you cannot measure it. Of course, there’s a difference in QUALITY of the graphics as HDTV looks better.

    With regard to the other subsystems, the Wii is roughly equivalent to the XBox. Yes, the PS3 is in theory superior to both, but the complexities of Cell programming, with the time required to master it, have so far prevented the production of a game that takes advantage of nearly a fraction of its CPU power.

    In short, if you don’t have a Wii get one. You’ll not be horrified by its graphics and you can enjoy the latest official F1 game earlier. You’ll not be deceived by the quality of the graphics. And some of the most plain fun titles are only for the Wii. Yes, I know Mario Kart is not comparable to F1, but is a hell of a lot of fun racing game.

    1. Guys, the Wii is, and has been for the last 3 years, the best selling gaming console in the world. Codemaster is releasing the game on the Wii only because it makes sense financially to do so. While the so called attach rate (number of games per console sold) is much higher for XBox and PS3 than for the Wii, the sheer numeric superiority of the Nintendo system makes it up on volume.

      Is that so? This is obviously not my area of expertise, I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Wii but I didn’t know it was backed up by sales.

      In that case it does make sense as presumably the cost of developing a game for a less technically capable system is much lower?

    2. Sorry mate, but the Wii’s graphical power doesn’t even come close to the Xbox 360. It would be much fairer to compare it to the Original Xbox or the PS2. Not saying anything against the Wii, or Nintendo, but to claim that it’s comparable to the Xbox360 of processing power is ludicrous.

      For me, I’ll grab it on PSP. I don’t have a Wii any more… I hated the childish gimmick games. I was hoping for more adult content like the N64 that never arrived, so bye bye Wii ;)

      Got PS3 and Xbox360 though… not decided which one I’ll get the 2010 game on!

      (PS people, add me on Xbox Live and/or PSN – EvilWalksWithMe )

    3. yes thats right. wii and psp have best selling numbers by far.
      and ur also right, that wii games make a lot of fun. but there are a lot very good fun-acarde-racing games yet like mashed, trackmania or as said mario kart.

      so i doubt a wii f1 game will be a good arcarde game compared to what we have already.

      what f1 fans need is a great f1 simulation. no that modding **** like rFactor: just unrealistic

    4. In that case it does make sense as presumably the cost of developing a game for a less technically capable system is much lower?

      You’d be correct Keith, but it still takes a lot of time and work, even for a large team.

      The Wii is currently the world’s best selling console, and has sole well in excess of the PS3 and Xbox 360. All this inspite of only being twice as powerful as the Gamecube, and falling well, well short of Sony’s and MS’s specs. I’m surprised they haven’t announced a DS version of the game too. They’re just trying to get this game to as many people as possible.

      I may well buy the 2009 version for my Wii to help whet my appitite for the2010 version on me Xbox.

    5. “In short, if you don’t have a Wii get one. You’ll not be horrified by its graphics”

      If only that comment was tongue-in-cheek. I have played a few games on a friend’s Wii and was appalled. The console equivalent of buying a new car without ABS.

      And don’t get started on the stupid controllers…

    6. I don’t have space in my room for a console of any description, so it looks like I’m waiting for the PC version.

    7. Mouse_Nightshirt
      24th April 2009, 23:14


      This a website with vague stats on sales of each console so far. The Wii has sold more than the 360 and PS3 combined.

  14. Bigbadderboom
    23rd April 2009, 22:38

    Anyone critisizing Codemasters for this decision is at best ill-informed. They are trying to deliver what we demand, an in depth game which does justice to F1. The r+d involved is far from that which geof crammond had to deal with when developing the popular gp series. If by gettin a psp and wii version out first helps them to continue financing the next gen versio (PS3 and 360) then hats off to them. as Hitchcock says “they are damned if they do and damned id they don’t”

    I say be patient, the games market is littered with games bought to market before completion. Let Codemasters finish the game and then decide. I love my F1 and I love gaming, and history tells me to wait, it will be worth it!!

