2011 F1 calendar officially revealed with record 20 races

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The 2011 F1 calendar has been revealed by the FIA with a record 20 races on the schedule.

The Bahrain Grand Prix will be the first round of the season for the second year in a row. Meanwhile the season finale will be held at Interlagos in Brazil for the first time since 2008.

The ‘European season’ will begin with the Turkish Grand Prix which moves forward to May. The Chinese Grand Prix, whose original contract expired this year, remains on the calendar.

As expected the first ever F1 race in India appears on the schedule.

13 March – Bahrain Grand Prix
27 March – Australian Grand Prix
10 April – Malaysian Grand Prix
17 April – Chinese Grand Prix
8 May – Turkish Grand Prix
22 May – Spanish Grand Prix
29 May – Monaco Grand Prix
12 June – Canadian Grand Prix
26 June – European Grand Prix
10 July – British Grand Prix
24 July – German Grand Prix
31 July – Hungarian Grand Prix
28 August – Belgian Grand Prix
11 September – Italian Grand Prix
25 September – Singapore Grand Prix
9 October – Japanese Grand Prix
16 October – Korean Grand Prix
30 October – Indian Grand Prix*
13 November – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
27 November – Brazilian Grand Prix

*Subject to circuit inspection

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121 comments on “2011 F1 calendar officially revealed with record 20 races”

  1. Bahrain as season opener again? Oh no!

    Brazil as season finale? Oh yes!

    1. My thoughts exactly

      1. If FOM actually take their TV crew and show us everything happening it should not be to bad.

        The cars will be new and we will still be very curious who did a good job and who has a dog of a car. After that we have a very nice Australia GP to get the season moving.

        If Canada would be in the same spot in 2012 they can just scrap Turkey or Valencia (or both) to fit in Austin in 2012.

        1. If I were given a choice to keep Turkey or Valencia, i’d pick Turkey every time.

          1. Me too, but it might be Bernie looks differently at that, because of the money.

        2. I Agree…..

          Lets just name Bahrain as an official “racing” test, before the season proper starts in Australia. Based on this year, its all it really was.

      2. At least if Bahrain will be a boring race like this year we will still enjoy it as being the first race of 2011 because we will focus more on the changes of drivers and teams.

        1. Changes to the cars and the circuit might make for a better race there next year… MIGHT.

    2. No doubt that’ll change. Wasn’t Brazil going to be the closing GP this year?

      Anyway Bahrain to start again… haven’t they learnt anything?

      1. At least they’re not using the extra loop they used this year again.

        1. When was that confirmed Keith? Good news.

          Obviously I’d prefer if they used a super high speed ‘outer loop’ circuit!

        2. Oh great news, not completley annoyed by Bahrain then, should be a good track to see if the new wing stalling things works then.

          Great the finale back were it should be, now they just have to get the start right an we’ll be set. I wonder if there ever going to sort out the scheduling. Mid East Leg, Far East Season, European Season, America’s Leg, or something.

          More races is always good, so long as the tracks are decent. If it’s as close next year as it was this it could be amazing fun, imagine five teams in contention for victorys, it’ll be intense.

          1. I don’t care what form the track is in – Bahrain needs demolishing. Whose bright idea was it to race F1 cars in the middle of no-where in front of 3-4 fans? They can’t possibly be making money out of that! But the F1 season should always be introduced in Melbourne.

            I am actually deeply saddened by this news to be completely honest. :(

          2. Y’know as far as the “America’s Leg” goes, I really wish they’d wise up and pair 2012’s US GP with Brazil later in the fall. Texas in July is simply stupid on their part.

    3. Thank god Brazil is the finale!
      At least with Bahrain being the opener it gets it over and done with and out of the way.

      1. It’s good for Keith, even if the race is a bit meh, he can talk about the new… thingy on the end of the gadgetmatron….

        To be honest, It can’t be less interesting that this years…. surely not.

    4. Completely agree, well said.

    5. Outside of Europe, Brazil and Australia are by far (with the exception of Canada) the most popular grand prixs. Both are challenging entaining circuits, have huge crowds and a real party atmosphere. They are perfect for the first and last races. Bahrain and Abu Dhabi are big expenisive but boring, any driver would rather win a race or championship in front of 100,000 fanatical fans than 10 rich arabs with lots of money.

      1. wat about sepang and suzuka…?

  2. Brazil at the end! Some good at last.

  3. I wouldn’t bet on Brazil being the final race for long. If I remember rightly, they were included as round 19 on the provisional 2010 calendars until Abu Dhabi bought the rights to host the final race out from under them. Expect it to happen again.

    1. Yeah, I thought the same thing. I wish Abu Dhabi would just go away like a bad dream.

    2. Perhaps, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t sort that sort of thing out before they released the calendar. I reckon FOM might overrule them on it anyway because having the season finale in European prime time is great for TV figures

      1. It does seem odd to re-distribute again just to change back again, still it’s promising if nothing else, wonder who the crowd will get behind with no Brazilians in contention.

