Championship points after Spain

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Drivers’ championship

1Jenson Button70
2Fernando Alonso67
3Sebastian Vettel60
4Mark Webber53
5Nico Rosberg50
6Lewis Hamilton49
7Felipe Massa49
8Robert Kubica44
9Michael Schumacher22
10Adrian Sutil16
11Vitantonio Liuzzi8
12Rubens Barrichello7
13Vitaly Petrov6
14Jaime Alguersuari3
15Nico H???lkenberg1
=16Timo Glock0
=16Sebastien Buemi0
=16Pedro de la Rosa0
=16Lucas di Grassi0
=16Karun Chandhok0
=16Kamui Kobyashi0
=16Jarno Trulli0
=16Heikki Kovalainen0
=16Bruno Senna0

Constructors’ championship

3Red Bull113
6Force India24
8Toro Rosso3

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    32 comments on “Championship points after Spain”

    1. poor hamilton. must feel gutted. could be on 67 points!

      1. If Hamilton’s gutted, what about Vettel – another race damaged by reliability for him (although the final result didn’t show it)

        1. But reliability didn’t cost him, He never had the pace of Webber.

          He didn’t actually lose a place due to his brakes.

          1. True. Hopefully he’ll see it as points gained at the end of the season and not points lost.

        2. It showed in the press conference. He did not even seem happy to be on the podium. Mark beating him to it must have hurt and failing brakes have done him in.

    2. Great to see that both championships are very close!
      And the new points system seems to work as well, all four winners are in front.

    3. On for a repeat of last year. Button picking up the points while others have problems and take points off each other…

    4. Wow the Constructor is SO close

    5. Another mix-up in the order. That puncture will have cost Hamilton dearly in numbers, but really (here I say it again), I wouldn’t read too much into anything regarding the Top 8 until the Silverstone result. I’m sure things will mix up again at Monaco anyway!

    6. Hamilton has driven so much better than his points total suggests.

      1. I’m not a Hamilton fan, I find him arrogant (which may lead to surprise when I suggest I’m a Schumacher fan) anyway, even I’ll have to agree with you, he has been one of the highlight drivers of the season, but things just haven’t gone his way.

        1. He’s quite a mixed character at that, but I’d agree that he’s arrogant most of the time. But, he’s taking his time to learn. He’ll mellow down once he takes in the fact that there sure [b] CAN [/b] be another guy at McLaren who can deliver better results than him. Having said that, Lewis has been driving spectacular this season and it obviously shows what a brilliant piece of driving machine he is.
          Anyway, I still don’t like the guy’s attitude.

          1. oops.. hit the wrong keys for the tag.. :o

      2. Looks like this is not going to be his season. But he was the faster of the McLarens again, just nothing to show for it.

        1. I’m not sure tbh, the more I see Lewis drive the way he is now this season the more convinced I see him pipping Vettel and Alonso to the title, just. Lewis needs to do what Vettel is doing nearly every race now, “nurse that thing home towards the end” whatever the cost.

          I could see what Lewis was doing by putting on the pressure on Webber, hoping the same thing would happen to vettel’s brakes, but nothing happened which in the end Lewis just shot himself in the foot costing him 20 points…..

          McLaren shouldn’t be worrying about getting more points then red bull every race, but more keeping up with them and letting do what the red bull does best, doing well at qualifying and falling apart at some point in the race, and then having to nurse the thing home.

          McLaren are wasting chances to get further in the lead against red bull and it’s only a matter of time when Red bull sort out most of those problems, and getting a F-Duct.

          1. Neither McLaren nor Bridgestone seem to think it was a tyre wear issue. Also Hamilton had to push as much as he did just to keep ahead of Alonso (and Vettel). I think his race was perfect, just bad luck.

            1. It looked like an inner rim failiure, very similar to heikki’s crash 2 years ago, and hamiltons crash in germany in 07.

              a fault with the McLaren?

    7. 5 races : the leader is just on 70 points (average: 14 points per race) .

      Since, 3rd place fetches 15 points, avergae finishing position of drivers is 3. something, which is really bad

      1. does this not reflect though that the order, thanks to various circumstances, has been somewhat jumbled? which is good?

      2. I think that is great after 5 races, we have 3 people within 10 points (a NDF and a 5 th place finish can solve that) and 7 drivers only a race win behind the leader, with Kubica keeping them honest.

    8. Its still amazingly close; 8 drivers within a win and a point!

      Monaco should be epic with the added influence of driver ability

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        9th May 2010, 16:36

        Not to mention qualifying, which will not be seaparated. It’s going to be 14 cars on-track at once.

        Let the mayhem begin.

        1. That was probably meant to be 24 cars on track at once!

          It might get interesting, i am watching out for somebody getting a lap in early and some of the big names dropping out by waiting too long.

    9. I wonder if Vettel maybe pushes the car too hard? Or perhaps he sacrifices reliability for speed in regards to his setup?

      After he has had so many problems to date with the car, maybe its no longer due bad luck. Maybe its all due to his driving and setup style.

      1. It just doesn’t seem like he pushes the car that hard, at least not obviously (compare his style to Lewis, who clearly bashes his car for every ounce its worth).

        1. It may not seem so, but what do we know right?

          I just don’t think its at all believable that his car magically breaks every time, while Marks runs perfectly. I think he is sacrificing the reliability in this car setup, to get a few tenths extra.

    10. Vettel actually done pretty well this weekend. He’s only 10 points away from Button – and 7 points ahead of Webber, even though he has had a retirement.

      The fact that Hamilton (who scored nothing this weekend) is level with Massa (who has scored points every race) on points, just highlights Felipe’s average performances recently. Alonso scored more points in this race alone, than Massa has done for the last 3 races.

      1. And just to add, it’s nice to see Alguersuari adding to his points this weekend :D

    11. does anyone know what the tables would be like if we had last years points and also the points from the 90s

      1. Someone worked out yesterday that Alonso would be leading if they used last year’s points. I haven’t done the maths myself but I was slightly annoyd to hear that. I was also annoyed when a friend said that Massa would have won in 08 with the 90s points, this years points or the medal system…again I haven’t checked the maths, I think I might actually :P

        1. i just did the maths now and youre right, alonso would be leading by one point but it does make you wonder if we needed to change the points system because it would have been just as close last year. And at the moment their is absolutelky no hope of the new teams winning any points so i think this new points sytem was fairly pointless. (btw pun not intended :D)

    12. Position Driver Points
      1 Jenson Button 27
      2 Fernando Alonso 28
      3 Sebastian Vettel24
      4 Mark Webber 20
      5 Nico Rosberg 20
      6 Lewis Hamilton 20
      7 Felipe Massa 19
      8 Robert Kubica 18
      9 Michael Schumacher8
      10 Adrian Sutil 6
      11 Vitantonio Liuzzi 2
      12 Rubens Barrichello 1
      13 Vitaly Petrov 2
      14 Jaime Alguersuari
      15 Nico Hülkenberg
      =16 Timo Glock 0
      =16 Sebastien Buemi 0
      =16 Pedro de la Rosa 0
      =16 Lucas di Grassi 0
      =16 Karun Chandhok 0
      =16 Kamui Kobyashi 0
      =16 Jarno Trulli 0
      =16 Heikki Kovalainen 0
      =16 Bruno Senna

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