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Several interesting stories following last weekend’s momentous race. Rob Smedley has been talking about the terrible moment Massa crashed during qualifying. Meanwhile Michael Schumacher’s manager Willi Weber has denied the seven-times champion might return to take Massa’s place.

In other stories, Silverstone reckon they are going to have the Grand Prix next year, following Bernie Ecclestone’s remarks last week that they might have to share the race with Donington Park.

Massa’s engineer reflects on crash

"Rob Smedley on Felipe Massa's crash. Audio is for UK users only. Smedley's account of the moment Massa crashed is especially harrowing: 'I was trying to just get contact with him. Usually when you see a driver have a big accident you know when they've had a big accident because you can see on the telemetry immediately what sort of speed they've hit the wall. I was trying to just get contact with him. That was the main priority, just to hear back from him. And when I didn't hear back, and as it went on it started to get very worrying. Then the doctors arrived on the scene and they eventually extracted him from the car but it was just horrendous.'"

Schumacher’s return to F1 racing is ruled out by manager

"Willi Webber has ruled out the possibility of the seven time world champion getting behind the wheel of the Ferrari F60 in place of his former teammate."

Silverstone hopeful of retaining British grand prix

Silverstone managing director Richard Phillips: "We are hopeful that we are going to retain the GP now. They can't keep us holding on forever, but they can keep us holding on until December with the World [Motor Sport] Council meeting [when the calendar is ratified]. That would be the latest."

FIA Safety Commission

"FIA President Max Mosley has asked the FIA Safety Commission to prepare a report on the recent debris-related accidents in the FIA Formula One World Championship and FIA Formula Two Championship."

Reflections on the Hungarian Grand Prix

"Will this resurgence in McLaren's performance be maintained at other venues? It is hard to tell. Certainly Lewis was underlining that the car is very sensitive to changing conditions and it could still go either way at any venue. However, there is no doubt McLaren have taken a big step – they actually did it in the build-up to the Nurburgring – and they should be a factor for the rest of the season."

The Ultimate F1 quiz

Take it and compare your score with the rest of us in the forum.

Valencia tells FIA to think of the fans

"We are going to be looking closely at the verdict of the appeal and we have been in contact with the Spanish Federation, with the Renault team, and with Fernando Alonso's people. We would like to have him on the grid in the Valencia Grand Prix."

Exclusive Lewis Q&A

"I love my car right now – the overall package is fantastic. But, I have to say, Mercedes-Benz has continued to improve our engine and I think it's by far the best in Formula 1. And our KERS is fantastic – it played a big part in allowing me to get closer to the front on the opening lap and to pass Mark in the early laps of the race."

Learning from Massa’s accident

"Just think what might have happened if the wheel that flew off Fernando Alonso’s Renault had ended up in a packed grandstand. It simply doesn’t bear thinking about."

James Lawton: Grim return to forgotten edge of fear

"Hunt, who took the World title after finishing first at Paul Ricard, had confessed before the race, 'Sometimes I think it would be rather nice if I could be a golf champion. Then I wouldn't have to worry that my next race might be my last.' That fear has largely been removed from his successors. However, Massa's terrible misfortune does make an inescapable point, that driving Formula One will never demand less than the highest quality of nerve."

Henry Surtees: a father’s loss

Martin Brundle on the death of Henry Surtees: "I imagine John is going through a guilt phase, questioning whether he should have let his son race, and why he himself survived when Henry didn’t. I’ve twice been hit on the head by a flying F1 car and on other occasions I’ve banged my head hard at speed on the track and against the barrier. I can only believe in fate on this subject. I would feel guilty if Alex didn’t have my lucky breaks."

The Ferrari engine is a hothead

"The Ferrari engine in the STR4 is clearly running much hotter than the Renault, hence the team had to open up the engine cover more than Red Bull was ever required to."

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  1. Casino Square
    28th July 2009, 21:37

    I was at Donington for the Moto GP at the weekend, and in the program they were advertising the 2010 race at Silverstone. I noticed that the new layout has changed again- at first it was supposed to involve a tight hairpin called Arrowhead, but now they’ve changed it to two medium speed left handers. http://www.silverstone.co.uk/pdf/SI217_MotoGPMap.pdf

    I know Silverstone isn’t scheduled to host an F1 race next season, but having seen Donington first hand for 3 days, I can safely say I’ll eat my hat if it has holds a GP next year. It’s a great circuit, but there’s way too much to do, too little time and not enough money.

  2. Hmmm, would Renault be allowed to turn up to Valencia, but not race? That might please the Alonsisti a little….

  3. Is there a transcript of the Rob Smedley interview somewhere accessible to non-UK people?

  4. The interview he gave to the BBC (on the F1 site somewhere) was really from the heart. He came across really upset and concerned for Massa – which obviously he would!

    1. Ha, that will teach me. Just watched the video on here and its the same one! :|

  5. @ Ben Coburn
    Non-UK residents may watch it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9sYOBc2OG0

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