  15. Keith the Wii is backed up by the sales. It should also be cheaper to make the game. Also I hope the the game use motion control on the Wii because otherwise in my eyes it makes no sense to make the game on the Wii

  16. Who cares about codemasters get Rfactor a real simulation instead of an arcade game

  17. The screen shots look disgusting.
    I loved how the speed, rev-limiter, timing, and grid placement graphics were all the same in the 2006 game as the FIA coverage.
    I thought when Codemasters got the rights to do this game, it would incorporate all that wicked bad stuff.

    Why can’t other companies make F1 games then? why isn’t anyone stopping Rfactor?

    1. Rfactor is basically a open wheel racing simulation. u can run everything from nascar, prototype-c,DTM,BMW M3,ETCC,F1 etc. The mods are basically created by racing enthusiasts. Rfactor is a trademark of ISI( image space incorporated) which previously was involved with EA’s F1 challenge series. So in actual fact Rfactor is not an officially licensed F1 game, but an open wheel racing simulation. so no one can press copyright infringement on rfactor & their developer R factor. But i love F1 challenge. i guess i’ll be playing the 2030 f1 mod also!!!

  18. Alonso Follower
    24th April 2009, 0:56

    (sorry for the off-topic)

    Sorry mate, but the Wii’s graphical power doesn’t even come close to the Xbox 360. It would be much fairer to compare it to the Original Xbox or the PS2. Not saying anything against the Wii, or Nintendo, but to claim that it’s comparable to the Xbox360 of processing power is ludicrous.

    … and I was not saying that. What I was saying is that at standard TV resolutions you’ll not be able to notice any difference in quality or polygon density between the Wii and the XBox360 simply because there is none.

    The Wii is not able to output HDTV because its graphics engine cannot render the same number of textured polygons at higher than standard TV resolutions. Therefore, your statement is true and the Wii has less processing power. You and the Microsoft and Sony marketing guys are not lying, they are just not telling the whole truth.

    The key part is if you’re going to be able to take advantage of that superior graphics power or not. Unless you have an HDTV set, don’t get an XBox or PS3 thinking that you are getting a better experience graphics wise, because you’re not. At least in the majority of TV screens of the world.

    1. “What I was saying is that at standard TV resolutions you’ll not be able to notice any difference in quality or polygon density between the Wii and the XBox360 simply because there is none”

      Sorry but this is complete nonsense.

      The wii has such extensive limitations that prevent it from competing on any terms with the 360, PS3 or PC, regardless of resolution.

      Assuming all resolutions being equal:

      Game assets (textures, models, audio, etc) require memory, both system and video:
      Wii (88Mb + 3Mb)
      360 and PS3 (512Mb)
      PC (lots!)

      In addition, simultaneous assets as well as physics etc require processing power:
      Wii (729Mhz)
      360 and PS3 (3.2Ghz*)
      PC (lots!!*)

      Post processing (anti-aliasing, HDR, motion blur, so on), polygon setup and frame rate require GPU power:
      Wii (243Mhz)
      360 (500Mhz*)
      PS3 (700Mhz*)
      PC (lots!!!*)

      This is not a definitive comparison by any means but it outlines the core differences.

      Put simply, at the same resolutions, the Wii either is limited in frame rate or it is limited in image quality. Seeing as a developer would not want to sacrifice frame rate the image quality would be lowered. There is no way around this – it is a fact.

      * For sake of simplicity I’ll not go into specifics.

  19. Fellas I think we also need to think about what the market for an F1 gam really wants. I loved GP2/3/4 and still have GP4 for my PC. I’ve also owned the EA F1 games for my old PS2 and played the PS3 game.

