And it’s goodbye from them (Pictures)

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F1's class of 2009

Last week sato113 asked in the forum whether any of the teams had done big end-of-season group photos.

I’ve found pictures for all bar two of the teams, plus the traditional end-of-year drivers’ photo. For Toyota and BMW – and possibly Renault too – these pictures are their farewell to Formula 1.

The only missing teams are McLaren and Williams, who I couldn’t find any team pictures of.

More F1 pictures

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Brawn GP, Renault/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Toyota F1 World, BMW ag

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49 comments on “And it’s goodbye from them (Pictures)”

  1. Is it 2010 yet?

  2. Surprise surprise! :P Why is Gino Rosato “Out-of-Focus” in that Ferrari team photo? :P
    Normally you expect him to be squatting right in between those two Ferrari’s :P

    Farewell Gino :P:- ” Head of “LOTUS” Le-mans & Indy Operations” :P & a former “ramasseur de poubelle” of course!

    This is for people wondering who Gino is :P

    I’ll NOT miss him ” For Sure”

    1. Lol! I still can’t believe you can get f1 roadies. I might stalk Ferrari see if I can have a go.
      Feel a bit sad looking at the photos to be honest, it is very final and just another reminder of the long wait we have ahead of us. Thank god this site exists!

    2. Wow mp4, your an idiotic troll.

      1. @right…

        Its become too much of a cliche, hasn’t it? Try something different for a change. Or is it the best you can come up with?

    3. mp4 id right. That creep with the goatee is a troll.

      It’s the kind of loser who starts cheering and shaking his fist at the camera when another driver has a problem.

      Good riddance

      1. Patrickl yes he did at Japan 08 when Massa made a bit of a clumsy move of Hamilton which left the Brit facing the wrong way around.
        I also said lol at mp4 as he is a fellow fanatic and that post did put a smile on my face. Gino is a bit of a popular character at the minute, mentioned here, on the forums and even on the discussion of sexy drivers. That is impressive.

    4. for the love of god, shut up MP4.

      You only serve to create hatred towards you, not what you think you make an argument against.

      I feel sorry for you, I hate you, but I feel sorry for you. Your like a 14 year old kid defending his Xbox, your a fanboy.

      Get a life.

      1. Definately agree, MP4 you need to get a life, this is ridiculous, it makes you look quite sad… and, by the way, it’s not funny.

      2. forzaferrarix1607
        8th November 2009, 23:27

        Don’t try to get MP4 to shut the f… up!
        because he’s not going to

        but might as well try

        Shut the F…ing hell up MP4!!

      3. Thank you for all the kind words “Friends”. I shall take it in my stride.

        1. I don’t really want to be involved in this and don’t mean to interupt but it isn’t exactly pleasant to read. I don’t mean to cause offence and I’m certainly not saying this to put anyone down or in anger it’s just I thought us fanatics were sophisticated and having love ins all the time :P
          Even if you do disagree with mp4 or whoever or me right now, just debate it and show you feel you are right, no need to be personal.(and this is coming from a Ferrari fan so by rights me and mp4 should kill each other ;)) However I do believe in free speech and hate ‘nannies’ so feel free just to continue arguing I just expected a higher level of debate on this site.

      4. Are you a roadie?

      5. You only serve to create hatred towards you, not what you think you make an argument against.

        I feel sorry for you, I hate you, but I feel sorry for you.


        1. Wow…harsh.

          Yep, the problem is that he wont take any comment on board, when I started here I was like him and I changed my attitude quickly after upsetting people. This is a fantastic site.

          MP wont change though, he isn’t like me, which I thank the heavens for.

    5. What exactly are you trying to get across with the “ramasseur de poubelle”? (basically, garbage man, for those not in the know) Just because Joe Saward brings it up in a negative light doesn’t make it a bad thing. To be clear, Rosato doeasn’t strike me as someone I’d choose as a friend, but picking on someone because he started out doing menial jobs and made his way to be head of logistics, at Ferrari no less, has a whiff of wanna-be aristocratic disdain. That’s my view anyways.

      1. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
        8th November 2009, 22:09

        I say fairplay to Rosato, I never knew what job he had, to climb the ranks like that is cool.

        1. That’s a lot of dedication to his job and life to serve Ferrari for so long. Being with the team for so long, must make him very passionate about it. He’s probably more fanatical about F1 than most of us, even you mp4-19b? :D

          Well done to him for what he has achieved.

          But as I’m very pro sportsman, I would never cheer at a rivals misfortune. Probably make me useless as a F1 driver. I’m too courteous when I race online sims… “No, after you….” :)

          1. I’m too courteous when I race online sims… “No, after you….”

            Sort of like 1991 when Senna handed Berger the win at Japan? Hope dates/venue is correct…correct me if I’m wrong!

