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What did you think of the Spanish Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten:

Rate the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix out of ten

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    141 comments on “Rate the race – Spain”

    1. 2. Just for Hamilton’s crash…

      1. about as biased as it gets!

      2. Younger Hamilton
        9th May 2010, 17:27

        more like a 1 for Lewis’s crash if thast didnt occur i’d say an 8

        1. I would give it a 1, but hamilton’s crash made it a 7

      3. 8 for hamilton´s crash 5 for the overall and i think everybody is on the same rank 5 out of 10 if we do the maths its 5 overall

        1. Do you guys judge a race solely on where your favourite driver finishes?

          1. DamionShadows
            9th May 2010, 19:51

            If they do, there’s nothing wrong with that.

            1. I was just curious. I’ve thought before that there seems to be a disconnect between action on the track and how a race is rated. Then seeing the comments of people made me guess that they were rating the race on how their drivers performed.

            2. No, the point of the poll is to ask whether this was a good race, not if you’re happy with where your driver finished.

              If you’re rating it high because your driver did well or vice-versa you’ve missed the point.

          2. Most times I do, yes! Schumi made it exciting by holding Button’s flying McLaren up lap after lap (that was exciting). Hamilton’s crash was annoying, but it pushed Schumi up the rankings, so that was good. I gave a the race a 6.

            1. damonsmedley
              10th May 2010, 8:30

              If that was the case, I’d give it a 10! Mark Webber cleaned them up today. And even if Vettel had been without his late race troubles and his botched pit stop, he’d still have been beaten by over 10 seconds by his team mate. I like Vettel, but sometimes I must give in to patriotism; go Mark!

            2. Are you kidding me?! Schumacher holding up button and the rest was exactly what made it like watching paint dry. Imagine the drama at the end if the struggling Vettel was being hunted down by Button and co. Instead, thanks to the over-the-hill Schumacher, they were all way too far back to launch any sort of attack, and Vettel was able to coast to the finish untroubled.

    2. First “real” dry race and it was good!!

      1. Ned Flanders
        9th May 2010, 15:11

        Good?! It was ok at best. The few laps after the pitstop were exciting, and there was a bit of drama at the end. Other than that it was pretty tedious

        1. i gave it 7 and that 7 times more than what i rated Bahrain :)
          Not a lot of over taking but it was generally close and I enjoyed the race after the first round of stops.

        2. OK for a dry race in Barcelona. We did get to see at least one overtake for position and the first tries of Button at Schumi were good. Some nice moves from Kobayashi on Petrov as well.
          You could see, they were driving on the limit. Shame for Hamilton, this seems not to be his year.

      2. Typical Barcelona really not a lot of overtaking at the front, a good test for cars a bit of acar breaker.

        1. damonsmedley
          10th May 2010, 8:15

          There wasn’t a lot of overtaking but you never switched it off did you? There was always something happening and as annoying as it was, I enjoyed the Button-Schumacher and Rosberg-Hulkenberg battles. And go Mark Webber!

        2. That race needs to come off the calendar, as does Valencia. Spain has other good tracks capable of hosting F1. Personally i’d like to see the European Grand Prix turn into a sort of Classic Grand Prix, where an old, classic track gets a chance to host a race, without having to worry about providing theme parks, pit lane palaces, and all seater grandstands, and just let the racing and the atmosphere do all the talking. Somewhere like Brands Hatch maybe- once a season can’t be too much trouble, can it?

    3. 7 – I think this was the most exciting Spanish GP in last few years.

      1. 7!?!

        I gave Australia a 7! Sure compared to other Spanish GPs it was good but there will be much more enjoyable races over the season for me it was nowhere near a 7. I gave it a 4.

        1. I gave Australia 8 (or 9, I’m not really sure). High score is in part because I expected a snorefest after lap 2 but there was plenty of action.

          1. damonsmedley
            10th May 2010, 8:19

            I gave Australia a 9 or a 10! I can’t remember exactly, but Melbourne was (once again) possibly the best race of the year. It would have been completely perfect if Button was made to fight for his win more toward the end. As for Spain; 7. It was a good race, especially for me – an Australian!