    My preference is the GP4 style of realistic simulation, and I take it the guys who love rFactor are the same. But is that what people buy? I don’t know, but before we all go burning Codemasters like heretics it might be worth waiting and seeing what they have, not judge it on screen shots. If it’s crap, then fry them. But wait and see – we may be pleasantly suprised…

    1. The Sri Lankan
      24th April 2009, 6:59

      bugger all this and wait for Rfactor 2 and invest in a logitech G25 steeringwheel with MMG’s Gueage. in time none of this codemasters crap will matter

  20. Alonso follower, it happens that I have an HD screen to play my games,and many hardcore gamers, have an HD monitors, and the wii, Codemasters says, has no the same power than 360 and PS3, but wii have many games to enjoy, if you are a child or housewive….And talking about Codemasters delay, just look at that ****** images, they look like 1994 or something… Damn Codehypers!!!!

  21. The Sri Lankan
    24th April 2009, 6:55

    if anything, this new game will just be eye candy. there’s a fine line between arcade and simulation and quite frankly i dont think codemasters will bother making a game that just appeals to the die hard fans of Rfactor, Gtr or GPL. this game will just be another flash in the pan just like Dirt, Grid, and the v8 supercars games which sadly fall in line with NFS, and testicle drive series of games. hence why i will only buy the psp version just for a good time killing measure and forget about the rest if the physics are BS. as a Karter in my opinion nothing comes close to the real thing but i noticed that rfactor resembles some physical aspects of driving.

  22. Sush Meerkat
    24th April 2009, 7:26

    the Wii has sold 50 million as of march, Reggie Fils Aims, head honcho of Nintendo America stated that in order for a game to be profitable it needs to have a 1 million dollar investment, for PS3 and Xbox the investment is substantially more.

    Its general maths.

  23. The Wii version looks absolutely disgusting.

    I’m looking forward to this though. Codemasters has released good games in the past, and even though it might not suit the hardcore, it’s still going to be a quality game.

    I don’t mind the wait till 2010 really. I’ll take quality over a rushed released anyday.


  24. Good for me. i got my PSP with me everywhere I go. can’t wait for F12009!!!!

  25. Looking at those IGN screenshots, i think it’s clear that the 2 smaller ones are earlier development shots. They’re not up to the same standard of the 3 before.

    I like the retro graphics that the PSP and Wii have to offer. Seeing as they have about as much power as a PS2, the graphics are understandable, but I doubt any of those screenshots represent what the final game will look like,

    Reminds me of F1 ’97. Loved that game.

    1. Upon further inspection, those last two smaller photos are of the PSP version, which has a lower screen resolution, hence the smaller photos and the not-so-good-looking-ness.

  26. They just need to add some minor details to the best f1 game ever ;F1 challenge
    *Safety car condition
    *actual people waving flags(yellow, blue)
    *Cars not to be a standard model, but their image should be a resault of the setup(like wing angle, brake ducts size, radiators size…)
    *includes test drivers
    *of course better graphics

    AND the most important thing; IT SHOULD BE EASY TO BE MODED PATCHED and ACCESSED by computer guys, this was the key, including amazing physics of the cars,that made F1challenge such a great game

    1. yer i agree with this, they need to make sure they dnt do sonys poor mistake though with the stupid black and white flag penalty thing which slows you down. with sony’s championship edition, u had to slow for like 6 seconds for running wide at a chicane and not even gaining time. they should do it so, if u do cut a corner and gain a position, you must give position back or get drive through penalty or something so that ur not, losing time for nothing.
      they definitly need to make damage look good and be realistic, with cars taking time to be moved, and some parts of cars, dabrea (or however u spell it) left on track for some time, easy punctures could be picked up when u run over dabrea.

  27. At least now I have longer to save up for an X-Box :)

    The Wii version won’t be particularly amazing but at least we’re finally getting a new F1 title to play on.

    I still regularly play the PS2 titles, and even the PS1 games occasionally – 1995’s PS1 ‘Formula 1’ on a 40″ LCD TV – awesome fun :D

  28. Codemasters consistently make awesome racing games. TOCA2 was great, McRae Rally is great, and race driver grid ahs much better feel than Grand Turismo … it’s frustrating but I’d rather wait a bit and have the perfect game. I’m glad codemasters are taking this on, as they are the best racing game people in my opinion.

