Webber takes sole championship lead – points in full after Turkey

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Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Mark Webber 93
2 Jenson Button 88
3 Lewis Hamilton 84
4 Fernando Alonso 79
5 Sebastian Vettel 78
6 Robert Kubica 67
7 Felipe Massa 67
8 Nico Rosberg 66
9 Michael Schumacher 34
10 Adrian Sutil 22
11 Vitantonio Liuzzi 10
12 Rubens Barrichello 7
13 Vitaly Petrov 6
14 Jaime Alguersuari 3
15 Sebastien Buemi 1
16 Nico Hulkenberg 1
17 Kamui Kobyashi 1
=18 Timo Glock 0
=18 Pedro de la Rosa 0
=18 Lucas di Grassi 0
=18 Karun Chandhok 0
=18 Jarno Trulli 0
=18 Heikki Kovalainen 0
=18 Bruno Senna 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 McLaren 172
2 Red Bull 171
3 Ferrari 146
4 Mercedes 100
5 Renault 73
6 Force India 32
7 Williams 8
8 Toro Rosso 4
9 Sauber 1
=10 HRT 0
=10 Lotus 0
=10 Virgin 0

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    64 comments on “Webber takes sole championship lead – points in full after Turkey”

    1. Wow, what a classic season this turns out to be.
      Imagine Kimi Raikkonen was there as well – in, say, Renault?

      Anyway, Vettel might regret his mistake badly at the end of the season.

      1. wow new rule record – Kimi mentioned in comment #1 of a thread

    2. This confirms and inhances my dislike (im not prepared to say hatered yet) for Vettel, first at Fuji, under a saftey car no less in the jr team and now here in Turkey. He needs to grow up and respect what is best for the team.

      He drove in Turkey and he drove like a turkey.

      1. Woah, stop right there Billy!
        He drove great, but made one single mistake.
        Overtaking is not a piece a cake, things happen.
        Kudos to him for having the balls. That’s racing.

        1. I agree Damon, it happens, he made a silly error, but he didn’t exactly punt Webber off on purpose did he?

        2. agreed. lets face it, it was a racing accident. this is motorsport right? this is why i watch it.

          1. I can accept that it was a racing incedent but it was his team mate for god sakes. Show some resposibility to the team not just to yourself.

            1. The real issue is the stance of Helmut Marko. He seems to blame Webber entirely and that is disgraceful bias. Webber needs to get the camp behind him, the German Austrian relationship is showing it’s true colours. And this is after Webber dominated the last two GP’s. Marko is a grub.

            2. Webber’s the one who needs to show some team respect. When you’ve been passed you’ve been passed, fair and square. If you want to try and hold your line that’s fine against the opposition, but to your team mate you should yield to keep from causing such an accident. Button and Hamilton showed great skill in passing each other and yielding when each of them knew they’d been passed rather than cause a stupid accident. Webber should’ve yielded and made room for Vettel when he was clearly passed. An unfortunate incident for both of them and the team. Ah to be a fly on the wall at Red Bull and hear the conversations between the drivers and team.

            3. the funny thing is, US Peter, is that webber did give him room, vettel just used more than was there. sure, it’s a racing incident, but for heavens sake vettel, take some responsibility! and the teams view on it (well, Marko’s, is disgraceful)

          2. A racing incident maybe, but Vettel was most at foult.
            OK Webber was going pretty slow to save fuel, while Vettel had a little bit more left, but i think it would have been a lot more sensible to do the same Ferrari did in Melbourne, to keep the faster car in the back to block Hamilton from taking it away. Look how close Lewis was there! Vettel just turned into Mark miles before the braking point to make him back of and take the place. Not something to do when you have Lewis right behind. A real mess for Red Bull and it could have ended in losing a lot more still.

    3. Yeah, Vettel was to blame for the crash and still called Webber crazy. He surely does not deserve to win the championship.

      1. I think this is a bit extreme, yeah it was his fault, but it was a racing incident, the situation is only magnified because it was team mates leading the race. I am more unhappy at what Alonso did to Petrov, It was avoidable and ruined Petrov’s really good race.

    4. Lewis is back :)

    5. Very interesting between Button and Hamilton. Shades of Pironi and Villeneuve in my opinion.

      Completely agree about Vettel, terrible move. Second time he’s done something really stupid this season (other being the pit lane incident).

      I also wonder whether this will encourage Mark to consider leaving Red Bull next year…

      1. or Vettel leaving…? Webber’s been at red bull for longer.

        1. I suspect Mark might call it quits within a few years, his motivation for staying isn’t exactly like Ruben’s.

          1. i’d say his motivation is pretty dang high. he’s endured rubbish seasons in 03,04, and 06 to finally get to where he is. why would he give up now?

