BMW to reveal 2010 F1 car on January 31st

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BMW-Sauber will reveal its 2010 F1 car on January 31st at Valencia.

The wraps will come off the new car at 2:30pm local time. Testing for the 2010 F1 season will begin at the track the day after.

So far the team has only announced one driver – Kamui Kobayashi. It will continue to use the name ‘BMW’ despite control of the team having been handed back to Peter Sauber.

See the F1 Fanatic Google calendar for 2010 F1 launch and test dates in full

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  • 20 comments on “BMW to reveal 2010 F1 car on January 31st”

    1. Sauber buys the team,still BMW gets the royalty?
      Will it not be transformed into Sauber?
      Will the team will call BWM Sauber Ferrari?

    2. I’m sure they’ve got to change the name before the start of the season… surely. It seems completely barmy to leave BMW as part of the name.

      They build the car at Sauber in Switzerland, the engines come from Ferrari in Italy. The only thing that came from BMW was the engines, and they’re not supplying the engines any more.

      So much red tape just to drop three letters from your team name.

    3. Presumably they’re only going to change the name when they know for certain what the name is going to change to. The name “Sauber” is bound to feature in there somewhere, but it’s also highly likely that there will be a title sponsorship in the name – which perhaps isn’t finalised yet – hence the delay.

    4. I agree. The name should be changed to Sauber F1 Racing.
      BMW should be dumped.
      A case of money talks again.

    5. Prisoner Monkeys
      6th January 2010, 11:18

      The only reason the team is known as BMW is because the entry was submitted under the BMW name. Most likely it happened when BMW passed the reins back to Sauber; they sumbitted the entry as soon as possible so as to maximise the team’s chances of being accepted to the grid. Sauber has said the name will change back in the future, but e’s in no hurry to do it – probably because he has more importnt things on his mind, like preparing the team for racing, maybe?

      1. I think it’s silly the fact that it takes so long to take 3 letters from their name and they simply don’t have time for it :P

    6. Similar shorts: KUB(2006-2009) KOB(2010-?)

      1. Kubayashi and Kobica. Hmm, fajne.

    7. I guess that if it does well it’ll be a Ferrari powered car, and if it fails miserably then it’ll be a BMW built car.

    8. Does the BMW connection attract sponsors to the team?

      It’s still an attractive brand – think how many BMWs you’ve seen recently, particularly in the UK where they’re drawing attention to their rear-wheel-drive by slithering around in the snow.

      I guess it provides continuity – instead of saying “we’re a new team like Lotus, Campos and USF1” it highlights the resources and expertise they’ve had access to while designing the new car.

      And it associates them with some decent results in the last two races. Signing Heidfeld up would help too.

      1. Or on Top Gear where their 4×4 couldn’t even get up a hill… BTW rear wheel drive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the snow… I’ve been having loads of fun in my little front-wheel-drive Fiesta…

    9. ‘BMW’ in the team name with a Ferrari motor in the back? Can’t see the Scuderia being too happy with that. I have no doubt whatsoever they will be called simply ‘Sauber’ come the start of the season. Probably much sooner.

    10. I must have missed it, and to some this may sound daft but is BMW still supplying their engines to Sauber…

      1. Oops sorry for posting to early, cos i’m really confused as i thought it was a ferrari engine they were using…

    11. I had no idea Ferrari were supplying them now.

    12. Sorry can not compare a fiesta with a Bmw .

    13. I’ll keep my (rear wheel drive) BMW, thank you very much.

      I learned to drive on a new estate – ice on top of snow on top of mud – I don’t have any problems with control.

    14. Fixing the problem is easy but understaning it is the problem. As soon as you know what wrong with it i think you are done. Thank you for your post, very informative. Alex

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