    3. But Abu Dhabi is now poised to be paired to the India race, at least for freight as they are not too far away from each other.

      1. One positive – we do get HD next year… Right? :)

        1. Don’t hold your breath.

          1. How hard can it be?

  4. Great to have Brazil back as season finale!

    A pity that Australia isn’t the season opener though…

    1. Let everyone sort themselves out at Bahrain. Then let the real racing begin down here.

      1. Exactly! In Bahrain we will all be curious who will have the rear wing gimmick working, and who actually has a car working like expected.

        Australia can then bring us a spectacular race to make it a nice season start.

  5. The seasons are ending later and later! This is over 5 weeks later than the 2007 season ended…

    1. Apparently the calendar will actually be compressed. Once India is confirmed to be on, it will be twinned with another race (likely Abu Dhabi as it’s the closest geographically) and everything else will be moved forwards.

  6. It’s about time they put Brazil back for the finale. Why would you want a boring sandy Abu-Dhabi for the finale race in a long F1 season?!

  7. Moving to Albert Park next weekend. At least we have some dates so planning can start for those attending weekends.

  8. I think that list is also dependent on Korea being ready, as if they cannot stage the race this year they are automatically ineligible to host a race next year.

    1. I suppose everyone is by now to much committed to having the Korean GP this year to let something like that happen.

      1. Sound_Of_Madness
        8th September 2010, 14:33

        IIRC in the provisional calendar Korea was the last race before the European leg…

        Sign of anything? Maybe the track not being fully ready by April/May 2011?

        1. Wasn’t the ‘provisional’ calendar actually a hypothetical calendar created by one journalist that was then reported as a ‘provisional’ calendar by other sources?

          1. I do believe you’re right, Keith.

          2. I think you are right there Keith.

            And even if, it makes perfect sense to have Korea later in the year. They will have to wait for the winter to end before finishing off what was not finished before the winter and probably redo/repair part of the surface as it will be a bit hurried up job to get it finished before the GP.

  9. Wow the series of flyaways at the end of the season is almost 2 months long. But on the whole it’s a pretty boring calendar, I prefer it when a few events get jiggled around a bit.

    I miss the days of races being held at crazy times, like Silverstone in April and the Nurburgring as the penultimate race!

  10. Another huge break between Hungary & Belgium…

    Seems like a weird place to break, why don’t they break after the european season?

    1. I don’t mind, we get the best track on the calender as a welcome home present, an usually slightly different performances from the cars, like they said you can shut the factories but not the minds. I bet the teams all have someway of running CFD of campus.

      Also taking August out is conveniant as everyone likes a holiday then anyway.

      1. It makes perfect sense to me as well. Remember last year taking up the season in Valencia.
        OK, Rubens and Lewis made it quite a different experience from the races before that, but to say it’s something to look forward to during the break? Spa is a lot beter perspective for that.

  11. thats a really well rounded calender, i feel very happy with it

    1. Loose Hungary or Singapore an replace it with a race of Spa like downforce and I’d feel happier with it, long sweeping corners connected to long sweeping straights, it’s a winning formula. Add a bit of balance to the races as well.

  12. this skedual makes sense if you look at the airmiles they have to travel next year.they are grouped on continents.

  13. Bit of a bad calendar, really. Bahrain opens again, we’ll just see the teams being ultra-cautious again for another boring race – doesn’t Bernie remember what happened last time?

    If Korea fails this year then it can’t come back next year, which will be problematic enough – if India fails for some reason too, it will be a disaster for the calendar.

    At least Brazil is scheduled to be the finale again; hopefully that won’t change again!

    1. Oh, if there’s some compression planned, then I guess it’s okay if Korea doesn’t make it, because it can be moved again. I think India will make it anyway, but…?

      1. It’s alright as these things go, a better start to Europe than Spain is nice. Bahrain isn’t popular as an opener but it serves a purpose, I’d rather they were cautious in Bahrain then Auz.

        If Korea races this year, an it probably will it’ll be fine for next year, remember Bahrain was unfinished the first time.

        The new tracks don’t look great though do they, I’m more scared of saturating the calender with boring tracks then loosing some of the Hungaroring garbage.

        1. They were rarely cautious in Australia, though, because of the nature of the race.

    2. South Korea failing to put on an entertaining race wouldn’t mean that it can’t come back. It took Valencia 3 races to put on a decent race. Even the best tracks put on boring races every now and then.

      1. South Korea failing to make any race would.

        1. Oh, I see your point now.

  14. Well, it’s finally happened: there are more international races than European.

    But that’s not really indicative of what’s going on. It’s been a long-held fallacy that the championship is abandoning Europe, but that’s not true at all. 2010 sees a 19-race calendar, whilst 2011 adds another round to make the count a round 20. I remember the days when 17 races was considered a lot and the two flyaway legs consisted of two races (Australia and Brazil at the start of the year; Malaysia and Japan at the end). Now it’s five apiece. The only real “traditional” race that has been lost is the French Grand Prix, and given that that was at Magny-Cours, it’s no great loss.

