Monaco GP team-by-team: Mercedes

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The Mercedes drivers swapped positions on the first lap – and again after the last lap.

Michael SchumacherNico Rosberg
Qualifying position76
Qualifying time comparison (Q3)1’14.590 (+0.046)1’14.544
Race position127
Average race lap1’25.116 (+0.244)1’24.872
Pit stops11
Monaco GP laptimes: Mercedes (click to enlarge)

Michael Schumacher

Beat Rosberg away at the start but ran a little wide at Sainte Devote – possibly trying to keep Rosberg behind – which allowed Rubens Barrichello past the pair of them.

Successfully passed Barrichello via the pit stops but lost position to Alonso.

The final safety car period brought him in range of Alonso and Schumachertried to pass him on the last lap, believing he had been given the all-clear to race.

The stewards disagreed and handed him a 20-second penalty, dropping him from sixth to 12th.

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Compare Michael Schumacher’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico Rosberg

Beat Schumacher in qualifying but said he felt he should have done better.

After losing out to Schumacher at the start a very long first stint nearly jumped him ahead of his team mate again. He was relying on Kamui Kobayashi to keep several of his rivals behind and once the Sauber driver retired, Rosberg’s plan was scuppered.

He crossed the line in eighth, which became seventh after Schumacher’s penalty.

Compare Nico Rosberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    12 comments on “Monaco GP team-by-team: Mercedes”

    1. Amazing to see, that Mercedes is only a few points ahead of Renault. If Kubica keeps going and Petrov picks up some more points, they might be able to beat Mercedes to 4th constructor.

    2. Talk about fall from grace for Brawn GP/Mercedes. Obviously they didn’t have the money and people to develop the car for this year and the (seriously substantial amount) monies Honda spent in 08 to develop the 09 under Brawns lead gave them a winning car but without that massive funding there was little they could do to remain the leader.

    3. why were the stewards waving green flags at the end where at the end of Aus 09 they were waving yellows with the ‘SC’ sign?

      1. new rule, Keith explained better in some article

        1. ah ok. thanks Catalina.

    4. Come on Mercedes get your act together and at least get a car equal to the Ferrari and McLarens. Don’t slur your history with a sub par season.

      1. That´s all Mercedes can do. They are losers apparently and sadly, nowhere near Ferry and Macca…

    5. i think the average race lap time is misleading (and, if i’m being brutally honest here, not a very useful stat at all. sorry, i’ve said it now). schumacher’s average race lap time must have been faster because he finished ahead of rosberg on the road and they completed the same number of laps.
      i think it would be more useful if you averaged the ten fastest laps for each driver; this would show (a bit) who had better race pace regardless of finishing position. for example, in the china hamilton had greater race pace than button (at least i assume he did); but the average race lap stat showed button to be quicker (which is obvious because he finished ahead blah blah blah – hence, why i don’t think it’s a particularly useful stat.)

      1. It can show the car’s pace in relation to the tyre compounds, fuel and cars they were following/being followed by though, if you take the whole race into account.

    6. The Kaiser still can´t outsmart Fast Fred. Their car is very good looking however.

    7. Schummy clearly outsmarted Alonso on his last move. It was the stewards that Schummy can’t outsmart. and as I see it, it was Schummy who performed better than Nico in this race.,

    8. totally disagree with the stewards decision on this one

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