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The 2010 F1 calendar will include a Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix will return to the F1 calendar in 2010 after being missing from the 2009 schedule.

Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve will host the 41st world championship round in Canada.

It has held a race at the track every year since 1978 except for 1987 – due to a sponsorship dispute – and 2009.

This is great news for F1 and the hundreds of thousands of fans who pack into the Montreal circuit for the Grand Prix.

F1 crowds have been very poor at several races this year – particularly Turkey. But the Canadian race can be relied upon to be sold to capacity even when the local fans don’t have a home driver to cheer on.

As well as being a great venue for the race, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve brings an interesting mix of challenges that often provides exciting races. It’s very hard on brakes, and drivers know they risk contact with the barriers if they make the slightest mistake.

Montreal was left off the 2009 calendar amid claims the promoter had failed to pay money owned to FOM. When the race was dropped one minister said:

Unless [Bernie Ecclestone] eases his requirements and adopts a different approach, there will be no Grand Prix in Montreal in 2009.

It’s not known yet whether Ecclestone did drop his price, or whether some new arrangement has been struck. However the previous promoter Norman Legault has stepped down from his role.

The last two races at the circuit were dramatic affairs. Robert Kubica incredibly escaped injury in a violent crash in 2007. Lewis Hamilton scored his maiden win that day, and Kubica did the same 12 months later.

But Hamilton infamously retired from the last race after running into Kimi Raikkonen in the pit lane. During the build-up to that race there were worries about the integrity of the track surface, which broke up during qualifying.

The first world championship Canadian Grand Prix was held at Mosport in 1967 and won by Jack Brabham. It’s great to see a historic venue returning to the F1 calendar, back where it belongs, and I’ll be surprised if anyone has a bad word to say about the news in the comments.

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60 comments on “Canada back on 2010 F1 calendar”

  1. HounslowBusGarage
    14th September 2009, 19:51

    Nope. No bad words at all. Very pleased that Montreal will be back next year. It’s an exacting track which even though it’s flat, offers a tremendous variety of curves and challenges. And of course, it’s return to North America!

  2. HounslowBusGarage
    14th September 2009, 19:53

    Incidentally, the confirmed 2010 calendar is a bit late this year isn’t it, or am I remembering incorrectly?

  3. Glad its back, but we still have to endure 5 or more years of Valencia.

    Other news: Santander staying with Mclaren LINK

  4. Yay :D

  5. It’s always good to see F1 at a venue where people actually come see the races isn’t it?

    The circus is getting closer to me.

  6. A race I’ve always looked forward to, and I do like watching an early evening Grand Prix in the UK. I hope Bernie doesn’t decide to make it a “morning race”.

    A year off’s probably a fair punishment for the track that fell apart in 2008. That was the biggest shambles since…well, the USGP 3 years before.

  7. Good news- it’s an OK track, in a country with a strong F1 history and enthusiastic fans. And best of all it usually produces an eventful race.

    Now the next big Canadian F1 question is… will any team boss be crazy enough to give Jacques Villeneuve another chance to race at Montreal in 2010?!?

  8. a big YAY from Montréal!

  9. I’d like to think Kimi is Canada’s adopted home driver.

  10. Yes! I am so happy that its back on! I attended in 2008 and had a fantastic time and look forward to going next year! Not only is the track great, but the atmosphere in Montreal is amazing during GP weekend!

  11. i think this is where Keith got the news from-

    1. No, I got it off Google News from the link in the article:

  12. Glad to see this. It has always been a good track for drivers and the very loyal Canadian fans. At last a good move by Bernie

  13. A victory for the fans for once.

  14. Great news. Canada has always been one of my favourites to watch – it seems to be conducive to good racing and drama as Keith says. Along with the incidents mentioned, Alesi’s only victory in ’95, Schumacher’s dramatic win in ’98, the ‘Wall of Champions’ claiming it’s illustrious victims in ’99 and Sato’s heroics in ’07 all come to mind.

  15. Just one thing to say…


  16. Hopefully this is a return to tracks where the fans want to go. The Montreal track location allows fans the ability to enjoy the nite life, restaurants and activities that occur in the downtown streets. It is also one of the few opportunities to see a F1 driver in the north america.

  17. I have a bad word to say. This deal is a year late.

    1. Well said!

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        15th September 2009, 3:14

        A late Canadian Grand Prix is better than no Canadian Grand Prix.

  18. About plucking time!!!

  19. Great news, f1 needs to remember its history a bit more to say the least. What do folks here think about imola, will it ever make it back?

  20. Would love to see Imola back with the old Tamburello would be even better.With design and safety it could be re introduced. That would be worth the return.It is also only an hour and a half from me so yes please!

  21. Lovely Stuff. 2010 is going to be a great season methinks.

  22. The first race I’ve ever been to 98 canadian gp… Three weeks later in the military. Well atleast the gp was awesome got a picture of wurtz at 90 degrees in the air. Alesi’s car had another car on top of it after the restart, and it all happened right in front of me! May have been the best 3 days of my life. Expect me there next year.

