Romain Grosjean arrives in F1 (pictures)

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Romain Grosjean during practice for the European Grand Prix

Another race, another rookie. Last time it was Jaime Alguersuari, and at Valencia we have Romain Grosjean making his Formula 1 debut.

While team mate Fernando Alonso topped the times in the final session, Grosjean was 13th, 1.3s adrift. But how close will he be tomorrow? Here’s the first pictures of Grosjean competing in an F1 race weekend.

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Images (C) Renault / LAT

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13 comments on “Romain Grosjean arrives in F1 (pictures)”

  1. Good Luck Romain – You’re going to need it :)

    1. he looks like a shabby version of jenson button :) what’s up with that hair??

      1. Keith – can I ask you where do you source your pictures from. You seem to put together realy great galleries and I would love to know where the pics come from.

  2. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Grosjean. He’s been doing very long stints in FP2. Then he and Alonso go for one quali simulation at the end and Alonso goes 1.5s faster, but Grosjean goes even 2 seconds faster.

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      22nd August 2009, 8:32

      Yes his impressed me aswell he seemed up to speed immediately and is improving everytime he seems a better prospect than Nelsinho let’s see what he can do in Quali then in the race.

  3. This guy looks like he has taken to F1 like a duck to water. This obviously won’t go down well with Alonso, and thus to Flavio, so I reckon he’ll get equal equipment this weekend to lull him into a false sense of security, then the wheels (excuse the pun) will start to come off as the year proceeds.

    1. ??? Do you know Alonso personally???

      1. No, just read the Autosport reports, plus history of his behaviour at McLaren, and Piquet’s complaints. Haven’t you?

    2. Don’t forget the clause in Romain’s contract that requires he let Alonso eat his first-born child. Plus Flavio now owns Grosjean’s soul and all of his organs, so if he starts beating Fernando then he will have to race without a spleen.

      1. haha, good one!


  4. Renault should give their best shot this time. Alonso nailed it last year at tyhe Singapore Grand Prix. Else it will be easier all the way for Brawn GP or Red Bull into the titles.

  5. He has a very punchable face, and that haircut….

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