    4. Gutted for Lewis :(

      1. Ned Flanders
        9th May 2010, 15:15

        Me too. What a great drive up till he crashed though, he destroyed Button like I expected him to at the start of the season

        1. But he hasn’t. Yes, Lewis is fast as a very fast thing indeed, but Jenson IS bringing home the points.

          Don’t get me wrong, with Tonka toy cars and everlasting wheels, Lewis beats Jenson 10 times outta 10, but that ain’t F1.

          I laughingly made a tortoise and hare ref during the live blog, but how true is it really? If you nuture your fragile chariot to the finish while those around you fail, then you are a World Champion young man – to paraphrase Yeats… um, I think?

          Anyway. Jenson is leading the WDC. Lewis has provided all the entertainment. All good for McLaren after a fashion.

          1. Do you mean Kipling’s poem ‘If’?

        2. Hamilton is destroying Jenson? Really? What classification are you looking at? …

          1. Ned Flanders
            10th May 2010, 11:25

            No, I only said he destroyed him in the Spanish GP

            1. lewis was absolutely quicker for 64 of the 66 laps – maybe button would’ve been that quick too if he’d used his tyres in such a way.

              remember china 07 (off into gravel, tyres worn to canvas), bahrain 07 (into wall suffering massive blowout), turkey 09 (had to make 3 stops to everyone elses’ 2)

              in lewis’ words – “It was my fourth tyre blow-out in my Formula One career so far – more than other drivers in their whole lifetime!”


              lewis is a truly amazing driver and world champion, our youngest ever, but in these regulations his use of the front tyres is destroying his own title bid

            2. O I C! I get what you mean…

    5. if a race means cars going boringly around the same old boring circuit , then it was a great race .But if a race is where drivers battle it out and the fans get a eyeful of scintillating action then this was a bland race . A disrespect to fans , and i wonder why this circuit along with monaco are still on the calendar .

      RULE -any track that is lacking at least 3 – 4 overtaking opportunities should be banished from the f1 calendar .

      1. To suggest they should scrap Monaco is sacrilege, that and it regularly produces great races.

      2. I agree with Mike. Get rid of Monaco?!????!!? Are you mad?

      3. FACT motor racing is driving in circles

      4. I would second that. 10 GP’s and ten winners from pole. Doesn’t that tell the spanish that they need to do something to both this and the dull Valencia track too.

      5. Monaco is not about overtaking. It’s a test of bravery and skill. Think of it as a sort of super-stage grand prix a la the WRC. For me there are 2 GPs to see. One is Monza – mainly for the sheer speed and local beauty (Como anyone?). Second would have to be Monte Carlo GP. We all know every inch of that tight and twisty monster that is the Monaco GP circuit. History has shown that very few have the cojones to master this circuit. Monaco is not about overtaking, although it will happen somewhat, it’s about keeping it on the black stuff. Visual feast!

        1. It used to be a test of skill but now the drivers have SO much downforce, you have to wait for a driver to run of talent before they make a single mistake.

        2. Is Monaco GP a good race to go and watch? I thought it might be rubbish considering how many buildings are in the way.

          1. Well, unless you’re on a yacht of course….

      6. wouldn’t that bannish silverstone?

    6. By Barcelona standards it was good. Very low standards, obviously.

    7. for redbull , ferrari and mclaren fans this race brings mixed emotions . some are joyous, some are saddened. From my rational point of view nothing is more sickening than a narrow minded race like this .Those chicanes seem to be on every part of the track . Why can we not have more suzukas ,spas, and street circuits like montreal or even hungary ,where there are a few passing chances .

      Another punishing race comes up next week , where we simply watch cars following each other for so many laps . Can’t we save costs and fuel by eliminating monaco , barcelona. The only folks who enjoy the race at monaco are the rich ones with boats .

      1. I gave it 6. Not a classic by any means, but it was interesting enough. Great job by Webber today. Nice to see Schumacher fighting off Button. Hamilton’s crash was awful though.

