Schumacher upbeat despite grid penalty

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2010

Michael Schumacher is upbeat about returning to Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix, despite a ten-place grid penalty that will hamper his chances of a good result.

??Spa has always been my favourite racetrack and so for that reason alone, I am really looking forward to going back and racing there,?? said Schumacher. ??It has been ages since I have last been there.??

??Our weekend will obviously be handicapped by my grid penalty and consequently it will be difficult to expect special things from the race. On the other hand, every racing kilometre is important and welcome because we can learn from it with regards to our car.

??I will definitely try to make the best out of the weekend.??

The Mercedes GP driver was given a ten-place grid penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix for ??illegitimately impeding?? Rubens Barrichello.

Barrichello took Schumacher for tenth position late in the race but the Mercedes driver retaliated by pushing him towards the pit wall, and off the track on the run towards turn one.

Team-mate Nico Rosberg said he hopes the team can enjoy a step forward in performance after recent struggles.

It’s been nice to have a short break but it will be good to start racing again next weekend. Spa is definitely up there as one of my favourite circuits and it’s one of the most challenging tracks that we race on.

The lap is very high-speed with some great corners, including Eau Rouge of course, and it’s just a great place to drive a Formula One car.

The last race in Hungary was difficult for us but I know that everyone at the factory has been working hard since the shutdown and we hope to have a better weekend in Spa.
Nico Rosberg

Ross Brawn added:

??The summer shutdown has been a well-deserved opportunity for our staff to have a break in the middle of the season but we are all looking forward to the racing getting underway again with the Belgian Grand Prix next weekend.

??Spa is one of the classic racing circuits on the calendar which is loved by drivers, engineers and fans so it is always one of the highlights of the year. The circuit is dominated by straights at the start and end of the lap with a twisty middle section and the drivers love the fast sweeping corners, including the legendary Eau Rouge.

??With the shutdown, we have had limited time to work on the car since Hungary, however we will do our best to have a good weekend in Spa to kick-off the final run of seven races to the end of the season.??

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23 comments on “Schumacher upbeat despite grid penalty”

  1. Anyone praying for a bit of rain, Schumi starting from 23rd and getting it onto the podium after a hell of a race?

    I’m sure he would like that himself, but I am afraid nobody is counting on it. Instead Michael is in for 2.500km of testing during the next 7 races.

    1. I head off to Spa-Francorchamps early next week and I’m praying for a bit of rain during the race (but that’s all – some sun would be nice for the camping). As for Schumi – with the Mercs regularly qualifying mid-field its very likely he will start near the back, so I look forward to seeing him in a few battles, preferably without any crazy moves though.

      1. The extended forecast looks like a good chance of rain all next week leading up to the race:

        1. BBC weather site concurs, mostly rain or heavy rain until Friday. It’s been like this for weeks. The site also reflects Spa’s weird weather patterns too.. from heavy rain to very sunny to rain, from 26c to 18c to 16c in a couple of days.. just very changeable. That’s one thing I’ve learnt about visiting Spa-Francorchamps, you’ve gotta pack for all weathers!

  2. Wish I could be there at Spa! Was there in 2007 (traveled from TX), and on the journey home I met my wife (Who’s from Canada), who I now have a beautiful son with. Crazy how things work out!

    Will be watching this year for sure, as every year – my favorite track by a long stretch!

    1. Awww, that’s a beautiful story.

    2. Sounds to me like you need it a tradition to go every year if it brought your family together!

      1. Whoops! Meant to say, “need to make it a tradition…”

  3. Schumacher’s grid positions haven’t exactly being strong this season.

    BAH – 7
    AUS – 7
    MAL – 8
    CHI – 10
    SPA – 6
    MON – 7
    TUR – 5
    CAN – 13
    EUR – 15
    GBR – 10
    GER – 9
    HUN – 14

    His average qualifying position has being 9th, and so if he achieves that, he will be with the Lotuses.

    1. Yeah and things tend to go wrong in Eau Rouge, so it’s best not to start too far back.

      1. Or even at the exit of la source already

  4. ” “The summer shutdown has been a well-deserved opportunity for our staff to have a break in the middle of the season” Brawn

    Probably the right time for them to switch their attention to next year car? This is the track that gave Schumacher his F1 debut in 91, first victory of his raining 91 in 1992, his last WC was decided way back in 04. I am optimistic that something good will happen for him this weekend. But it’s better for them to work on 2011 car.

    1. Maybe the good will be that they have started focus on 2011 then? :-p

  5. Jarred Walmsley
    20th August 2010, 21:50

    I can understand why Schumacher would be upbeat, with the rain and the Mercedes engine he should be able to get into the points quite nicely if he can keep it together and get a decent quali position before his penalty.

    1. Maybe on full wets. Considering what we saw in China, if he has to run the race on intermediates I’m not so sure he’ll be able to do well.

      Here’s hoping we see some classic Michael-in-the-wet action though!

  6. As long as he is enjoying racing, he has a chance.
    So I think this weekend should be something good for him.
    And if he can get a good result, unlikely as it is, it’s a bonus.

    1. Nice to see some positive & sensible remarks about the World Title Holder in F1.However it is still this same car that he intensely dislikes until next season.Perhaps Ferrari will lend hime one of theirs :)

  7. ‘Our weekend will obviously be handicapped by my grid penalty’
    Whats this ‘our’? His weekend will be handicapped, but Rosberg’s won’t!

    1. Our perhaps being Michael’s team of mechanics.

      And even if Rosberg has a good weekend, Mercedes are running two cars, not just one.

  8. The way Rosberg has dealt with all the hype surrounding Michael and quietly delivered excellent results surely gives him a good shout for driver of the season

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as calling him the driver of the season, but he certainly kept his cool and did not get intimidated by his teammate.

      As far as Schumi being upbeat about Spa… well… I guess his ego and confidence has already taken a beating, so he has to be upbeat, because things cant get any worse for him.

  9. Perhaps he is more upbeat due to the removal of Nick Heidfeld from the paddock tapping his foot balefully while Schmacher flounders.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to get Heidfeld the Pirelli testing role through Bernie. I guess if there is no reserve driver, who is gonna replace him next season?

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