    1. sorry, but no. GRID is absolute rubbish.

  29. I hope that they make it realistic enough. That if you play as Mclaren you get penalised, if it rains in malaysia you sit on the grid for a half hour without exiting, if you play as Nelson Piquet Jnr you spin out for no real reason and if you play as Nick Heidfeld you can NEVER win a GP.

    1. KingHamilton&co
      24th April 2009, 18:46

      now that is the dream of reality!! lol!

  30. Here is the codmasters “teaser” for the new game:;jsessionid=23rani8fx8l5w

    Sounds like they have teased enough people with this announcement that they are staggering the releases.

    For what it’s worth, I am all behind waiting for the game. If you think about it, Codemasters could just have put anything out there knowing it would sell due to the demand and the urgency in which the market place needs this game. Not only that surely if they could put a game out which had the theme of the 2009 season they would as they have paid for the licence to do so.

    They obviously are pushing for quality in the Xbox / PS3 versions and good luck to them, I just wish now that we don’t have to wait months and months before we see or hear anymore information about the Xbox / PS3 versions – so far their communication has been at best sparodic and lacking substance.

  31. Demon_racer74
    24th April 2009, 16:07

    Guys….. Codemasters will deliver !! Just what they deliver, we will have to wait for 2010…Based on ‘Race driver Grid’, it should be okay, but hope they don’t mess with the Current format to much…Just needs updating, Cars, Tracks & Drivers..Plus SC & better to drive in the wet..but still Can’t see how it’s taken so long for FIA/Codemasters/Sony Europe/Studio Liverpool to sort this massive hole left in the F1 gaming industry. At present My PS3 is still getting a workout with F1 CE (2006). but after wining every race, pole at every circuit…World Champ x 4… Beginning to Feel like MSC….

    Just watched the trailer for 09… 3 words !! OMG !! Looks poor, Hope the PS3 Version is better looking.

  32. KingHamilton&co
    24th April 2009, 18:45

    on one hand, I agree that codemasters have decided not to try and rush this game and then make it rubbish.

    but, what really P****s me off, is how the hell they can say that it will be released on PS3 in 2009, only for that to be total Bull****!

    Now I have to wait for over another year!!! How RIDICULOUS!!!!

    I wouldnt mind the wait had they said what they planned to do beforehand, because they must have known, but now that they have lied and given us false information, I am officially the most CENSORED off person in the whole entire CENSORED world right now!

    Im really annoyed with codemasters, they should just told us their plans earlier, but oh no.

    F1 2010 must be the best CENSORED F1 game in the history of the world, otherwise Im gonna be even more CENSORED off!

  33. so basically we won’t see the game until Mid to Late 2010?

    I mean they got the license back in 08, they’ve already have plenty of tracks…this is inexcusable.

  34. rfactor everyone. all the f1 gaming you need!!

  35. I’m about to get rFactor, but which and were to get good F1 Mods for it?

    Any help? I’m lost.

  36. Alonso Follower
    26th April 2009, 10:10

    I knew that my statements were going to be controversial. Just a quick reflection on what people is saying. I stand by my initial assertion: the Wii lack of graphical power goes unnoticed unless you are seeing the final result on an HDTV.

    Of course, F1 fanatics that have HDTVs can attest that. At HDTV resolutions, the Wii looks very bad in comparison with the PS3 and XBox.

    However, those that think the difference in processing power is still relevant have to think in the following terms. Let’s see:

    – Standard TV res (720×576): 414,729 pixels
    – Lowest HDTV res (1024×768): 786,432 pixels.

    Those are not the actual resolutions of the images displayed by the consoles, but are good to get a rough idea of how much work the console has to perform to output a frame. You can see clearly that a PS3 or XBox needs to have DOUBLE the speed of the Wii to display the SAME image as a Wii at a standard resolution. Right?