      2. HUNGARY – Are you joking, the Hungaroring must be one of the most boring circuits there is with very little chance of overtaking, if Bernie wants to remove older, boring tracks, this is the One.
        As for MONACO this is pretty boring as far as overtaking is concerned, the only excitement comes in the form of pushing to hard and slapping the barriers, not really my thing but it has to do here.
        Monaco I believe should also be removed from the scoring calender and if there has to be a race here ?, for old times sake !, then have a non scoring round just for the spectacle for the ‘richies’. The only reason its still on the calendar is it’s heritage.
        If it were any other place Bernie would have scrapped it years ago.

    8. Three. And I will sum them up

      One for the pitlane jump of MSC over BUT
      One for Vettel’s unscheduled 2nd stop
      One for Hamilton’s crash.

      1. so the race gets 3 points for 3 issues with cars… hmmm, maybe good races should be getting about 50 points if you give points for anything interesting happening

      2. how does a driver having a puncture make it a better race?

        1. It surprises people, and surprise inspires emotion. More emotion, better race. I wish a lot more pilots had punctures today.

          1. Surprise does help, that’s why we love rain, but this race was quite good, maybe the passing was predictably lacking, but there was close racing, and enough battles for me to be interested, and it’s a good looking track with a decent film crew.

          2. In a way that is what it was hinted before in Keiths series “how to improve the show”: making car less reliable. But I wouldn´t say thorough punctures. All cars run off the track at one of the last corners. Those kerbs should be raised: that would force the cars to slow down and there you have an overtaking point… that would be good, wouldn´t it?

        2. imagine there was a multi car pile up involving all your favourite drivers, it’d still be an exciting point. if not annoying!

          1. Belgium 98 anyone?

    9. Good race… for Barcelona. Boring at some stages but an exciting middle and the final few laps with Vettel and Hamilton.

      Lewis did unbelievably well to compete with the Bull’s the whole race. All for nothing too, 55 seconds ahead of his team mate and looking good. Gutted for him :(

      Again Vettel has a problem, this is why I said it wouldn’t be a 1-2. The dreaded R word :(

      1. Agree with this. It was actually a really good race for Barcelona! Some great overtaking moves – Schumi on Button, Hamilton on Vettel and Alguarsuari on Hulkenberg!

        1. Don’t forget that great move by Rosberg on Hülkenberg!

        2. Schumi on Button wasn’t so impressive, it is rather a question of timing, Button was just out of the pits.

          1. It was still brave to go around the out side, I suspect that button just wasn’t expecting it.

            1. Jenson is whinning that it wasn´t the right move to do!

      2. Thirded – for Barcelona, this was quite good. The new rules might make for processions anyway, but this had threatened to be one anyway. Was only really livened up by errors and failures, but though “artificial” excitement, it was still a little exciting nonetheless!

        7/10 for me.

        1. Same for me as well. Formula One is starting to prove doubters wrong, about it’s ability to put on a good show. 6/10 for me, a bit processional, but it was still good.

    10. I am crushed for Lewis

      1. Totally agree with you. :(

        1. Same here. Got 55 seconds ahead of his team mate and still he comes home with less points :(

      2. Me too. He deserved to get 2nd after his drive, it was just bad luck :( Part of me is a little happy though, as it meant Vettel got promoted to the podium.

    11. 6

      The best Spanish GP in years but not a lot happened for long periods throughout the race.

      If it hadn’t been for a few backmarkers getting in the way, unreliability and pit stop mistakes nothing would have happened after lap 2.

      This is still a very boring track for modern F1 cars that provides very little on-track action and they either need to change the track or change the cars.

      Happy to see Webber getting a win and Schumacher getting 4th but gutted for Hamilton and Rosberg and confused with Felipe who just doesn’t seem to be getting much out of the car at the moment.
      The result keeps the championship close though with the top 7 separated by 21 points.

    12. not bad to be fair. more overtaking than 2009? possibly…

    13. Nice drive by Mark, otherwise, boring, boring, boring….

    14. Hi, I guess Mark Webber just voted in the poll… I think 10 out of 10 is a bit too much for this race. Voted a 5.

    15. 6. Better than Bahrain as there was some action and I’m thrilled for Webber but there were just too many cars not getting past that 2 metre gap lap in, lap out. Starts to gets frustrating and I’m not even driving :)

    16. 4/10

      Dull up until Vettel’s 2nd stop, then got a little interesting.