  23. That’s fantastic news- the return of the Canadian GP brings only good things involved for everyone in F1. Aside from the track surface problems, the Canadian Grand Prix represents everything good about a Grand Prix weekend, and indeed should be a model for other race promoters as they seke to create a world-class event. I visited Montreal for the first time this July- got to walk the circuit and all- and can just imagine it during the Grand Prix weekend.

    As for the bad words, I don’t have any of them, but some people may see my views as such. For as great as this news is, it still dosen’t excuse the lack of a Grand Prix down here, in the United States of America…..

    It’s great for American fans to see CGV return- indeed many of those hundred thousand or so on race day are Americans- but for as much as people love to describe “North America” as one big market, the first question most of my countrymen ask me is “Why dose F1 race in Canada but not here?” I’m sure the team bosses and sponsors- let by Whitmarsh, Thiessen, et al… will be the first to back me up.

    Again, a great day for everyone involved in F1- most of all for us, the loyal fans who put up with the bad times that so often hit the sport we love. But my only fear is complainc setting it- that we’ll see the 1990’s days of “Montreal and that’s enough” for some people. Hopefully not, and until F1 comes back here, I’ll be happy to settle for MotoGP (which runs not just one, but two races under the Stars and Stripes) as an event to attend.

  24. I am pleased to see Canada make its return to the F1 calender.

  25. YES YES YES!
    This will be the first GP I attend (pitiful, I know), even if I have to hitchhike all the way up to Canada!

  26. Blimey, is poor old Bernie going soft on us in his dottage? First he entertains a return to Silverstone, now a return for the extremely superb Montreal. Tight track, but with chance of overtaking going in and out of the hairpin, as well as the rather exciting ‘wall of champions’ on the pit straight.

    Perhaps CVC have been leaning on the Gnome to start listening to the fans. Would be nice to think so. Either way, big thumbs up to Bernie for this one. Was half expecting the next new race to be in Outer Mongolia (apologies in advance to any Outer Mongolese readers).

    Now don’t suppose he’d consider getting Valencia redesigned. And Singapore actually – another dreadful processional track, unless Flav’s got any further crowd pleasing planned ;o)

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      15th September 2009, 3:19

      Perhaps CVC have been leaning on the Gnome to start listening to the fans. Would be nice to think so.

      I don’t think so. Montreal always planned to keep the Grand Prix, but they needed time to negotiate.

      And Singapore actually – another dreadful processional track

      Singapre isn’t bad at all. It’s actually got overtaking points; in fact, I think there were more passes at Singapore last year than there were in most races. The messed-up pit stops helped, but a lot of drivers had a go down into turn seven, and they usually came up with the goods. Hamilton taking Coulthard late in the race was a pretty god one, from memory.

      If it needs to be redesigned, the only change should be to iron out the last section. I know having the course go under th grandstand is a novelty, but that entire section from turn sixteen to twenty-one is just a sequence of ninety-degree bends. It should be flat out alng the waterfront from seventeen – where Little Nelson crashed – the the final corners.

  27. I am so so pleased, for once Bernie has done the right thing with regards to tracks! Was absolutely gutted when it was taken off, one of my favourite races is Canada! Plus we already bought our flights to Montreal and our hostel based on the provisional calendar, so if it didnt go ahead we would have been pretty gutted lol!! Now just have to hope the date doesnt change! Ooooh I cannot wait til next year!!! :D

    Now for the USA to get its place back…!

    1. Provisional calendar? Please share, as I have been hunting for months for next years dates so I can possibly plan a trip to a race (other than Melbourne of course, booked my tickets for that yesterday. How many sleeps to go? :) ), but have found nothing.

      Oh, and woo hoo that Montreal is looking like making a return. Has long been one of my favourite tracks, and I plan to go to the race in 2011.

      1. March 14 Bahrain (Sakhir)
        March 28 Australia (Melbourne)
        April 4 Malaysia (Sepang)
        April 25 Turkey (Istanbul)
        May 9 Spain (Barcelona)
        May 23 Monaco (Monte Carlo)
        June 6 Canada (Montreal)
        June 27 Europe/Mediterranean (Valencia)
        July 11 Britain (Donington Park) or Europe (Silverstone)
        July 25 Germany (Hockenheim)
        August 1 Hungary (Hungaroring)
        August 22 Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
        September 5 Italy (Monza)
        September 19 China (Shanghai)
        September 27 Singapore (Singapore)
        October 10 Japan (Suzuka)
        October 24 Brazil (Interlagos)
        November 7 Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

        Dont know if that link will work – its the first one i have done lol!