  3. Its quite ironic, considering their budget over the years, that Toyota chose to take their photo in front of the displays of affluence around the track.

  4. Heh, the two Finns on the bottom row look like bodyguards

  5. And notice who’s standing behind Mr Trulli in the group photo :P

        1. oh, thought he meant the toyota team photo.

  6. Sweet! thanks keith, these make really good desktop backgrounds too. I think some teams didn’t bother doing the big photos in Abu Dhabi because they’ve already done one earlier on in the season.

    if anyone could find a mclaren one that’d be cool!

  7. Goodbye BMW :(

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      8th November 2009, 23:33

      good riddance!!!! they thought they could do better than Williams!! Goodbye, you wont be missed.

  8. Another downside of Massa not being there-no last photo of him and Kimi together. I loved that driver line up. Aw well I suppose both will be back next year just in different teams! :)

  9. If Renault did one at the start of the season it would be more like a spot the difference competition….

    1. LOL Ratboy…

  10. Mark Webber (see drivers’ end-of-year photo) is obviously one of those guys who sits next to you on the tube and thinks it’s reasonable to open his legs as wide as he can! It’s not Mark. It’s selfish. Close your legs.

    Fisi looks “very ‘appy”…. sorry but he does.

    Buemi appears to be having a mild stroke.

    Barichello’s feet only just reach the floor.

    McLaren have NINE(!) different sponsors on the top half of their overall not including Mercedes. Talk about overkill. BMW have one.

    No-one wants to stand next to Trulli but he doesn’t seem to mind.

    1. McLaren’s drivers have special overalls that they put on before the post-qualifying or race press conference, so that all the sponsor logos are facing the front. I imagine they do the same for this kind of photo too.

  11. Looking at the Ferrari Graduation-Formation, and the BMW “snapshot”, one has to ask…are these passport photos to their respective F1 futures?

    Oh, and did BMW only run one car this year?

  12. Toro Rosso have the best team photo by far, definately.

  13. Why does only Nakajima have Toyota on his overalls? Obviously as he is sponsored by Toyota, but then why do Williams not have Toyota on their overalls like RBR and Renault, Mc/Merc etc?

  14. First of all Keith, these are great pictures of some of the teams. To me it’s quite interesting to look at the differing sizes of the teams. I also didn’t realise how many people in each team actually go racing.
    It would appear to me (perhaps somewhat naively) that some considerable cost savings could be made by limiting each team’s size at the tracks to 30 or 40 staff – down from the 70 – 100 currently.

    1. I noticed that as well!

      The thing that struck me is how much smaller the Brawn Team is than the rest of them. We all know that Brawn had to downsiz its operation, but when you see them next to a team like Ferrari, it really show the scale to which Brawn had to downsize.

    2. It’s not naive at all. The teams have already agreed to downsize their race teams to 45 people next year. It’s a part of the new resource restriction agreement

    3. yes interesting the track side team logistics, But another way to look it would be that if Ferrari want 10 people to look at the weather website, and pay them, well is that a smart allocation of resources? I know what you mean but it seems like rules for everything. 5 cups of coffee per person per day, 2 sandwics per person, or a panini (and an extra ice cream allowance for kimi)

      1. I think Alan Greenspan (ex Federal Reserve Governor of the US) coined the phrase “Irrational Exuberance” in the late 90’s. I do think some of the F1 Teams have taken this definition to another level.
        I don’t for one minute believe in being pedantic about cost cutting and implementing financial constraints down to the fine level of minutia that just becomes small minded and very beauracratic. Just think it would be a BIG STEP forward if common sense prevailed again w.r.t BUDGETS.
        Must say I am all the more impressed with the overall performance of the BrwanGP team when you look at the size of the team present at races compared to the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari.

    4. I remember the commentators during the coverage from Abu Dhabi saying that Ferrari had brought more people than usual to the race because of their links with Abu Dhabi such as sponsors and Ferrari world.

      It’s a shame all the teams didn’t do proper end of season photographs, but I suppose they may only feel the need to do one a year.

  15. Is only Sutil sponsored by Medion mobile and not Liuzzi ? And which brand cap are Renault drivers wearing ? How tall Kubica is from Heidfield … and Kimi’s cap looks like a big hat

    1. Yes Sutil carries Medion sponsorship as they sponsor him. One reason why some teams may look at him over other drivers as he brings a nice wedge of sponsorship with him.

  16. Grosjean’s overall looks like it is a couple of sizes too big…

    1. He must buy his overalls from the same place as Jacques Villeneuve.

  17. Thank you for sharing all those great pictures!

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