      Really gotta change the circuit they run the Spanish GP on. The problem is other than Motorland Aragon (Tilkedrome btw), the teams know Catalyuna, Valencia, and Jerez too well to produce an interesting race.

    17. 3/10

      Not very exciting, but no big loss, really. Helps catching your breath a bit before Monaco, the crown jewel of F1

    18. 2. Boring, Dull, Nothing happened. Bring on… well… any other race.

    19. I gave a 6. If you’re a real F1 fan then any race should hold some interest. The guys calling it terrible only want more crashes and incidents. Secretly they want to see people get hurt but they’ll never admit it.

      1. exactly. was interesting for much of the race.

      2. No real F1 fans want more racing!

      3. Yes… well done, that’s exactly it. Real F1 fans want to see one car follow another car for the majority of the race because the car aerodynamics, circuit design, and rules that punish anything remotly approaching eyebrow-raising allow for nothing other than a procession.

        It was boring and you know it. Although, you clearly sound like someone who gets turned on by pitstop strategy.

        I wish F1 would stop pretending to be chess.

      4. I agree with you that for a true F1 fan the race holds some interest…

        But I gave it a 3. It was pretty boring. Nevertheless, even a ‘1’ race is better than no F1 race at all!

    20. chaostheory
      9th May 2010, 15:21

      A nightmare to watch, just like last year, and the year before…
      That Barcelona track is terrible for F1 racing (its good for testing only). There were some good moments, like Schumacher – Button chase, and Vettel lapping without breaks at the end, and the fans were great (because of Fernando :D) – but other than that … a horror (I hear Marlon Brando saying this line right now in my head :P ).
      The more laps the more drivers stuck behind other drivers; this circuit needs to be rebuild, or left behind forever.

    21. 7/10

      Come on, Barcelona has seen far worse races.

    22. 7 some bits got boring but for Catalunya it was pretty good. had some nice battles and a few surprises. For a dry race at Cat it was pretty good even if it lulled in some parts.

    23. 3/10

      Very boring race. Hamilton splitting the Red Bulls was fun, shame he had a puncture, especially for the championship standings.

      At least we’ve now had 4 different GP winners in 5 races, which is pretty cool.

    24. Moutain Man
      9th May 2010, 15:25

      Agree with above comments… Best dry race this season…
      Good drive by Lewis, but Was he so Cruely robed of 2nd…!!! He is realy at the top of his game
      The cars are being pushed too much…
      We need to get back to more pit stops. eg ditch refeuling ban etc & Incorperate more team input.
      Mountain Man

      1. Jut as you said, the cars were being pushed, there was some action on track (Lewis making the move to be in front of Vettel, Button chasing Schumi, Kobayashi chasing Petrov, Rosbergs move on the Hulk) some cliffhangers with Vettels brakes, pitstop mistakes by McLaren on both cars and Webber driving fabulously throughout the race and not even having to go all the way!

        A great race for Barcelona, and a solid race in the dry, so i give it a 7/10.

    25. As a Webber fan 10, as a racing fan 5. So they can take 7.

      Nice to know where the teams sit, up the front anyway – damn that midfield is tough.

    26. Drivers:
      1. Button 70
      2. Alonso 67
      3. Vettel 60
      4. Webber 53
      5. Rosberg 50
      6. Massa 49
      7. Hamilton 49
      8. Kubica 44
      9. Schumacher 22
      10. Sutil 16

      Just saying… there’s like 21 points between the leader and the golden-ham (pun is intended)…

      Just so you know, as soon as i saw the tyres Hamilton started on (i hadn’t watched quali yesterday), i wagered with my brothers (who were looking for a tight finish) that Hamilton would drop off by the end of the race. Ironic huh? Even i didn’t see it coming as it did.