        I’m going to the Australian race too (conveniently our backpacking route coincides with a couple of F1 races next year ;) ) – got our tickets the other week – very very excited! :D :D Slightly disappointed that it may not be the season opener though!! Oooh I cant wait!! Four and a half months til I’m on that plane to Australia!! :D :D hehe it wont be long before I am counting it in sleeps also!! :D

        1. Ooops looks like i made it all a link lol! Still, at least i managed to get it to go to the right place! :D

          1. Thanks heaps. Wonder why Melbourne has been bumped from the season opener? Maybe to give us all a reason to actually look forward to Bahrain ;)

          2. Summat to do with daylight savings i beleive – to get the extra light to hold the race in the late afternoon in Melbourne – so it has to be hosted after day light savings has kicked in, but they dont want to start the season so late (despite the fact it started that late this year!) Lol I like the looking forward to Bahrain theory better though!

            I was looking forward to being at Nico Hulkenberg’s first F1 race (I’m sure he will be in F1 next year!) – sad i know lol, but it would have been quite fun. Second race isnt quite the same! Not that it makes me any less excited to be going!! :D

  28. I’ll be seeing you all there! Maybe we can pick a date and time, maybe at Villeneive’s bar and meet up!

  29. Thrilled. I’ll be there. Been there lots. Got to see Gilles win in ’78! Then Jones in ’79! It was a cool time at a cool track.
    One thing….now we need a GP in the USA!!!!!

  30. Good to see the track back next year!

    But they have to resurface it, otherwise races there might become farcial.

  31. That is nice, I dont see a F1 in the USA anytime soon. This Goverment (any) will never float a bill. Just for fun I would like to see the F1 at the road course at Daytona. Will never happen. Can you see them on the highbanks. Just a fun thought.

    1. I think the banking is too high. The FIA rules allow Indy and Monza banking, but no steeper, I believe.

      1. I certainly don’t think the FIA allows the banking at Monza anymore…

  32. The track has been resurfaced with Shell Bitumen last June
    Heres how the track looked 2 weeks ago

  33. That is one fine circuit. The metro takes you from your hotel directly into the track compound. Also the turn one stand is super giving you a view all the way up pit lane, SF line, the whole turn one, and up the following straightaway.

  34. Do race promoters or track owners ever make any money?

    1. Never….Bernie would never allow it. :-)

  35. Time to start saving up :)

  36. No BAD WORD,Delight.

  37. Great news!

    Could this mean Jacques might have a way back into a race seat next year? Seats are up for grabs and he just might pull the much needed sponsorship the track requires!!

  38. Never been to an F1 race, but with one coming back to Canada next year, I might just get to see my first one. Really glad that Ecclestone and the track organizers were able to work something out.

  39. Update on the Renault Scandal:

    It states that Nelson Jr. says that Alonso should be aware of the “crash deal” as he was starting 15th on a street circuit with little fuel and he would certainly know this to be a bad strategy.

    It also says that Bernie Ecclestone has told the press that Nelson Jr told him he would do everything to ruin Briatore.

    1. It states that Nelson Jr. says that Alonso should be aware of the “crash deal”

      I think this has been said by NP Sr, not Jr. In fact I think NP Jr has confirmed Alonso didn’t know anything

  40. Great to see Canada back on the calendar. I’d much rather have a race in Montreal that attracts large crowds than a race in some obscure place, at another dull Tilke designed track.

    Let’s hope the track manages to stay together for the whole weekend.

  41. This report just out.

    The return to the F1 calendar of the Canadian grand prix in 2010 is still not assured, politicians in Montreal insist.
    “Our negotiations with Ecclestone are going well, the negotiations are actually over, but we haven’t signed anything yet but we’re very confident,” he is quoted as saying by Canadian media.

    Looks like it’s back anyway though :D

  42. I live on the Ontario and Quebec border and am about an hour and a half from the track! Time to get out the old credit card.
    I have to get a new digital camera as well. Make sure i can get some pics of all those pretty grid girls and cars of course.

  43. Went from 2000 to 2003, going back in ’10! WooHoo!!

    We should definitely arrange a get together. For those that have been to Montreal during GP week, you know what’s its like. We can party it up big time!

    As date gets closer, lets start talking about a meetup!


  44. ……Normand Legault, president and CEO of Grand Prix F1 du Canada Inc., said:

    “I am very happy, and fully satisfied, with this outcome. I have always been confident of being able to resolve the dispute.”….Normand walks away with a cool Ten million

  45. Montreal Grand Prix promoter Normand Legault has sorted out his “commercial disagreement” with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

    That should pave the way for the GP to return as early as next season, a boon for overpriced restaurants and hotels all over Montreal. Legault won’t be involved in the new race, says La Presse, we’re told it will likely be put on by a non-profit corporation run by the three levels of government, who will doubtless be kicking in the millions Ecclestone requires in order to bring his circuit to these shores.

    Either way, it’s a rare ‘W’ for embattled Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay, who is embroiled in a knife fight of an election with rival Louise Harel”. Don’t like that all levels had to contribute tax dollars. (not enough details so won’t get into it)

  46. I like Canada, it produces some good racing usually.

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