Ecclestone confirms 2011 Indian Grand Prix

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Bernie Eccletone has told the FIA the Indian Grand Prix will appear on the 2011 F1 calendar.

An FIA statement said:

Subject to final approval of the calendar by the World Council, Mr Bernie Ecclestone, President of FOM, has informed the FIA that India will host a Formula One event in 2011.

The Indian Grand Prix was originally planned for this year but was moved back to the 2011 season. The race is to take place at the Jaypee Greens Sports City.

India’s second F1 driver, Karun Chandhok, makes his F1 race debut this weekend.

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26 comments on “Ecclestone confirms 2011 Indian Grand Prix”

  1. that’s a great news for all the sub-continent fans…. At last the year has come.

    Welcome the sport here….

  2. Only problem is that there is unlikely to be 20 GPs next year and that means one race is going to have to go…

    1. Sush Meerkat
      11th March 2010, 19:51

      Please let it be Valencia!.

      1. If we have to lose a race, I’d go with Valencia!

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          11th March 2010, 22:31

          Valencia has a seven-year contract. More likely that Istanbul will be dropped, which is a shame because Istanbul is probably the closest thing to a modern classic.

          1. Aparently China and Turkey are set for the axe, which I’m not too bothered about, both souless circuits with nobody in the grandstand (apart from soldiers in civilian clothes in China) Even though Turkey actually has a decent track it shouldn’t be enough to keep it on the calendaer.

            Valencia is actually a decent track for a street curcuit with a challenging final sector. Its just had a bad press because it’s first race was a shocker. I think it’s likely to be better than any proposed Rome GP.

            PS Bring back Imola

    2. Yes! Valencia is the worst F1 circuit in the world! Out Valencia, please…

      1. Agree with that if they do axe then they should choose Valnecia as it is a bad track & Turkey that track is failing to bring crowds.

  3. Hurray !!!

    Keith, may I please request you to let the community know as soon as you hear anything about the sale of tickets fo this particular venue, next season

    There’ll be plenty of takers i’m sure !!!


  4. I really cant see any reason to be hopeful to be hounest.

    Another Tilkedrome and a boring atmosphere in a country that couldnt care less for formula 1 just so Bernie can get that little bit more richer.

    As someone said we are probably going to have to loose a gp to accomodate for this one and as much as i would love to see Valencia go, i think it will be China because as far as i know they arent renewing their contract.

    If the gp is better then China then i guess i cant really complain but i have a feeling that it will be nothing to get excited about…again

  5. I doubt they will finish the track in time. Have they even started building?

    1. There’s plenty of time, it’s all been designed and planned and they are ready to start.

      1. I don’t think we should, if Bernie says it’s ok then we got to believe him.

        1. they have started building the track and the constructio is in full swing…I ve bought a flat thereand am a regular visitor to the site

  6. Prisoner Monkeys
    11th March 2010, 22:39

    I think it’s important that Formula 1 visits the subcontinent. It’s one of three major geopolitical regions that remains (largely) virgin territory for the champonship – the other two being Russia and Africa – and I think it’s important that the championship visit all of them.

    I’m not super-enthused for the Jaypee layout as it looks like Kyalami stitched onto Bahrain, but if the Indiains were to build some artificial hills – they did it for Yas Marina – then the circuit could be something semi-decent at least, especially if said hills are built along the northern side of the circuit where all the bends are. It could be a real roller-coaster.

  7. Good news for me, Delhi shouldn’t be that far from Dhaka.

  8. The circuit is going to be an hrs drive from my place, so that will be the good bit. I just hope it doesnt take place of a classic circuit next year coz that will be a shame…

    1. Thats great for you Sid. If you can, do keep the community updated on the construction progress if you can see any changes. You must be in Delhi, I presume.

      I hope Kalmadi or his son dont mess this up as he almost did the CWG. Thats the only reason I doubt that we may really have a GP in 2011.

      1. CWG was/is a govt initiative while F1 will be a private venture – so i am more confident of it working out ok :)

        Yep, I am from Delhi.

  9. If the circuit’s not a flat Tilkedrome, then this is nice news, but great regardless for Indian F1 fans – welcome to the circus!

  10. On a related note, I see the FiA Gala is to begin rotating locations after Monaco finishes with it in 2010.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if for 2011 it were held in India somewhere? Fitting, I’d think, to cap off the track’s debut year in Formula 1.

  11. Thats really a good news for me. Delhi is 2 hours flight from Kolkata so should be fine. I now sincerely hope that I wont be outside India that time!

    And as far as replacing a circuit is concerned, I would like either of Valencia (seems unlikely)/China to be dropped.

  12. How about a race in the US?!!! We have plenty of tracks…

  13. If Ecclestone cared about the fans, then the survey to see if a new Tilketrack in India was wanted instead of bringing back a classic, then their would be no need for them to waste their money. India will have the best facilities for a few years, but would degrade in a similar way to Sepang, home of Malaysia’s GP. The track would end up being punted of the calender for a new Tilketrack, just like is happening with India and Abu Dhabi being new replacements for China and Turkey. Only question is what will replace these tracks within this decade?

  14. Fingers crossed its a good track thats designed and built for F1 cars (primarily) to be shown in their best light…

  15. Oh….. Good news for d indian formula 1 fans…..

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