      1. Lol the left front really did drop off at the end didn’t it?

        1. :D … yes, it was quite amusing to read about it (thanks to the cable guy). Nevertheless, races are going to be pretty darn boring what with new rules favouring consistency… Rewarding consistency is not a bad thing in itself, but the downsides of trying hard are apparent and hence the reluctance of drivers to wing it…

    27. Utter drivel. Webber romps off to an obvious win. Virtually no overtaking and the only real action was Button failing to get past Schumacher. Alonso and Vettel being gifted a lucky 2-3 on the podium due to Hamilton’s tyre failing. Dull dull dull … I’ve never slept better.

    28. People voting more than five must be out of their minds. It was really boring: 3/10

    29. Good to see some battles for position – Button and Schumacher for example. It had a few dramatic moments, quite a few of them coming as the leaders had to battle their way through traffic.

      Not a great race, but better than the last few Spanish Grands Prix.

      1. Must disagree on Button and Schuey … mainly because Button tried the same damn move every lap and wondered why he couldn’t get past.

        1. Button should have moved faster than Schumacher & get inside of him, but he forced to go all the way round the outside by Schumacher.

    30. 4 = meh.

      The only action came when the significantly faster car was stuck behind a slower car.
      Button behind Schumacher
      Rosberg behind Hulkenburg

      The only exception was to that was Kobayashi behind petrov, but they didn’t even get side by side.

      Pole-sitter runs away with the win once again in Barcelona, is this the 7th year in a row now?

      1. I think that is 10 years in a row and 16 of 18 races in total (not completely sure on the last one).

    31. Mark Hitchcock
      9th May 2010, 15:52

      4, it was boring but was slightly less boring than I expected.

    32. I gave it a 7, possibly a bit high.

      The reason is, it wasn’t a bad race, we had enough cars battling for position to entertain me, but even when it was boring, It still looked good, and the film crew did a good job.

      I can’t understand why people give it say, a three. Maybe 7 is high, maybe I’m just happy because Schumacher did well, but there were battles all race long, It wasn’t just a procession, we had incidents right up until the end of the race.

      The only reason I would lower the score wasn’t actually to do with the race, I really do dislike Jonathan Legard, He is not a good commentator, yes he is better than he used to be, but remember at the start of the race? All he seemed to be able to do was be unsure of what to say, and then later in the race he just got things wrong. has anyone noticed that the driver on top becomes his hero? I remember recently he was saying Webber was finished in terms of his career, today it sounded like he loved him….. The race wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Legard.

    33. Rick DeNatale
      9th May 2010, 15:57

      Did anyone else notice that Fernando was still wearing the bar code on his driving suit, at least the one he wore in the race. Didn’t pay too close attention to the one he wore during the post-race conference which I assume was a replacement for the champagne soaked one.

      I’ve decided to call it the marlcode by the way.

      1. I think this is actually Marlboro’s tactic at this point. It doesn’t really matte what they do, as long as they change something, so people notice and start talking about their brand of cigarettes.

        Quite clever, as it seems to be working brilliantly, not to mention it made the Ferrari look a whole lot better. :D

        1. The barcode also remains in place on the helmet – you see it every time the TV director cuts to the onboard camera.

    34. From memory I think I saw two passes for position. Which is just rubbish.

      Circuit needs to go.

      1. The good people on cliptheapex counted 11


        To be honest most of that is Buemi passing the new teams getting back after his accident.

        Discounting those I’d say we had:
        – Schumacher passing Button (although that was largely pitstop related)
        – Alguersuari passing Hulkenberg
        – Rosberg passing Hulkenberg

    35. Mountain Man
      9th May 2010, 16:12

      For those of you who voted this race utter drivel (franton!) or “out of their minds” To vote more than 5…(Ben Curly)
      Why not give some constructive comments as to how the championship could be improved by say next season…If! you have more than 5 mins f1 experience!!!

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        9th May 2010, 16:22

        Not really fair, Mountain Man.
        This article is called “Rate the race – Spain”. Not “How could the series be improved?”
        Personally, I watched the first twenty laps or so, started falling asleep. Went off to do something else, came back and watched the last ten laps. Not sure I really missed anything in between.

