Hot, dry weather expected for Monza

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The forecast is there should be no repeat of last year’s unusually wet weather at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix this weekend.

Three days of hot, dry weather with temperatures reaching the 30s are expected.

Only a few sites are predicting any chance of rain – AccuWeather gives a low chance of light rain on Saturday evening and WeatherBug says something similar for Friday.

On the whole, expect the usual summer sunshine at Monza. Last year’s weather was exceptionally unusual – until then the Italian Grand Prix had only seen occasional splashes of rain in 1981 and 2004.

The entire weekend last year was drenched, with rain so heavy that one practice session was stopped early. Sebastian Vettel scored his maiden win from pole position.

2009 Italian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Hot, dry weather expected for Monza”

  1. msn weather predicts a 45% chance of rain on sunday. (and 35% on saturday)

    1. MSN often seem to exaggerate the chance of rain. I’m not sure where they get their data from.

      1. it’s supplied by Foreca.

  2. I think hot and dry will give us a fairly competitive field, I’m hoping that development for the teams will converge at Monza and if Brawn can get their tyres and set-up working, Fisi can be quick, the Red-Bulls reliable and Mclaren get it right, then it could be a great race.

  3. I asked to real_Vettel about the weather conditions for the race.

    @real_Vettel Hi, Seb! Hot and dry weather expected for Monza. What do you think? Could Red Bull be the most competitive one?”

    And he says:

    @Shagrathian Hot and dry weather makes the BrawnGP more competitive! But we’ll do the best we can!

    Nothing specific that we don’t know, right? :P Anyway… It’s nice to chat with him. Hope he’s the real one.

  4. Younger Hamilton
    7th September 2009, 8:16

    Msn chats a lot of crap if u think about the Predicted Weather never happens if its raining

  5. mentions 60% chance of rain for both Saturday and Sunday:

    Contradicting just about everything else out there!

  6. Here they are saying 26 to 28c with 36% humidity, no rain forcast. It has not rained here in northen Tuscany for well over 2 months. I know monza is different but no forcasct for rain. Can’t wait to be there.

  7. Weatheronline says light rain on sunday.

  8. The BBC weather page shows quite a lot of showers hitting Italy at the weekend…

    I shall take my brolly just in case…

    1. how can you tell when they only do 5 day forecasts? (ie. up until friday at present)

  9. StrFerrari4Ever
    7th September 2009, 21:43

    Well this is just great the chance of a little bit of rain in the air.

    Would really be great if we had a race like in 2004 dry quali but rained early on Sunday and teams chose different strategies for the race.

    However I still expect a competetive race if all teams are hooked up this weekend some unexpected people could end up where we had never have thought.

  10. I think last year’s race would have been better if it was dry. Could have been like Japan 2005.

  11. predicts rain for saturday and sunday

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