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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below.

Setanta goes into administration with loss of 200 jobs

"Irish pay-TV company Setanta has today been placed into administration after rescue talks designed to secure new funding collapsed." So now who's going to broadcast GP2?

No going back as Formula One rebels head for summit in Italy

"A source close to Luca Di Montezemolo, the Ferrari president and chairman of the breakaway teams (FOTA), confirmed ahead of this morning's crucial FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting: 'There is no need for us to change our position. We are sticking firm.'"

2010 Championship survey

Ferrari is running a poll asking "Do you agree with FOTA's decision to organise a new championship?" I voted 'no' because I don't want F1 to split. I support FOTA's aims, but splitting F1 in two must be a last resort. They might have gotten a more positive response with a question such as: "Do you think FOTA are correct to oppose Max Mosley?" That said, there doesn't seem to be any limit to the number of times you can vote, so perhaps not. (Thanks Scunnyman!)

Max writes to his people

Max Mosley: "Over recent weeks it has become increasingly clear that one of the objectives of the dissident teams is that I should resign as president of the FIA. Last year you offered me your confidence and, as I wrote to you on 16 May 2008, it was my intention not to seek re-election in October this year. However, in light of the attack on the mandate you have entrusted to me, I must now reflect on whether my original decision not to stand for re-election was indeed the right one." Didn't he say months ago that he was already considering this and was going to make his decision in June?

Adrian Newey: proposed budget cap appealing

Adrian Newey: “I think free regulation limited in scope by a budget cap is, in principal, an appealing idea. One that if fairly applied and regulated is the best solution. What worries me is that there are so many ways around it, it’s impossible to police. The allegations of cheating would be very severe. For me it’s like Socialism: great in theory but probably unworkable in practice.” Max Mosley is a socialist? Hmm…

Paddock Life: Silverstone edition

"Keen to make the demonstration as authentic as possible, [Jackie] Stewart wanted to get his hands on some original type overalls for when he got back behind the wheel. But when he enquired about some old overalls that were at his house, he found out that his wife Helen had thrown all of his remaining ones out several years ago – after finding a suitcase full of musty driving suits down in a basement. Stewart's mild annoyance at the departed overalls was made slightly worse when he found out that similar overalls were fetching around £30,000 on eBay… and he had lost more than 10 of them!"

Audio podcast with Nigel Roebuck

New podcast from Motor Sport

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8 comments on “F1 links: GP2 broadcaster Setanta bust”

  1. It’s obvious now that Max Mosley cannot see the woods for the trees. He cannot see that HE IS the PROBLEM!!!!!!!
    I am sure that the teams and manufacturers are not out to take over the FIA, why would they want to?
    I read a similar story to keith’s link on itvf1, which went into a bit more detail i think.

    I gravely think that F1 is dead as we know it. Long live the new F1.

  2. So, who is going to broadcast GP2 now?

    1. or DTM?

  3. So with the loss of Setanta as broadcaster for GP2, how much will this affect FOTA’s attempt to gain reputable tv coverage for their new series.
    How bad would it be to have several companies show the racing around the world only to then go bust too. For FOTA to succeed they need stable tv coverage which is easily accessable.

  4. What is the organisation that broadcasts the DTM races and a few others? Are they big enough to possibly handle the FOTA series?
    Thats just made me think, as the FOTA manufacturers do have Formula BMW, Formula Renault, and connections to various Touring Car series and single make series, they may be able to present a full package of racing to the circuits and TV broadcasters.
    Also, would Flavio and Renault stay committed to GP2 if the new series takes off? And maybe it would become a support race too.

    1. I thought setanta broadcasted DTM.
      maybe eurosport as well or something.

  5. I couldn’t find a way to see the results of the poll on Ferrari’s site. Which makes me suspicious or blind.

  6. Bigbadderboom
    24th June 2009, 10:02

    It is very difficult for any Formula 1 fan to answer the question “Do you support a FOTA breakaway series?” without far more information. If they as me “do I support FOTA?” then the answer is a resounding “YES” but the fans need more info on the new series. From the language being used and Max’s stubboness I am now presuming the breakaway is inevitable, so I will be looking for answers to the followin (Anybody else Know the answers please reply)
    1) Who will be broadcasting the new series and will it be free to view?
    2) What rules will the teams be running and what are the plans for the evolution of these rules?
    3) Will there be long term commitments made by the manufacturers?
    4) What will a race weekend now involve? Will there be a support series?
    5) Who will now be weilding the power in the new setup, there must be a figurehead for the various components, commercial, regulatory, etc? (you cannot run it by commitee, it will breakdown eventually)
    6) What are the plans for new entrants, although FOTA have announced a support network for new teams what would the details be?

    I’m sure there are more questions, but after reading that Ferrari Racing is now valued at 1.7billion euros, I have concerns that this may turn into the Dominicalli show, with Flavio as a sidekick!! Talk about out of the fire and into the frying pan!!!!!!!

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