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Reuters reports that Jose Marie Lopez will be confirmed as the first of US F1’s two drivers on Monday.

The US F1 team confirmed via its Facebook page that a major announcement is planned for next week.

As mentioned here earlier, Lopez hasn’t raced a single seater car since 2006.

Lopez was dropped by Renault’s driver development programme in 2006. His connection to US F1 has been rumoured for several months, during which time he has probably been putting a sponsorship package in place.

Argentina has a great historical link with F1 thanks to the likes Juan Manuel Fangio and Carlos Reutemann. But there hasn’t been a Argentinian Grand Prix since 1998 and the last Argentinian driver to race in F1 was Gaston Mazzacane, who was dropped by the Prost team early in 2001.

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27 comments on “Lopez-US F1 announcement on Monday”

  1. Lets not forget Estaban Tuero, he was errrmmm forgetable really.

    1. I may be wrong on Tuero, but I don’t remember him being too bad. He started off OK but then he lost his way mid way through the season. Apparently he couldn’t handle the pressures of F1, which would explain why he retired at the age of 20.

      In fact, he’s still only 31, which makes him younger than a lot of drivers in F1 right now

      1. I didnt say he was bad, just forgetable, although I thought he did more than one season but apparently not

        1. Tuero had a drive for the 1999 season (with Minardi again) but then mysteriously changed his mind and has apparantly been sworn to secrecy on the matter. Theories on the reason are that his sponsorship dried up, he never fully recovered from the neck injury he suffered in the crash with Takagi in Suzuka, or that he was sick of the Argentinian media making fun of him.

  2. It’s great to hear that USF1 will officially announce Jose Maria Lopez as its first driver! He has not driven a single-seater since 2006, so I hope he can get up to speed quickly during testing! I am very much anxious to see what USF1 has in store for 2010 and beyond. As such, I will be rooting for Jose Maria Lopez and the rest of the USF1 team! Looking forward to the launch of the car, and Bahrain couldn’t get here any faster!

  3. christopher (sennaboy3)
    23rd January 2010, 1:03

    I really don’t understand this decision at all…if your not gonna stick an American in the seat, go get someone who has turned a wheel in F1…Davidson, Heidfeld, etc. Christ, get DC out of retirement! This is an awful choice.

    1. 2nd Driver is allegedly British. Could be Coulthard… Could be Rossiter… Carroll?

      1. Gary Paffet?
        He did a couple of Mclaren tests a while back and would be much better than Lopez

    2. It’s a pay drive.

  4. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd January 2010, 1:56

    So: Lopez-USF1 and Mercedes livery on Monday, Ferrari on Thursday, McLaren, Renault and Sauber on Friday, then Mercedes, Toro Rosso and Williams on Saturday. And a Them Crooked Vultures concert for me in between to keep me going.

    It’s going to be a big week.

    1. Gotta love Dave Grohl.

      Also Formula One.

  5. For me the launch of new formula 1 cars has always been one of the greatest period of the year. I’m excited too, as Prisoner is.

  6. oh my god…what is Windsor thinking…look, a desperate financial picture should not dictate an incompetent driver who will surely be risking the lives of others on the track…come on, touring cars for the last 3 years is not a proper training ground (refresher course) for F1. This is not what F1 is all about… Rubbish,plain rubbish!
    Lopez does not belong in a F1 car!!!

    1. Even though he’s been in a (more powerful) F1 car multiple times in the past? If USF1 builds a decent car, he’ll do fine.

  7. what a joke! who they gonna put in the 2nd seat? yuji ide!?

  8. This is a stupid decision. Its also hypocritical of Windsor who if I recall correctly used to moan in F1 Racing magazine about paying drivers clogging up the grid. They can come out with all the PR rubbish they want but this shows they arent serious about being successful. If they had any desire to do so they would have like Lotus signed up 2 experienced drivers, admittedly B list drivers, but experienced nonetheless. They should of at least gone for one experienced driver and one less so. There are far better drivers who havent driven in F1,Adam Carroll being one of them. I hope US F1 fail

  9. Autosport article says he has a degree of government backing, are they just referring to Reuteman or his he actually getting government money??

  10. That makes 3 drivers who haven’t raced a single-seater since 2006. Nobody’s complained about the other two.

  11. christopher (sennaboy3)
    24th January 2010, 3:08

    Schumacher & de la Rosa are a bit different to put it mildly, Bullfrog…

  12. Oh come on, there’s nothing to suggest Lopez is going to be danger on the track. I’m sure he wasn’t their first choice, but he WAS once a Renault Development Driver and racked up plenty of miles. Recent F1 mileage is overrated anyway.

    Let’s face it; the most important thing for USF1 is to get on the grid and get through the year, and for this, they need money.

    If Lopez’s career is over after a crappy year, then oh well, at least they didn’t ruin a young American’s career.

    I do wish Adam Carroll had some sponsorship though, because I rate him quite a bit higher.

  13. Lopez hasn’t driven a single-seater in 3 years. So. Neither has Schumacher. At least Lopez has been competing in racecars. Schumacher has been sitting on his butt on the pit wall.

    And as far as I can tell, Lopez is only one driver. For all the folks saying USF1 is stupid for not getting an experienced driver, may I remind you each team can have two drivers, so USF1 gets to pick one more after Lopez.

    I’m sure USF1 is serious about being succesful, just that they are doing things their own way. And who knows, it may work.

    1. dsob: …And who knows, it may work.
      That line gave you away my friend.
      And to say you are sure!!!! Lol!!!

  14. I hope he gets munted.

  15. A few names come to mind that really want to get back into F1.

    Piquet is a pay driver- but thats a morally wrong decision

    Villeneuve has been training his ass off to get back in F1 and he is just across the border

    Sato was looking for a seat and probably has Japanese money

    Bourdais is well known in America, and I’m sure he would be interested to get back in F1.

  16. It’s fantastic to finally have a woman driver back in F1 ;)

  17. Being and Argentinian, and seeing how this guy behaves as a race driver, makes me feel he’ll be an amazing surprise on the grid.-

    I’m sure he’ll be up to fight the Hamilton’s and Rosgerg’s (he beat them up before).-

  18. amazing driver! I’ve seen running in GP2. was Renault tester the year that Alonso was crowned champion. In America was a champion in several categories at once.
    gute Wahl!

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