        1. dont think you did, if you did get Hamilton getting past Vettel before leaving.

          Still i don’t think it was that bad with several chases going on.

        2. Mountain Man
          9th May 2010, 16:49

          This is not just “Rate the Race” It is a Long Campaign. & in my opinion (but not only) Regs. need to be changed!!!
          If You fell asleep after 20 laps as an f1 fan!!!How could you drag your ar** out of bed at 6am for one of the eastern races………….

    36. 2/10

      Typical Barcelona race. Start was uneventful, then it was just another train. Barely any overtakes, Button would have been stuck behind Schumi for the rest of the month if the race carried on. I would have given it a 1 but for Hamilton’s puncture

    37. Dull.. It’s not the track, it’s all because of the regulation. Just bring back refuelling, otherwise let’s hope for the wheather changes..

    38. James Brickles
      9th May 2010, 16:40

      A 6. For Barcelona, it was a fairly good race.

      For me, entertaining races are cars close in action together. Overtaking is just the icing on the cake. There were close battles between many cars, kept me quite entertained.

      Overtaker of the race – Alguersuari. His start was awesome.

    39. Honestly Monaco and Barcelona really need some redesigning in some places to allow overtaking to exist. Anyways 4/10 was enjoyable but felt as always handicapped race no offence to spanish fans.

    40. Zarathustra
      9th May 2010, 17:17

      Just terrible, Spanish GP should be thrown away and never return to F1 calendar.


      The only entertaining moment was Lewis at the end.

    41. No Rain No Gain ……. and ofcourse No Fun…..

      Thoughts on Monaco.

      If it does not rain in Monaco. It is going to be another orderly parade. we would have to pin our hopes on the mistakes at the tight corners.

      I believe it is going to be a 2 lane traffic race. Left lane for faster cars and right lane for back markers. Maybe 2 simultaneous processions. wow!!! we can expect 3 or 4 safety cars with the rookies crashing on to the walls.

      Hope for next year at least 2 or 3 tire manufacturers are selected.

      1. > Left lane for faster cars and right lane for back markers.

        IIRC Monaco is run clockwise so that would be quite an entertaining way to handicap the faster cars!

        Of course, as somebody who lives in a country that drives on the left, I personally think it should be the other way round – make the faster cars overtake on the right :p

    42. Get rid of that track or order it to be redesigned. SERIOUSLY.

      1. It seems like we need more track Spa & Silverstone

    43. Altough not much overtaking, it seems the new no-refuelling is providing exciting finishes. Could vettel hold alonso? could alonso hold vettel after the tyre change? (vettel got -5 secs the first round in!) would the tyres last enough for ham? would web. have the same problems vettel had? would ham overtake web?

      I think we have had a few good finishes this season.

    44. I voted 1 because I am throwing all my toys out of the pram and having a paddy! To top things off Chelsea beat Wigan 8-0! Not a good day!

      1. What did you expect ? Wigan to win ??
        It looks like Chelsea got two tries and a conversion. Ha Ha.

    45. smooth criminal
      9th May 2010, 19:10

      i hate this circuit the catalunya
      super duper flop race…..

      1. Let face it the race in Spain was better than the race in Bahrain.

    46. smooth criminal
      9th May 2010, 19:11

      now all eyes on monaco…monte carlo race….loving it

    47. If you did not enjoy this race or there was not enough action please go and play with your X boxes PS3’s or squeeze spots. This is F1 and it has been about much longer than you and even if there is no rain/crashes/ aliens/monsters it is what the sport is all about. It was a good race, Red Bull have an edge in performance but have shown they can be delicate. Mclaren and Ferrari can more than compete and at least 2 other teams can mix it up. Time to grow up children.

    48. Robert McKay
      9th May 2010, 19:56

      I expected a race that was a 2 or 3 out of 10 and got one that was a 4 or 5, so better than it could have been, but still poor. Certainly no Valencia though…

      Reminded me a bit of Hungary 2008…not a classic race, mediocre at best, but enough drama at enough moments to keep you from really being terribly bored.

