Button expects Schumacher return this year

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Jenson Button has said on Twitter he thinks Michael Schumacher will race in F1 before the 2009 season is over:

Who knows why Button might think that – but in Ross Brawn he has an ally who knows the workings of Michael Schumacher’s mind as well as almost anyone. This could be an ‘educated guess’.

Ferrari haven’t given any indication that Luca Badoer will remain in the car post-Valencia. And Felipe Massa told Brazilian television earlier this week he hopes to return to the car by the Brazilian round.

Schumacher’s spokesperson Sabine Kehm is said to have told German media he could still return if his neck injury heals sufficiently. Schumacher has not ruled out an eventual reappearance if he’s up to it. Perhaps we will see a comeback soon after all?

Button also replied to a question I asked abut the Bugatti Veyron he’s selling.

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14 comments on “Button expects Schumacher return this year”

  1. Please stop teasing us!

    1. Button seems to be a paranoid person. The other day he was blabbing about kers teams obliterating the field at spa & monza 7 now he’s starting to fear the return of MS. Button should leave alone all these trivial things & concentrate on defending his championship lead, which i’m sure he’ll lose by suzuka.

      1. i makes me so happy to see you write suzuka. thank god it’s back

      2. Doesn’t sound like there is any fear there at all – what he actually wrote was that it was “it’s a shame”

  2. It may be possible that HS may return at Belgium.

  3. Is that profile definitely JB? I’ve seen some rather odd status updates on it.

  4. That’s quite an interesting stat. If he’ll be back, it’ll probably be as a one-off. Maybe at Monza or Singapore?

    I still think it’s unlikely, though.

  5. I think it is unlilkely. But I agree it could be as a one-off.

  6. If Schumacher gets himself fit before Massa does I think he will defiantly return, and
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Massa didn’t come back till next season.

  7. Great, now we’ll have this speculation raise its head every race.

    Massa should just bide his time. This season is written-off for Ferrari anyway, from the looks of it. He can take his time to recover fully and come back with a bang in 2010 when (hopefully) Ferrari will have given him a much better car.

    Valancia will be fun, with two new names on the grid.

  8. Wild suggestion:
    In 2010 Kimi enteres WRC with a Lancia (owned I believe by Fiat!)
    And on the F1 team they have Schumacher and Massa

  9. I don’t think Schumacher will be available for another full time season.
    I confirm Lancia is in FIAT (and Ferrari) group.

  10. they are teasing us to improve ticket sales :P

  11. Schumacher might be back this season, although I doubt he’ll be fit enough. That neck injury will take quite a while to heal..

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