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Stewart: GP loss would be ‘irresponsible’

"We were the first to hold a world championship grand prix in 1950 and we've never missed it since. To lose that now would be irresponsible for the sport itself, maybe for the commercial rights holder and for the British government." A rare example of Jackie Stewart and Bernie Ecclestone agreeing about something…

BIC puts art into Bahrain GP

"Around the Bahrain International Circuit, stunning new decorations have been incorporated into the run-off areas, underlining the Arabic influences of the fourth round of the 2009 season with nearly 15,000 square metres of previously featureless tarmac now adorned with colourful Arabic calligraphy and artwork."

Q & A with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton on the lying scandal: "It's just one of those tough times. I wouldn't describe it as anything I've not really thought about it that much."

James Allen’s Friday form guide

"It is the super-soft and the medium again, but the super-soft seems to holding on longer than it has at other venues. Ferrari had a bit of a problem with getting them to last over a long run today, but Brawn and Red Bull had no problems and that means there won’t be too many people who have to run odd races where they only do six laps on the soft tyre or something like that."

Renault revises sidepod shape

"Renault have been very quick introducing new bits on its R29 contender, and part of their rear end update at China was a heavily revised sidepod ending. In sharp contrast with version seen at the launch, the new sidepods have more openings to provide extra cooling."

Briatore gives Piquet one last chance

Flavio Britaore on Nelson Piquet Jnr: “You see the performance as well. Everyone is watching TV, including me and it’s what you see. It’s a difficult moment for him. In a moment like this you don’t need to kill anybody you need to support and to hope, hope he’ll do better. This is his first race with a normal situation [he has a double diffuser, like Alonso] and let’s see. Sunday or Monday hopefully we will have a different idea.“

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3 comments on “F1 links: Stewart on British Grand Prix”

  1. I think it’s obnoxious to call on the British government to support F1. It’s not about supporting F1, it’s about filling up Ecclestone’s pockets.

    I’m amazed at Briatore’s patience. He’s so verbally aggressive about his car underperforming and blaming the people who did better, but when his driver keeps failing he’s all hugs and kisses?

    Maybe it does work though, since Alonso seems to be struggling a lot while Piquet seems slightly improved.

  2. I don’t think it is obnoxious at all. The facts remain that the vast amount of F1 teams are based and owned in England, in and around the Silverstone area, a circuit that helped give birth to Formula One back in the 1950s.
    F1 has always been about technology and know how, inwhich the British have devoted more than their fair share to the sport. I totally believe that it is the duty of any government to play to a country’s strength, and F1 racing and development is one thing the Brits are good at.
    No other nation on earth has spawned so many F1 world champions, and that alone should be something to be proud of. The Labour party have already poured billions of pounds worth of investment in order to host the 2012 Olympic Games, which will last just a few weeks.
    Investment in F1 would last for decades. Silverstone, as a circuit, is one of the most popular among fans and drivers alike. Its just the stands and basic facilities are miles behind those seen abroad, in Europe and beyond.
    This sport is a showcase, watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and is a perfect occasion in which to show off ones events to the world. When you look at how others countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Bahrain, Turkey, and China have invested over the years it is embarrassing when you compare Silverstone.
    The facilities are the problem and always have been. Can anyone imagine Bahrain style facilities at Silverstone or ones like in Shanghai? If only I had the dosh I would gladly do it myself!

    1. Sepang is a fairly recent circuit, and nothing they have there stands out as being better than Silverstone. Yes, it has a magnificent stand, but you can trip over metalwork, and badly laid paving, but the toilets, and other facilities are nothing special, and for petrolheads there is no access to much beyond the main area except at F1 races.
      I do agree that the input of a few hundred mill from the gov. is nothing compared to the cost of the olympics, but a far superior investment.

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