Hamilton and Button to drive Prost McLaren

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Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will drive a McLaren-TAG MP4-2C of the same type Alain Prost used to win the 1986 world championship next month.

The pair will take turns driving the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

They will also drive a 2008-spec Mercedes-powered MP4-23 which Hamilton won the world championship with two years ago.

Last year’s world championship-winning machine, the Brawn BGP 001, will also be there. But as the car is owned by Mercedes it will not be driven by Button – instead Nick Heidfeld and Nico Rosberg will drive the car.

A full list of Formula 1 cars at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be published here shortly. The Festival runs from July 2nd – 4th.

See the Goodwood Festival of Speed website to buy tickets for this year’s festival.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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21 comments on “Hamilton and Button to drive Prost McLaren”

  1. Lewis Hamilton can have his seat bolted in but jenson is too tall so they will fit the car with padding. I found this out last week on my tour of the technology centre :)

    1. Can you explain it to me?

      1. Lewis will have a proper race seat bolted in like his Normal car. Because jenson is taller than Lewis there isn’t enough room for him and his seat so the team are fitting the cockpit with padding to hold him in comfortably

  2. Hamilton should have driven a Senna car and Button a Prost Car. That would be great.

    1. Yes, shame the gearbox broke on the Senna car. It would have been amazing.

  3. It will be interesting to see what Jenson makes of the ’08 Mclaren, esp as he had the unfortunate task of driving that terrible Honda the same year. Same goes for Nick and Nico with the Brawn BGP 001 (except they didn’t drive Honda’s and it was a year later) Wish I could go!…

  4. Jenson will be looking at the Brawn BGP 001 and thinking, thats my car that Mercedes owe me!

    1. I wonder whether in future (once they have sorted it out) he might take his own one along!

    2. A shame they won’t let Jenson drive it for Goodwood, do a time with it and then drive it home (referring to the deal they have about Jenson getting one of the cars), that would be an amazing event.

    3. exactly my thought – Jenson owns one of those Brawns so the statement about ownership is not entirely true

  5. Nick Heidfeld in a Brawn? Let the arguments commence!

    1. Nick would have performed much better in the “ranking” if he was in the Brawn last year compared to the miserable BMW…

      1. so would i if i was driving a brawn last year

        1. Lol, exactly! Heidfeld is a very poor driver in my opinion. He never really came close to Kubica and even before Kubica was there he was only playing second fiddle.

          But he gave me the funniest F1 moment in recent years ;) and it shows what a driver he is :p


          1. funny is that heidfeld admited that he had received team orders from bmw not to win the canadian gp so kubica would reach the lead of the championship on bbc 5 live 1st pratice session of the canadian gp of this year

          2. Here I go defending Heidfeld again>>>

            @ HH
            Look up statistics…Heidfeld out performed every team mate he ever had with the exception of that one year where Kubica faired a little better….and he also had some fine overtaking moves from time to time.I agree he didn’t exactly set the F1 world on fire but,he is far from a “very poor driver”.

          3. Genius clip. I hope the other F1 drivers took the p%ss out of him rotten after this. Donkey.

  6. 1986 formula 1 cars were my favourite era of all. Massive power, manual gearbox, proper tracks in the day too.

    Wonder if half the current grid could even finish a race in one of these? Imagine the complaining if they turned up at the old Austrian circut, or old Spa with barriers close to the track. Imagine real F1 again….

  7. HH: by not coming close do you mean coming ahead of him last season? Hedifeld IMO is sorely missed on the grid, with the best car he could have done a Button or a Webber. He had amazing double overtakings 2008 and always gave Alonso a great fight in Alonsos best days. He would arguably done better than the old Shoe this year.

    1. I tend to disagree.. Being ahead of Kubica means nothing. Maybe the only thing it means is that he made the most of the scarse opportunities there were to score points. In terms of qualifying or race pace I am quite certain that Kubica had the upper hand in all te races they had.

      Not many people agree on your view that he is a missed driver, I think most will agree on the opposite..

  8. Well you said he doesn’t come close to Kubica so of course you’d dismiss that he came ahead in the only objective standard we have: the point standing. He wasn’t far behind in 08 either. Petrov would be happy with those kind of point. Well about other peoples opinion, my guess is as good as yours. Besides it my not say anything on skills. If for example Mark Webber is gone I wouldn’t miss him but I acknowledge hais lately developed racecraft in a supercar.

    Anyhow offtopic over, maybe Keith wants to do a Heidfeld thread one day.

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