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Prodrive chief wants rally return

“The head of the Banbury-based motorsport company Prodrive, David Richards, says he is targeting a return to the World Rally Championship.” Are Prodrive giving up on F1 after two thwarted attempts to get in?

Santander extends Partnership with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

"The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team is delighted to announce an extension to its Corporate Partnership with Santander, with the high-profile Santander branding present on all four Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drivers."

Flying with F1’s bigwigs

"I was intrigued to hear over the Monza weekend that some F1 big wheels had been encouraging Sir Jackie Stewart to run as a potential candidate for the FIA presidency […] the fact he was asked surely suggests that the Jean Todt camp may be getting rattled as we start the countdown to the FIA presidential election on October 23." I came to the opposite conclusion – it sounds to me like those who don't want Todt in fear Ari Vatanen can't beat him.

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13 comments on “F1 links: Prodrive, Santander & Stewart”

  1. I’m not suprised Pro Drive are giving up which is annoying. Everyone would have loved to have seen Aston in F1.

    Santander have way too much money. Its a real shame they are allowed to have there logos as the winning trophy. It makes it seem less special.

    1. Speak for yourself

    2. Agreed with manatcna, especially since logos are not given to the race winner, just to 2nd and 3rd.

      1. I definately saw 4 Santander-shaped logos being handed out on the Italian Grand prix podium.

        Horrible, they are. They have their logo everywhere else on the track, why ruin the trophies?

    3. There’s some funny money in Santander I’m pretty sure

  2. Tommy – I agree. What special is in winning a Santander logo.

    1. what the trophy looks like is the least important detail ever. The first Bahrain trophy looked like a waste basket. What matters is the plaque on the trophy and the fact you won it in the first place

  3. Interesting to note that Richards says he will rejoin the WRC with “a new manufacturer”. Are any marques rumoured to enter WRC?

    1. Well there’s a few…

      Mini are rumoured to be looking at entering, Fiat have I think been looking at a full on works team, I think we can rule out volkswagen as Skoda are already there, perhaps one of the far-eastern car companies…

      …then again, what about an Aston Martin WRC car…

      1. I’d wonder about Vauxhall/Opel’s VXR brand – already doing well in touring cars, they could do a Super2000 Corsa pretty easily I’d say.

      2. Isn’t the mini a BMW operation?

        1. I thought both Volkswagen and FIAT had already signed up for next year.
          If so, I wonder if VW Group are aiming for a full works Skoda Fabia WRC or will change to something like a Golf WRC instead?
          It would be good to see a MINI WRC, and have wondered why BMW hadn’t seen the potential of the car before – and the rally history they have inherited too….

  4. I agree about the Santander logo trophies not being that good, for me the best trophies are the Australian GP ones.

    As Santander now sponsor Ferrari and McLaren I wonder if they have it in the contracts that they have to do any adverts together, its probably doubtful though.

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