        2. After hearing Horner and Marko telling everybody Mark should have given more room to Seb, and hearing about Mark having turned down revs to save fuel and Vettel having been told to put revs up to get in front, i hope Mark will take the nr. 1 to another team next year. Why not get on board with Renault next year? Or Ferrari might be a real option for him next year.

    6. Im getting to really dislike Vettel. He winges and sulks when Webber beats him and then he makes a idiot move on him which proberly costed him the win. Then he calls Webber crazy, Idiot is all I can describe him. Grow up Vettel.

    7. That collision was great for Webber really.

      1. actually come to think of it, you’re absoulutely right steph. In terms of championship battle Webber now has an advantage over his team mate.

        but now he’s got mclaren breathing down his neck…

        1. First beta teammate then worry about everyone else :P
          You’re spot on though. Mclaren look to be developing well (everything is such a secret though it is guess work)). However, they aren’t very consistent as Monaco they weren’t a threat to the front but at this track they win. If they can iron that out RedBull should have a good challenge on their hands.

          1. It shows, that Mark has Seb cornered and making errors trying to get back at the top (qualifying, now this in the race). For him it was the best possible outcome, making good 15 points on his closest challenger.

            McLaren is showing how to do it right, with an exiting tussle between their drivers resulting in Lewis staying in front, with not hard feelings and no damages to the car. A car that is quickly improving in qualifying and stays quick in the race.

          2. If Red Bull get their F-duct working McLaren will lose their advantage, it’ll be interesting to see their straight line speeds in Canada.

      2. Brundle said something similar and I agree. It’s a lot better than if Vettel had passed him and won.

        1. It’s better than for Webber than if it had gone to plan with him winning and Seb coming 2nd.

      3. True. Webber will probably tell the team: ‘as far as I am concerned, he can do the same thing in every race between now and the end of the season – it just means I will finish 190 points ahead of him :)’

    8. Ivan Vinitskyy
      30th May 2010, 15:04

      What was Button doing if he was in fuel saving mode?
      Surely attacking isn’t very fuel efficient…

      Vettel got what he deserved, glad he still tries to go for it. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

      1. Button probably didn’t need to be as efficient as Hamilton as the way he’d driven his race, saving tyres to attack later, ment that he’d probably saved more fuel. Good racecraft really.

        1. Even if it was only some fun to show they have the upper hand and are able to manage this better than RBR it was a nice piece of driving from both of them.

      2. That’s what I was thinking, after the move Button fell back drastically from Hamilton in order to save fuel, what would have happened if he had gotten ahead?

    9. A 3rd place separating the top 5. What an awesome championship. With the pace of the Red Bull’s it is unbelievable how close it but as I always say they have a habit of ruining it for themselves and they’ve done it again.

      1. “oh no, our reliability is fine this week. i know, we’ll get one to hit the other. that’ll stuff us up real good”

    10. Finally Lewis gets the points he deserves. :D And LOL @ Red Bull!

      1. True partisan there, really as a McLaren fan, when I watched them collide i was secretly going YESSSS!

        1. secretly? where were you watching the race, in the red bull garage?

          are you adrian newey?

          1. it was kind of sad to see, i’d have liked to have seen McLaren pass them on the track.

    11. i feel all the top 10 including schumi are in fight for the championship… 2 consecutive wins is enough to be in top 5…..

    12. Wellcome the beginning of “Fuel Save” gate at McLaren! Finally the cracks begin showing in all the places they were expected to … Webber vs Vettel, Fernando vs Massa, Lewis vs Button. The love-fest is over and the racing is that so much more exciting for the fan.

    13. Prisoner Monkeys
      30th May 2010, 15:50

      Webber’s lead isn’t going to last.

      1. Unless of course, it does last.

        1. i must say, that’s a really good point.

      2. I think Webbers lead is probably more secure than Massa’s was.

      3. It didn’t, he finished third (I assume you are still watching the race)

        1. eh? Championship lead i think i whats being dicussed

      4. i just don’t understand. webber’s last 3 races have been as good/better than button’s last year. he is the in form driver and has as much a chance to win the championship as anyone.

    14. Younger Hamilton
      30th May 2010, 16:05

      Why the hell Fernando is still 4th i dont know

      1. Because he started 12 an finished 8th.

        1. The way he is going, if Ferrari get a good improvement on the car he can be a feisty contender for the WDC as well.

          1. What making error after error?

            1. Well, his errors are the reason he does not have more points, true. But he is managing to stay within range of the top so far. IF Ferrari manage to get back to improving the car soon enough, he still is in a good a position to fight for WDC.

              I do think his errors show that Ferrari did lose the plot with developing that care. They feel they are losing ground and I am not sure they will manage to fix the car soon enough. But maybe they do get the f-duct to finally work well in Canada, tat would help.

