How McLaren went from last to first (video)

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McLaren have posted an interesting series of videos on their official YouTube page featuring interviews with team members explaining how the transformed their MP4-24 from one of the slowest cars in F1 this year into a race winner.

Here are the videos:

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19 comments on “How McLaren went from last to first (video)”

  1. i just hope they aren’t getting my hopes up lol. hope the the new upgrades can perform at high speed tracks as well. turkey was a nightmare

  2. nice. unlike my work, all of the corporate blah-blah-blah has something tangible at the center of it.

    “…uphold the great name of mclaren.”

    no mention of merc?

    1. Merc-Laren?

    2. this is all about the aero, not the engine.

  3. Hmm; PR cash in…

    Not that I blame them – and the vids are a great insight.

    Can anyone tell me what a point of downforce is?

    1. maybe 1 or 10Nm?

    2. 1 point of downforce = 0.05 seconds. Not sure on the force scale though.

  4. downforce = traction. traction is good when taking a corner at 100mph

  5. I want to see the videos of how they went from first (last year), to last ;-)

  6. ‘Shadow diffuser’ is a much nicer description than ‘double’ !! Very polished little movies..

    1. Shadow Diffuser – Sounds like “Ron-Speak” to me :)

  7. thought this was going to be John Watson at long island, even as a ferrari fan that was good.

  8. Bit waffly but interesting. The car looks gorgeous in those scenes with Pat Fry. Probably the best looking F1 car at the moment?

    1. Absolutely YES… And after Hungarian GP looks much more beautiful! :)

  9. hate the colours vodafone brought to the car. thought the mclaren looked much cooler when sponsored by johnnie walker. black and silver is much sexier than faint red and silver.

  10. I wonder how much KERS is really helping them.
    What’s going to happen to that new found speed/pace once they remove the KERS system?

    1. Lol “KERS system” hehe

  11. Not mentioned in the videos, and a factor deserving greater attention, is engine deveopment. Hamilton stated after Hungary that he believed the performance gains were due in part to engine improvements. Engines are frozen, as we know, except for “reliability” improvements. I’m not accusing them of cheating, but it’s quite curious to hear that under the current rules. I’m shocked that Flav has not thrown another tantrum about engine development.

  12. Martin Witmarsh selects his words in the same clinical way as Ron Dennis eg. “Reversed out of this cul-de-sac”

    having the fastest driver on their team also helps win races, but he must have the equipment!!

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