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Here are the times for the BBC’s F1 coverage of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix:

Friday 11th September

8:55-10:35 – First practice (BBC Red Button and online)
12:55-13:45 – Second practice (BBC Red Button and online)

Saturday 12th September

9:55-11:05 – Third practice (BBC Red Button and online)
12:10-14:10 – Qualifying (BBC1, Red Button and online) (Session starts 1pm)

Sunday 13th September

12:10-15:00 – Italian Grand Prix (BBC1, Red Button and online) (Race starts 1pm)

Please post details of coverage in your area below.

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4 comments on “Italian Grand Prix TV times”

  1. The Eastern States of Australia can look forward to watching the race live on ONE Sunday night 10pm and qualifying half hour delay at 10:30

    The delay is because the Collingwood Magpies and Adelaide Crows AFL final is being shown live on Saturday night.

    If you don’t know what that is and don’t really care either, then you are not alone!

    1. Did you get qualifying for Spa two weekends ago? I live in Tasmania and I am fed up with the AFL. It is as if they think AFL is more popular or something. Anyway, I stayed up to watch qualifying for Belgium and guess what came on instead! Yep, oh and if it wasn’t bad enough, it was a repeated telecast of an old game! Perhaps Tasmania have different programming schedules to that on the mainland, because ten news said what time quali would be on and it never happened. Did anyone get it on the mainland? I woke up in the morning to discover via the news and F1Fanatic that it was one of the best qualifying sessions of the year… Just because Tasmanians are insignificant and everything, doesn’t mean we love watching AFL at the expense of real sport! Outrageous!

      1. Yeah mate we got it, but delayed behind AFL of course.

        I guess they do have more fans, but then again just because more people watch ‘two and a half men’ it doesn’t make it better then ‘family guy’.

        Enjoy the race (and hopefully qually) this weekend!

  2. Eastern Standard Time…Sections of the US, Canada, S. America, etc.
    Practice 1, 4:00 a.m.
    Practice 2, 8:00 a.m.*
    Practice 3, 5:00 a.m.
    Qualifying, 8:00 a.m.*
    Race, 8:00*
    *-these will be televised on SPEED(cringe), if you’re in the States. I don’t know about the other countries.
    ALSO, if you’re in the US, SPEED starts their coverage of the race at 7:30, with the good old pre-race show with Peter Windsor. It’s decent, but sleep (or the live blog on here) is sometimes more important.

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