              For the championship a Canada fight between McLaren and Ferrari, with Red Bull in the mix, would be good.

    15. I also think the collision was great for Webber. 3rd for Webber and a DNF for Vettel (close points battle) and the circumstances being what they were may possibly make him more cautious next time he tries anything like that on Webber? Maybe a better outcome for Webber than a 1-2?

      1. I agree GH. A clear lead in the points and perhaps a psychological advantage on his young teamate. I don’t know the team politics of favoritism, if any, but Webber just needs to stay cool and keep getting 100% out of the car

    16. You know if McLaren hadn’t brought Lewis in during Australia, an if his rim hadn’t gone in Spain, he’d have a pretty damn good lead right now, I’m aware thats whatifing but it goes some way to show how consitant Lewis is this year, out of all the top drivers he’s been the only one whose always performing.

      Redbull should be scared of Hamilton, he might bring that car in first if it goes on like this, especially if McLaren keeps eating into Redbulls advantage.

      1. But if Red Bull had not screwed Webbers strategy by keeping him out for 2 laps too long, Webber would be leading again.

        So many what ifs, great that it is so close after 1/3 of the season is over. Eight drivers within a race and a 10th place, the first four only a podium finish seperated.

        And Ferrari might get some wins if they manage to improve and even a win or two from Mercedes might just be possible.

        A great season so far and not many snore fest races yet (2/7). This was the first completely dry race with exiting racing. Now get some good promotion on for Turkey and get some full grandstands closer to the track action and this might be a classic race!

      2. yeh and what if vettel won in bahrain, melbourne, what if webber maintiained the lead in malaysia and mclaren/ferrari got qualy right, id didn’t rain in china…etc etc…
        i wouldn’t say hamilton has been performing particularly better than webber or vettel or button. so many situations that could have gone either way. this is why i love this sport. basically every driver is awesome, some just end up in less favourable circumstances.
        and bar this race, hamilton’s qualifying has actually been poorer than most anyway.

    17. We are not blind or stupid but if Martin Whitmarsh keeping doing this helping Button over Hamilton or favoring Button Over Hamilton then i think it’s time Hamilton to look for find another team next year, because what we have seen today is not good. i wonder why McLaren trying to handicap Lewis to help Jensen, again…and why was Lewis told to slow down and conserve fuel, because to give a chance allowing Jensen to get close to him and attack , and when that didn’t work out then Jensen is told to conserve fuel!? what a joke.
      i don’t like this and really make me crazy, we all remember China and Singapore. AND NOW IT’S REALLY STINKING MCLAREN SIDE

      1. I am pretty sure Whitmarsh wasn’t very happy with Button when he made that move on Hamilton, and let out a sigh of relief after they were both through turn 1 safely, and then continued to let them both know that he hoped now they could just calm down and get him his 1 – 2 finish.

        No conspiracy against Hamilton from the team, just Button seeing a chance and Hamilton feeling a bit too secure. Now they both know to respect the determination and guts of their teammate just a little bit more in future, I guess.

    18. This year is mad. Webber’s in the form of his life right now but he made mistakes early season, Seb’s looking shaky, But the wide one but not quite at Hamilton’s pace, Ros the new driving God only for Schumi to be sort of getting a handle on him to some extent, Mas is starting to do a good job but not stellar and Alonso had owned him early on, Alo is making mistakes I’d never expect from him and Hamilton seems to be the one keeping the cool head! Hamilton’s shown his champion worth I think, he proved he wasn’t (cliche here) the ‘complete package’ by Button besting him with strategy and race craft early on but his pace, overtaking and being a bit calmer since then have possibly made him the man of the season so far. Maybe Kubica could contend with him but that car suits him perfectly whereas the Mclaren lacks consistency across the tracks. Everyone has made mistakes though and that’s partly the reason this season is turning out to be quite exciting.

      1. great summary there steph, i agree completely. and to think we all thought we were in for the most boring season in years after bahrain. how wrong we were…

      2. Well said. This unpredictability (apart from the qualifying, so far) is what makes for an exciting season! I hope they all continue to take/give points and wins away from each other, right until the end of he season. And maybe some more Mercedes or Renault race win. Singapore for Renault would be fun …

    19. Race fixing and team instructions are not allowed, but I suspect “Conserve Fuel” is code for “Hold Positions”, which is a neat cover up and a convenient excuse for McClaren… The drivers were not told to conserve fuel until after they had their little scrap (which was sensational!), and there is no way McClaren wanted a repeat of what they witnessed with Red Bull a few laps earlier. Button would have been much better off for fuel as he played a tailing role, so strange he was told to conserve at exactly the same time as Hamilton… I smell a rat!

    20. Hamilton for pole!!!

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