    49. 3/10. Why on Earth is 6 the most popular? It was an extremely boring race…

    50. Basically no position changes at all. The guy who pits first gains the most, as we saw with Schumacher. Just pit on lap 2 and soldier on with worn tyres to the end. No one will get past you anyway, no matter how slow you are.

      1. Pit on lap 2 and you’re stuck in traffic, huge traffic.

    51. Awww, my comment got modded out, fair enough mods, on the silly side, suffering from team faliure rage.

      Anyway, rated it 5, probably would have given it a 6 for hammys podium an excellent drive, but I limited my personal bias to a point.

    52. Catalina ;)
      9th May 2010, 22:22

      Only 4/10 to Barça, although I think it was better than the last time. I thought Schumy-Button battle was going to deliver more, but Button got wrong with the approach.
      From there, the race went uneventful until Vettels brake failure. Last 10 laps were decent.

    53. Boring race after the start, 1 pitstop to change tyres a few overtakes and that was it. Vettel had a problem and hamilton went of the circuit that is not what i find a total race. lots hapening but no racing just driving a train.

      1. I rate it as 4 for the defending and start..

        I forgot to put that in my post.

    54. A typical precessional Spanish grand prix at the circuit de catalunya

    55. 1 – boring boring boring. this track should be no more included in f1 calendar. stupid track with no overt.

    56. I gave it a 7. Whilst technically it wasn’t a 7/10 race (probably closer to a 4 or 5), I thought it deserved a bonus point or two just for not being a complete snorefest. And another bonus point for Webber winning.

    57. I can’t see how some can rate the race so highly. I don’t remember seeing any pass for position.
      The most excited I got was watching Button behind Schumacher for about 3 laps.

      Everything else was below average. 4 for me.

      Hamilton’s puncture \ rim damage was an eye opener and the excitement picked up near the end watching Vettel trying to save his car.

      These 2 incidents though are rare. Please don’t let the excitement of these cloud the issue. Barcelona is a poor F1 track for racing. If we get the same next weekend, it’s not so bad because you can at least have some drama if a driver makes a mistake.

      BTW – On the slow mo replay right at the end of the BBC coverage in their montage you can see Hamilton following a car that is spewing out what looks like gravel. Maybe this led to his tyre failure?

      1. Why would “passing for position” be the only measure for determining how one rates the race?

        I felt the race was mildly exciting through almost the entire race. So I gave it a 6.

        The start was good, the pitstops gave some excitement. Schumacher vs Button and Hamilton vs Vettel were good and at the end there was some struggling with ailing cars.

        Thought the Hamilton crash was a bit depressing seeing how amazingly Hamilton drove, but that doesn’t really change the rating.

    58. That chicane in the last complex of fast corners destroys the flow of the circuit. I noticed that just before the chicane Button would close up on Schumacher and then suffer coming out of it. If they went back to two sweeping curves then Button would have got a run on Schumacher a lot earlier on the straight.

      That chicane doesn’t create overtaking opportunities, it destroys them.

      1. Oh a ‘5’ BTW. The race was just as boring as it was exciting

    59. I would say 4 out of 10. Track is totally useless, does not promote overtaking. I would be happy if Bernie Eccelestone would rather choose Motorsport Argon if he wants race in Spain at all costs. Nico Rosberg was stuck behind Hulkenberg for almost 20 laps.

    60. 2/10 — pretty dull except for the pit lane exit (Vet vs Ham, Schu vs But)

    61. I voted 6 it was entertaining as when Vettel & Hamilton came wheel to wheel , & some good defensive driving from Schumacher to hold back Button. But the turbulence effect by following another car is still there.

    62. Thought it was a pretty good race, Gets 6/10 from me.

      There was more overtaking than on this track since 2003, Several close fights on track, Not just schumi/Button, Was also Kobayashi/Petrov with Hulkenberg with them for a while, Then Rosberg/Hulkenberg, Rosberg/Liuzzi & the 2 STR’s had some nice scraps/overtakes with cars. Something that never made it to TV was that Glock & trulli were having pretty much a race long close fight for position as well.

      Overall the best Spanish GP on this track for quite some time.

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