Ferrari confirms 2010 launch and Rossi test

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Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has confirmed the team will launch the successor to the F60 at Maranello on January 28th.

He also confirmed multiple Moto GP champion Valentino Rossi will test for the team again, though he will not drive the team’s current car. He will run an older car in a test on January 20th and 21st.

Rossi last tested a Ferrari F1 car in 2008.

See more of what Domenicali had to say here: Domenicali hints at further 2010 rules changes and return of KERS (Video)

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9 comments on “Ferrari confirms 2010 launch and Rossi test”

  1. Rossi’s tested Ferraris before hasn’t he?

    1. yep a few times. he’s said its unlikely for him to ever race in F1, but the tests are just for fun.

  2. A few times I think.

  3. I’d love to see him in F1, I would get on his bandwagon anyway.

  4. He did several.
    Once in Valencia he tested among many other drivers, and was quite fast. At that time there seemed to be a chance for him to drive in F1, but then there wasn’t any follow up.
    I think he’s a great personality, could attract lots of interest and sponsors. But a top team cannot exchange all of that with a driver that could be constantly one second off…

    1. God I hope there are no more compulsory pit stops, other than the tyre rule.

      Whats the point !!!!!!!!!!
      If they bring it in then there goes any and all strategy…every one will have to make x pit stops…

      I am sick of this this!!!

  5. Domenicali also says that Massa will be the first to test the car.

  6. i forgot to get the url of the image

    this is the one –

    1. hahaha, nice pic of the Rossi test :)

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