Championship standings after Monaco

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Drivers’ championship

Jenson Button 51
Rubens Barrichello 35
Sebastian Vettel 23
Mark Webber 19.5
Jarno Trulli 14.5
Timo Glock 12
Fernando Alonso 11
Kimi Raikkonen 9
Lewis Hamilton 9
Felipe Massa 8
Nico Rosberg 7.5
Nick Heidfeld 6
Heikki Kovalainen 4
Sebastien Buemi 3
Sebastien Bourdais 2
Kazuki Nakajima 0
Giancarlo Fisichella 0
Nelson Piquet Jnr 0
Adrian Sutil 0
Robert Kubica 0

Constructors’ championship

Brawn 86
Red Bull 42.5
Toyota 26.5
Ferrari 17
McLaren 13
Renault 11
Williams 7.5
Toro Rosso 5
Force India 0

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17 comments on “Championship standings after Monaco”

  1. Yay its 2002 again…gutted

  2. sooooooo glad they didn’t use the medals system

    because it would have been the end of the championship already…

    1. Arun.....India
      24th May 2009, 15:08

      i still feel the championship has ended… one can beat button for wdc or the brawn for wcc…

    2. It pretty much has ended already. No one can catch them and it’ll be lucky if they don’t win every single race this year

  3. even if button doesnt stomp to the top podium regularly for the remaining races he would still win just by picking up points along the way.

  4. Bigbadderboom
    24th May 2009, 15:42

    Well done Ross Brawn and team, they do not have the technical dominance, they simply have put it together. They make few mistakes and thats what makes the difference. Maybe Jenson has the Champ to loose but i think the constructors will be closer. Red Bull will be faster in Turkey and probably Silverstone. Another 2 races and it may look very different.

    1. point.

      im simply amazed at the way the brawn’s exploit their small but crucial advantages.

      if you take a look at the qualifying results, or the race paces you could tell there isnt much difference between the brawn’s and the ones who are following them.

      they did the perfect job up to now.

      also ferrari and red bull seems to grab points from each other.

  5. StrFerrari4Ever
    24th May 2009, 15:53

    Wow Brawn have equal points with all the teams except Red Bull added together unhealthy domination but hey Toro Rosso have some points so i’m happy :)

  6. David (Brazil)
    24th May 2009, 16:23

    I just don’t see Vettel and Webber as serious contenders for the drivers championship. That leaves Ferrari (Kimi and Felipe) and McLaren (Lewis), presuming they can surge to near the front and make good use of KERS, to make up a 40-point difference in 11 races, which would require a serious Brawn/Button implosion.

    Not going to happen.

  7. sooooooo glad they didn’t use the medals system because it would have been the end of the championship already…

    Heh, so true.

    As of now (points – wins):
    Jenson Button 51 – 5
    Rubens Barrichello 35 – 0
    Sebastian Vettel 23 – 1

    It would take Bubens only 2 races to take the lead in the standings [even with just one win (plus a second place, with Jenson scoring not more than one point)], Vettel needs 3 races (three wins obviously, with Jenson scoring not more than one point).

    If the medal system was implemented:
    Vettel would’ve been second in the championship with his single win, and he would need 5 races and 5 wins to get the lead.
    Barichello, just as all the other 17 drivers in the field with no wins, would’ve needed 6 races and 6 wins to be the leader in the championship.


    1. Cracking comment – I started writing a reply to this but it ballooned into a whole new article!

      Would ‘most wins’ make title race closer?

    2. I was against the medal issue from the start. It’s a team sport and one which should reward consistency at the front in both driver and car. Bobby Rahal was an excellent driver who won titles with fewer wins but always was good and on the podium.
      You have to think that with 11 races to go, Jens will likely win at least 4 which makes him pretty uncatchable because if he does not win he will be in the top 5 unless Brawn self distructs with reliablity issues. With 4 more wins he would still be Champion under the medal system but it will be a more interesting path using the points system particularly if Vettel or Masse and Kimi get hot.

  8. Congrats to Ross Brawn and team! I know its unhealthy for the sport, but its great to see someone other the usual suspects having a go at the Champioship, its almost like Spurs leading the Barclays Premier League.

    Good to see Alonso in double figures.

    I think Turkey might throw up a surprise or two, at least I hope that Vettel and the Ferraris will give more of fight. Come to think of it, of the last 4 races, 3 wins for Massa and 1 for Kimi…so Ferrari may well have a good run out.

    Can’t wait for Turn 8!!..the best corner in F1 after Eau Rouge!

  9. Nice to see Ferrari 4th in the championship, after not scoring any points in the first few races :).

    I think the WDC is pretty much over, but the WCC championship might be reachable for RedBull.

  10. I was never a fan of the most wins system where the other places in the championship were decided on points – it could well have been confusing, especially if the guy who came second in the championship had more points than the guy who won it (technically possible, I believe).

    I thought a better system would be two have the person with most wins coming first as proposed. In the event of a tie, it would be the person with most seconds, then most thirds, etc. That way it would be consistent all the way through the field. I don’t think, over the course of a season, that a fluke result by one driver would upset the final standings too much – a consistent set of results would still give you a solid position.

    I haven’t done the analysis on past seasons to see what the results would be like, but I’d be interested in hearing opinions. (And if someone wants to do the analysis, by all means….)

  11. schumi the greatest
    27th May 2009, 11:57

    Jay Menon says: May 25, 2009 at 5:52 am
    Congrats to Ross Brawn and team! I know its unhealthy for the sport, but its great to see someone other the usual suspects having a go at the Champioship, its almost like Spurs leading the Barclays Premier League

    Spurs leading the premier league? a bit far fetched that 1 jay ;-) hehe

    i think unless vettel wins the next 2 races you can pretty much say its over then. Would be nice to see a decent fight for the championship after the last 2 years have gone to the wire.

    The thing is that the brawns have been absolutley bullet proof so far i can even recall any problems in practice! thats 1 of ross brawns hallmarks though look at benetton and ferrari while he was there, very few reliability issues.

    You cant take away from jenson what a great job he is doing hes been awesome so far.

    Ferrari have no chance, i know they’ve closed the gap and are now very close to the pace of the brawns but kimi is 42 points behind button.

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