Nico Hulkenberg wins GP2 title at Monza

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Nico Hulkenberg has taken a step closer to becoming an F1 driver in 2010 by winning the GP2 championship at Monza.

He adds the title to his roster of trophies including the 2005 Formula BMW championship, 2006-07 A1 Grand Prix series and 2008 F3 Euroseries title.

Third place in the morning’s sprint race sealed the title for Hulkenberg – he finished behind Luis Razia and Lucas di Grassi, and ahead of Jerome d’Ambrosio and Vitaly Petrov – the latter his closest championship rival.

Hulkenberg is the first rookie to win the championship since Lewis Hamilton in 2006.

Hulkenberg was already leading the championship when Romain Grosjean moved to F1 with Renault. He left the likes of Petrov and di Grassi behind, both in their fourth season in GP2.

He claimed the title with two races to spare – there is one double-header round left at Portimao in Portugal.

The question now is whether Williams will promote Hulkenberg from his third driver role to a race seat in 2010.

Putting him on the sidelines as a ‘test driver’ for a year would achieve nothing. Like Hamilton and Rosberg before him, Hulkenberg deserves to be in an F1 car next year.

There is surely no question of him being spurned by F1 entirely, like last year’s champion Giorgio Pantano.

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15 comments on “Nico Hulkenberg wins GP2 title at Monza”

  1. Well done to him but I have to say Hulkenberg still has to win me over in terms of personality…

  2. I agree Chaz – another thing that he has in common with the first rookie driver to win the GP2 championship

  3. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! Oh I am so happy!!! So so pleased for him!!! Has made my day, cannot wait for him to be signed for F1! :D :D :D

  4. Well thats a very impressive CV. 4 championships in 4 series in 5 years. No doubt we’ll se him in F1 next year then. Congrats to him.

  5. Nakajima is in serious trouble if he doesn’t do well in the last few races…

    What are the odds that the two Nicos (“Britney” and Hulkenburg) will race for Williams next year?

  6. His Q&A on Autosport is interesting; loved this bit:

    Q. So how does it feel to be GP2 champion?

    NH: Bloody ****. I am so sad right now… No, it feels like before. Since Nurburgring, Valencia, we have had a lot of good weekends, so you grow into this and then you kind of expect it. Our expectation was to win and finally we did it, so we’re very happy about that. But expectations were high, as well.

    His is an impressive record, would be great if he can get an F1 seat for next year in a good car.

      1. His first two sentences reminded me of Mika Hakkinen… :D

  7. Very impressive title win for Nico- I think he’s the most prolific talent to come through the junior ranks since Hamilton. No doubt he’ll be in an F1

  8. I really hope to see him in F1. He reminds me more of Schumacher than Vettel. Of Michael Schumacher at least.

    The commentator was making a big deal on how early in the season Hulkenberg won, but seriously when the No2 stopped racing it’s not really that surprising is it?

  9. I’m glad for him and I hope we will see him in F1 next year, he has much to learn but I think he can take that challenge.

  10. Haven’t seen any GP2 races but i saw him win at the Tuapo A1Gp, he was very impressive. Nice comment to Autosport, Any thoughts to which F1 team he would be most likely to go to?

  11. Prisoner Monkeys
    14th September 2009, 1:56

    Yeah, I’m expecting Hulkenberg to be promoted to Formula One next season. Petrov, too.

    1. That will make it 3 GP2 drivers from a single year (if Grosjean is retained next year, that’d be his first full year). Is this a record high?

      1. I think so, I guess the closest would have been 2005-2006, when Rosberg and Speed were promoted to race seats and Kovalainen to a testing role.

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