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I’ve been at Silverstone today, keeping up with developing events via the tannoys, Twitter and the gigantic comments thread on the “teams to split” article.

Of all the developments, perhaps the most significant is the news that several teams who had submitted applications for 2010 are now either cancelling them or siding with FOTA. N Technology are among the most scathing (see below).

If the FIA cannot even keep these teams on side, how can it expect to put a serious list of competitors together for 2010? This, more than any ‘legal advice’ must be the real reason behind their decision not to publish an entry list tomorrow…

N.Technology hits out at the FIA

"With much regret, taking into consideration the highly questionable process conducted by the FIA, which is affected by many irregularities, and the uncertainties regarding the 2010 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, the MSC board decided last night to withdraw its application, as Team N.Technology, under the new regulations allowing entry of 'capped budget' teams. MSC believes that through its wrong actions and objectionable management methods, the FIA severely hurt MSC's efforts to become a new team and undermined the Formula 1 sport, taken as a whole."

The FIA and FOTA

"Preparations for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship continue but publication of the final 2010 entry list will be put on hold while the FIA asserts its legal rights."

British GP Press Conference

Ross Brawn: "At the present time there is a very difficult relationship between the teams whose, I think, genuine ambition is not to take over Formula One but the teams have a massive investment in Formula One and they want their investment respected. Formula One doesn’t belong to the teams. I don’t believe it belongs to Formula One. It belongs to the people. Formula One belongs to all of us. It is not something which is owned by anybody. It is like the Olympic Games, the World Cup. It is an entity in itself. It needs respecting and nurturing and it needs to be developed."

What next in F1’s mutiny saga?

"A prime motivating force behind the breakaway is a desire to escape the clutches of Max Mosley. If so, it’s a pretty drastic move and illustrates better than anything we’ve seen so far the strength of feeling against the man."

An interview from May 1991 « Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog

"Typical of what I am trying to say is that the reason no-one has stood against Balestre until now – since the days of Basil Tye [The chairman of the RAC in 1981] – is not that everyone agrees with him, that there’s no-one there who thinks they could do the job better. It’s because they fear – rightly or wrongly – that the consequences could be adverse. That’s completely wrong." Max Mosley in 1991

A Fantastic Day For Motorsport

"It is time for Max to go, it is time for Bernie to go. We need younger, saner people running the sport or soon we will have no sport at all."

Fear not the breakaway series!

"The announcement should not be seen as a move to damage Formula 1. This is, instead, a long-overdue rejection of the authoritarian leadership of Max Mosley and the greed of Bernie Ecclestone."

‘I’m faithful to Kate’ vows Seb

"This weekend in Silverstone rumours abounded that after a host of Silverstone-spec upgrades left his RB05 with a duck-like front end, Vettel had renamed the car Daisy, in tribute to the cartoon girlfriend of Disney character Donald Duck."

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8 comments on “F1 links: FIA reaction and more Dirty Kate”

  1. people need to read Joe Saward’s interview with Max Mosley in 1991 before he became president of FIA.
    I read it earlier on Joe’s site and it was like Deja Vu.
    Almost word for word about what people are saying now about Max.

    1. Sush Meerkat
      20th June 2009, 8:33

      any links scunnyman?, I would search myself but if I do i’m gonna be late for work.

      1. Sush Meerkat
        20th June 2009, 8:54

        disregard that! i’m an idiot!.

        I’m so so sorry, I’ll never post again without opening my flamming eyes.

        1. Ok…You’re an Idiot. It’s official SUSH is an idiot. lol

          We all have those moments. a really good article by Joe i hope you got the point.

    2. i am blown away

  2. Why did the BBC report it over the weekend as if it was breaking news when this has been going on for months?
    As far as I am concerned, F1 belongs to those who put the money into it:
    The Teams, The Circuits, The Sponsors, and The Fans. The first three could easily form themselves into a Consortium to control the rules, the TV rights and the venues, with maybe some input from the Fans about facilities and ticket prices.
    They don’t need a third party like Bernie at all, they can appoint a Commercial Director with a salary to do any negotiating. Any profits made are split between all those above, with an emphasis on technology, new drivers and lowering ticket prices.
    They don’t need Max and the FIA to meddle with the rules either. The FIA is only there to supervise the safety aspect, provide neutral stewards for inspection and timing, arrange the marshalls and confirm that everyone is keeping to the mutually agreed rules. Thats it. They might be allowed a percentage of the profit to pass onto the doctors, marshalls etc, but not very much.
    It amazes me that Max still has not recognised that the split is now a reality. Didn’t he read the letter or whatever FOTA sent him last Wednesday? The man really is an idiot.
    And why should the teams agree to Bernie as a go-between? Even at this late stage he only believes in the status quo, with the Commercial Rights holder being allowed to keep all the profit. Bye bye Bernie…..

    1. I couldn’t agree more, i would have said the same almost word for word. DGR-F1

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