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New Renault F1 team principal Eric Boullier

Eric Boullier has been confirmed as the new team principal at Renault.

Boullier, 36, ran France’s A1 Grand Prix team from 2007 to 2009. He is also the CEO of Gravity Sports Management, which is owned by Gerard Lopez, who bought into Renault last month.

Boullier said: “I am incredibly proud to be joining the Renault F1 Team as Team Principal. Renault is one of the most famous and successful names in motorsport and I look forward to leading the team into the new season. In the past Renault has demonstrated that it is one of the top teams in Formula One and I am sure that with hard work and determination we can challenge at the front once again."

Meanwhile reports are emerging that former Renault boss Flavio Briatore has won his appeal before the Tribune de Grande Instance against the lifetime ban from motor sport handed down by the FIA.

Update: Flavio Briatore wins appeal against lifetime ban from motorsport

Q&A with Eric Boullier supplied by Renault

In what frame of mind was the team when you arrived?
EB: When I started in the job it quickly became clear that the staff’s morale had been affected by the end of the 2009 season and that the last few weeks had been quite challenging. However, the team is now very motivated thanks to the new philosophy that the Renault F1 Team wants to implement and, when it was presented at the factory shortly before Christmas, it was welcomed with applause. Everyone is now refreshed and ready for action.

What will be your day-to-day responsibilities?
EB: I will concentrate solely on the sporting and performance aspects. Bob Bell will oversee the Design Office, Production and the technical development of the car. We have already had a lot of discussions and we think in the same way. I think that we will work well together.

Are you a representative of the new strategic partners of the team?
EB: I have been appointed by Renault F1 Team who stays in charge of all operational aspects of its F1 activity. Of course, representatives of Genii Capital were consulted, but it would be wrong to think of Renault as a two-headed structure that will have two decision-making hubs. This is one team with one structure.

Have you been given a time frame to prove yourself?
EB: My employers never mentioned this, however I have set myself relatively high objectives. F1 is a dream for an engineer and I wouldn’t want to let this opportunity pass me by. There is no pressure, only the motivation to do the job for which I have been appointed well.

Can you summarise your approach in three words?
EB: Humility, rigorous and openness. For me, the racing is the most important thing above all.

Is your age an advantage?
EB: I like to think so. The team wanted some fresh blood and to open a new chapter. F1 is made of cycles and the shape of tomorrow’s sport is being defined now with a new generation beginning to fill the paddock little-by-little. Ferrari and McLaren have, among others, followed this evolution. And Christian Horner from Red Bull Racing is my age!

What are your objectives for 2010?
EB: It is still a little early to describe them precisely, but my mission is foremost to put the team back on track by concentrating on two main themes. One of my priorities will be to put in place an organisation that flows and is efficient in order for Enstone to work in harmony. Then, for the performance, we must put in place an improved feedback process. It won’t happen in two months, we know that, but it will need to be progressive and solid. Today we have all the means to reach this objective. The budget is fixed, 60% of the wind tunnel has been upgraded and our high-tech CFD centre is now in full swing. So there’s everything to play for.

As CEO of Gravity Sport Management, will the second driver be a Gravity driver?
EB: The second driver will have to be able to score points and challenge Robert Kubica. So in fact, it might be a Gravity driver or not, but I can guarantee that it will be even more difficult for a Gravity driver to be selected as they really will have to prove their worth to be chosen as Renault’s second driver.

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  1. He’s the replacement for Briatore…but just now Briatore could have some reasons to comment that.
    The court have just said his banning is incorrect. Will he be back to the pits soon?

    1. Who would employ the up-his-own **** ****!

      I unfortunately can’t use words other than expletives to describe this ****.

      His name is tainted now regardless of the overturned ban.

      And his compensation is pittance, nobody will want to employ him.

      The fact he has had his ban overturned is actually quite pointless, I firmly believe he still won’t work in F1 again!

  2. Have Renault learnt nothing about what happens when you put a driver manager in charge of an F1 team with one of his drivers in it?

    I’m surprised the FIA didn’t move to ban that situation.

    1. Agreed – the conflict of interests between team owner and agent for one of the drivers was quite evident in Singapore.

  3. I guess Briatori will be back with a vengence!

  4. He doesn’t look like your typical team boss.

    1. I don’t know, the minute I saw his picture I thought he looked liked Stefano’s younger chubbier brother.

  5. At least he has a better racing background than Briatore, this man sounds like pretty standard fare, dont expect tactical genius or outspoken tirades.

    So worse than symonds and better than briatore. I’ll take it.

  6. Good luck to him. He has a lot to do to restore the team…

  7. He looks a lot like James Allen :P

    1. Indeed… more a mix of James Allen and Keith :D

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  8. Briatore OUT OUT OUT, ok you got your verdict of guilty overturned but in my eyes you are a cheat this overturned verdict unfortunately makes the FIA look like nothing so i hope the FIA puts in regulations so u have no place place in Formula1.AS for Piquet He should never be allowed to drive a F1 car again

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