    PS3 and XBox games render in memory buffers at the highest resolution they suppport and then the hardware downscales the result. In the downscaling process you lose exactly all those details that are supposed to make the high-end consoles look better. Of course, to compose a frame at high resolution that takes advantage of that resolution you need textures with higher resolution and polygon models that have roughly double the number of polygons. But all those deatils will be lost at lower resolutions.

    In general terms, it means that the Wii does not need more muscle to display a similar quality image than their counterparts at standard TV resolution. Again, if you are comparing an HDTV image with a standard TV one, yes, no questions, the HDTV is better provided that the image has been rendered at high resolution. Yes, ispalying a standard TV image in an HDTV looks awful because the TV is upscaling that, and even doing its best is not going to look good.

    The only exception is the PS3 CPU, which in theory can achieve near supercomputer performance and again in theory could deeliver sophisticated game logic (character intelligence, etc) But no games today makes use of that because programming for this architecture is incredibly complex.

    So by no means, if you’re after image quality in your games, get a PS3 or XBox (the PS3 looks better) and a HDTV. Yes, it will look much better than the Wii, no questions there. However, if you have a standard TV, don0t get a PS3 or XBox thinking that it will look better than the Wii in general: that will depend on the game and the amount of care each developer has put on the graphics more than on the difference of graphics processing power.

  37. Jonathan Pulliam
    26th May 2009, 2:03

    Ah, the excuse-making begins…

    NONE of the machines mentioned previously are the gating item that’s holding the release up — what’s caused the delay is just one more over-promising, under-delivering software vendor who cynically and dishonestly jerks its potential customers around.

    ANY of the machines listed above are up to the task. The Wii-based “Indianapolis 500 legends”, as just one example, puts 33 cars on the track at the same time, and they’re better-looking cars than anything codemasters has ever done, by far, and more realistic to boot, as they’re digitized from the actual blueprints used to build the real cars. Light & shadow is similarly handled more accurately, and the track is better, though its sadly only one track that changes as the racing seasons go by…

    The deficiencies of the PS2 Game Gran Turismo 4 are certainly irksome, but do not relate to the limitations of the processing power of the console, but rather the anal-retentiveness of the programmer, Polyphony, another vendor who has ROUTINELY mislead its customer base regarding delivery dates, and has been doing this, in the case of the PSP version, for 4 years now, always supplying a raft of EXCUSES, rather than the promised product.

    I think hitchcockm00’s comments reveal an astonishing naivete. The only thing more contemptible ( and annoying ) than a fanboy is an APOLOGIST for incompetent, dishonest software companies!!!

    Morph the best 3 attributes of each of the folowing:
    Grand Prix Legends, Indy 500 Legends, F1 World Grand Prix, & GT4 & you’ll
    achieve nirvanha. Wait for Codemasters to deliver on their F1 promises, and you’ll just grow old and die.

  38. i hate it that im going to have to wait for another year and abit before i get a recent f1 game for the ps3, but, i think this is the best thing for codemasters to do. Bringing out 2009 for psp and wii, will help codemasters to have a guideline for making the 2010 game for the consoles that everyone wants it for (ps3, xbox, pc), as they will get feedback from customers as to what things are good about the game. so whether things like the way pits are done are good, so they can make it amazing for the other consoles.

    Also i think it will be good for everyone awaiting this game as the fact that they are taking alot of time creating the game for the top consoles shows that they are putting alot of thought and effort into making the game so it will be fantastic as they have put time into making and developing it, giving us a better f1 experience. Saying this though, i think the 2009 game for psp and wii will be not so good, as its the first f1 game in the series, and therefore they will just be using it as a starter, and will not be taking it as seriously.

  39. Jonathan Pulliam
    20th June 2009, 14:20

    Codemasters’ initial psp screenshots for f1 2009 look splendid! Really outstanding. This must be viewed as a sign that the developers are half-way on the ball after all. I’m only too delighted to eat my words on this issue, and eagerly await the psp version’s release. I’ll still be holding my breath that they’ll get the shadows right…

  40. is it out on ds. I read on a different website it is but everyone else said its not

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