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Ferrari are bringing more upgrades for the F10 for the British Grand Prix and have further steps planned for the next two races.

A new front wing and revised rear wing will be run at Silverstone, two weeks after they introduced their exhaust driven diffuser in Valencia.

In the video above Stefano Domenicali confirms further packages are planned for the German and Hungarian Grands Prix.

Fernando Alonso said he expects racing at Silverstone for a non-British team – the first time he’s done so since driving for Minardi in 2001 – will be like playing an away match in football:

Silverstone will be a nice Grand Prix. It’s always nice to race in England, I think the people understand about Formula 1 and there’s a big culture of Formula 1 there as well. It’s a nice event.

I’ve been racing with some British teams there and it was a nice feeling. This year it will be like playing away in a match but I think we can do well. There’s a new layout on the circuit so there’a a big challenge for drivers and engineers to be ready for the new Silverstone.
Fernando Alonso

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20 comments on “Ferrari bringing further upgrades (Video)”

  1. I have a feeling Ferrari will do well there this year

    1. miguelF1O (@)
      7th July 2010, 18:02

      alonso only spent a year on a british team renault shouldnt count cause the team may had its development based on the uk but the money running didnt had the queen on it

      1. That as may be, the team is based in Britain, has been since it was set up as Toleman back in the seventies, and has a lot of British staff.

        1. miguelF1O (@)
          8th July 2010, 1:15

          before it had been bought by benneton i know the history it just that surely all teams have part of their staff based on the uk or from the uk on this vid the interviewer says that ferrari is playing away but that isnt entirely true their proud sponsor and lubricant shell has their f1 labs on the uk so the f1 research center is on the uk sure the f1 development is all based on the uk but some teams like ferrari have pride to be italian or on redbulls case austrian (redbull almost 100% based on the uk) because they are few teams that arent british

          1. Some punctuation would be good though.

  2. This, combined with Ferrari’s comments that they need a win before the summer break, lead me to believe they’re getting desperate.

    1. True PM, and a desperate Alonso can be very dangerous …. ask Ron :-(

      1. I was thinking more Ferrari themselves than their drivers. I think we have a lot more outbursts from Luca to look forward to.

        1. You mean Sen. Montezemolo’s cool, rational appraisals of the current F1 scene then….

          Something to brighten the days ahead eh….?

    2. They look like being desperate from the 3rd GP this year onwards, but getting worse for not having the results they expected from their none too special improvements up to now.

      They really need it, the Italian press is not being kind and the spanish press is not helping either.

    3. miguelF1O (@)
      7th July 2010, 17:56

      they could have won some races but they didnt had that bit of luck to take advantage of red bulls mistakes that were very well saved by mclaren who are leading although controversy some justify they are fighting for the champ not having the pace to do it but the reliability if ferrari gets that bit of luck they will be alongside mclaren to take any chance from red bull

  3. Ferrari needs to start winning races if they want to contend for the championship.

  4. I thought Valencia was a make or break race for Ferrari’s title chances this year. Ferrari did look encouraging but things just didn’t go their way.

    Now all the pressure is on the British and German GP. If Alonso doesn’t get a win in either if these races, I think the title race is over for him.

    1. I think Valencia was make or break in the sense that if they would have been far behind in pace even with those, they surely had a problem. We didn’t get a really conclusive idea of how good the updates were, but they seemed to be just a start, and at least improved the car a bit, so Silverstone is needs to show results from that step.

  5. I’m not so sure about a win. Of course it is really, really important for Ferrari to get a win and soon but we’ve had champions made after winning only one race a season. A lot of things have gone against Ferrari though (some through their own fault, others just the way it goes) so the win is extra important but getting podiums and consistency now and no more errors is a lot more crucial I think.

    Actually, given everything I’m amazed Alonso and Ferrari have as many points as they do. I can’t help but think of the points they’ve lost though which has been the general feeling for quite a while

    1. On the old points system it was possible for a driver to win only one race and still be in WDC contention, however, this season the advantage of a win over a podium is a little larger. Alonso does need to be consistent as ever to take the title race to the end of the season.

  6. Creepy…. It’s like they got Domi’s best friend to interview him… Like some kind of internal communications unit within Ferrari.. creepy.

  7. A bit strange, Alonso was here with several british teams? I think only one of them (McLaren), even though Renault have their factory pretty close it’s hardly a british team and Minardi is as Italian as is Ferrari itself, even if not as iconic.

  8. for sure .

  9. US Williams Fan
    9th July 2010, 7:42

    Thanks for the Video Keith!

    Not really a Ferrari fan but always enjoy hearing the drivers talk about the tracks.

    I hope the “new Silverstone” creates a good race.

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