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Review the British Grand Prix first practice live blog below.

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Please remember this is a live blog not live chat – comments are moderated before going live and not every comment is published because we get so many! If you’re looking for information about the session such as where to find video or what the weather is at the track, you may find what you’re looking for by reading earlier parts of the live blog.

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48 comments on “British Grand Prix Practice 1 Live Blog”

  1. Please enable reader comments Keith!

  2. Hi Keith

    Looks like reader comments are disabled? as of 10:00am.

    1. I am with jay. No comments is such an exaggerated cap.
      Join me at the chat at there’s an ongoing investigation to contact arun india or rich or Keith to let them know what’s going on.

  3. Reader comments disabled??

  4. readers cant comment!

  5. Hi everybody

    please give link

  6. comments are disabled :(

  7. I’m gagged!! Please enable the comments.


    found one link but can still a better one in english would be nice.

  9. Any video?

  10. See you guys tommorow… hope the comments work then.

  11. nice blog today… not!!!
    Enable comments :(

  12. i want to make comments ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. Jeeze, the 2 people on the blog think they are the only two posting……How can they post and we can’t?

  14. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    19th June 2009, 10:15

    hey Arun, look at the replys…. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO MAKE COMMENTS!!!!!

  15. Video link??? Anyone?

  16. cmon already!!
    someone send a txt to 5live asking them to pass the message to enable comments on the blog :)

    1. was thinking the same thing!

      1. or send em a tweet *spit*

  17. So do we like breakaway & start another blog…?

    1. Funniest thing i’ve heard all day

    2. I’ve tried breaking away to sidepostcast’s live blog. But the overall result is two blogs that don’t work for me. A sign of things to come?

  18. Someone on twitter is saying 5Live are taking FIAs side as supposed to FOTA?

    Are they listening to the fans?! Or are they under contract because they have F1 for the next so many years!

  19. blue flowviz on the macca?? thought I saw it on the rear diffuser during installation lap, and can still see it on inside of front left

  20. Come to the CHAT at and let’s find a way to let them know that comments don’t work. Any info is good.

  21. Seems these 3 are imitating Max and dominating the airwaves.

  22. To get us used to no Silverstone next year, for now just no comments.

  23. Hi all. No comments for us.

  24. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
    19th June 2009, 11:11

    last innovation on social networks…..
    the only chat with no comments allowed….. wooooaaaa

  25. How come i can’t post comments on th elive blog right now? It says it’s been blocked? What’s the deal?

  26. Is that the James Allen moderating in there?

    1. I don’t thinks he’s a moderator, I believe it is just his twitter updates

    2. Ahh I see. That Twitter thing gets itself everywhere now, doesn’t it?

  27. bye,bye,berni/max you bunch of lossers(i’m dislextic)
    qu?if manchester utd,liverpool,etc left the premership
    were would the fans follow?people/fans follow teams/drivers.not cuicuits or sponsors and not max!!!!!!!!long live fota!!!

  28. Guys I’m really sorry about the problem with the comments I’ll have a look what went wrong.

    1. Hey Keith, it actually happened once before. Think it was one of the Barcelona pratices. You weren’t around that time though, but the mods managed to realise something was wrong about 13 mins in :D

    2. The first option in this section:

      is what happened. I.e. Reader comments were turned off.

      1. Um… but how come Arun’s comments were appearing?

        1. I would speculate there was a brief window when reader comments were indeed turned on, but were quickly turned off by a software glitch or human error – and Arun fortuitously managed to hit the website at the right time.

          But your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that it said something like “The Host has turned off reader comments” in the area where I can usually type my inane comments.

    3. See Keith, this is what happens when you leave us and go galavanting at race tracks and partying with Ferrari. Just make sure it doesn’t happen on race day or there will be hundreds of “wheres my blog” on here. Ask Kimi whats his favourite ice lollie, is magnum or cornettos?

      P.s. Only joking by the way :-). I’m glad your having fun with the f1fanatics.

  29. 5live are taking the side of F1 and not showing what 90% of fans believe in. Very annoying

  30. Sorry girls/guys — I was modding the session and no-one was appearing except for Arun — I didn’t change any settings for the CIL blog so I don’t know what went tits up – anyway I am on mod duty for FP2 — will make sure (as much as I can) that everyone will get to comment…
    Again apologies to all – will try harder next time… :)

    1. Haha I was watching you and Arun wondering where everyone was! – You wollys!

      1. Yeah, the last time this happened the mods were a little faster on the uptake ;) . No worries folks, it isn’t called Friday Practice for nothing! Glad we can get all the bugs out today instead of raceday.

  31. About time too!!!

  32. I cannot believe this will work!

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