Championship standings after Valencia

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Drivers’ championship

Driver Points
1 Jenson Button 72
2 Rubens Barrichello 54
3 Mark Webber 51.5
4 Sebastian Vettel 47
5 Nico Rosberg 29.5
6 Lewis Hamilton 27
7 Kimi Raikkonen 24
8 Jarno Trulli 22.5
9 Felipe Massa 22
10 Timo Glock 16
11 Fernando Alonso 16
12 Heikki Kovalainen 14
13 Nick Heidfeld 6
14 Sebastien Buemi 3
15 Robert Kubica 3
16 Sebastien Bourdais 2
17 Romain Grosjean 0
18 Nelson Piquet Jnr 0
19 Luca Badoer 0
20 Kazuki Nakajima 0
21 Jaime Alguersuari 0
22 Giancarlo Fisichella 0
23 Adrian Sutil 0

Constructors’ championship

Driver Points
1 Brawn 126
2 Red Bull 98.5
3 Ferrari 46
4 McLaren 41
5 Toyota 38.5
6 Williams 29.5
7 Renault 16
8 BMW 9
9 Toro Rosso 5
10 Force India 0

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9 comments on “Championship standings after Valencia”

  1. You updated the points but forgot to resort the names.

    1. Yeah I’ve changed the system that does it – changed it now, thanks.

  2. Still not correct, Keith.

    1. It was after he changed it but it has changed back.

  3. I have no idea what happened there – changed it twice now.

  4. Raikkonen is in wrong position:
    Jarno Trulli 22.5
    Kimi Raikkonen 24
    Felipe Massa 22

  5. The stat is Barri finally won for Brawn. A well deserved victory. The fact is Luca Badriver shouldn’t be allowed to race at Spa. Or any other F1 GP. The question is what will play out at Team Brawn regarding the Drivers Championship. I don’t think Barri would go for helping Button at this stage of his career unless the math dictates it. Mathematically, it’s still open. Considering the time spent at Ferrari and what transpired then, Brawn owes Barri. At the very least, he’s owed equal preparation and strategic opportunities from here on. Hopefully, that’ll be the case.

    1. Bigbadderboom
      24th August 2009, 20:33

      How much longer is it viable for the benefit of the team. What if the gap is 19 points with 3 to go? I agree Ross owes Rubens in respect for leaving it as long as he can, but Rubens must understand it cannot last and eventually a call must be made, Rubens needs to get within 5 points in the next 3 races or I fear Ross will make that decision. Having said that though with so many drivers competitive, and taking points off each other Ross may let things decide themselves.

  6. Why is Badoer in position 19?

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