    But this begs the question: where to next? And more importantly, can Formula 1 handle it? I’ve long felt that twenty-five races is probably the maximum that the championship could take, and that’s without the mandatory two-week shut down over the summer break. Bernie has secured Austin and has said that Russia is now his priority (he’s been working on them on and off for thirty years), so that takes the grand total to 22. And then there’s talk of reviving the French Grand Prix (somewhat muted of late) for 23. Argentina has expressed interest in a race, as have Venezuela and Bulgaria. Where do you cut it off? Where do you say enough is enough? And when supply outweighs demand, where do you start cutting back? I know the popular answer to this is going to line up Valencia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai like ducks in a row and blow them away one by one, but there are legal obligations to be observed. Bernie will fight for new markets, the teams and fans will fight for the existing circuits and the spirigin circuits will fight for themselves.

    It’s going to be an interesting time for Formula 1 – because I can see a time in the not-too-distant future when the calendar reaches saturation point and someone is goig to want in.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more PM.

      I am an Indian and am absolutely delighted with the fact that we will be hosting a GP soon. And I would definitely not want newer circuits to be added at the cost of the classic ones.

      But whether would I want India axed in comparison to the other, potential “to-be-axed” GPs (the non-classic ones) ?? Honestly, I think I might want to be a little selfish here :) !!! No offense to anyone :) .

    2. I think this is an important point.

      Racing series need to be able to expand and shrink within reasonable lengths as economic conditions change. The key is to:

      – ensure that should the market for F1 collapse or races/TV rights for certain races not be able to pay the fee needed then the series can retrench without collapsing and losing sponsors (because of the loss of markets).
      – that there is a sufficient off season of at least 4 months. This gives the sport a cycle and doesn’t risk it becoming a year long drag like Nascar and tennis. Also provides room for team staff to take proper holidays. The last thing you want is to start destroying your key employees.

    3. I can’t help thinking that Bernie won’t be happy until there are FIFTY-THREE (53) races on the calendar.

      1. Where to next? The Scottish Grand Prix.

        It could happen.

        1. Sure could! How about Iraq or one of the Aleutian Islands?

        2. Scottish GP? Great idea! How about a street race round Glasgow?

          1. A Glasgow street race would be great but I’d wanna be ambitious and see a whole new track and facilities built, probably in the Borders to allow easier access for other UK fans.

            I’ve thought for years that Britain deserves 2 GP’s and with the last 2 WDC’s being British, no better time than now (except for the fact the country is skint, but there’s ways around that).

    4. Don’t forget Rome, that’s been talked up a lot again recently.

      1. The best solution to having too many racetracks and not enough races is to make some bi-annual, similar to what WRC do.

        Some key rounds should have annual status such as Monaco, Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Melbourne & Montreal for example, the rest could alternate. Singapore one year, Korea the next etc. Bernie might even be able to make more money off hosting circuits, if they only have to stump up once every two years.

  15. Looks like, again, the season won’t have any interesting tracks until mid-way through.

    1. Albert Park? Sepang? Istanbul?

      1. I don’t mind China that much, nor Bahrain in the format it was designed to take F1 cars in. China seems to rain in it’s new calender placement which does make things interesting.

        An yeah what the hell is wrong with Istabul, if they’d built that thing in France it’d be a mainstay.

  16. Wish we could have Melbourne to get things kicked off… At least bahrain is out of the way early! Valencia to open the season in 2012…?

  17. I never understoon why Canada was slotted right in the middle of the “European” season. Can someone explain the reasoning? As for how many races, I think it should be capped at 20.

    1. Unpredictable Canadian weather. Montreal is the circuit at the highest latitude of any venue. The middle of the European summer is the only time it’s close to being guaranteed to be stable enough. Stick it at the beginning of the end of the year and you run the risk of snow. And Formula 1 cars can’t run in snow.

      1. Actually, isn’t it Silverstone? It’s not apparent on a map, but Montréal has a lower latitude than London, lower even than Paris.

        But it’s true about the weather. Snow isn’t unknown in Quebec as far as Easter. However, this time of year it’s cool but unlikely to have snow. But the Canadian summer is so nice anyway, why not?

        And of course, when Austin comes in, the spot is already there for it to slot in.

        1. Montreal is at the 45th parallel, Silverstone is around the 54th parallel. Quite a bit further north. We’re actually further North than Montreal here in the Seattle area… Nurburgring, Hockenheimring, and Spa-Francorchamps are also all North of Montreal.

      2. “And Formula 1 cars can’t run in snow.”

        You make that sound like a problem. I see it as a great technical challenge for Pirelli. And it could lead to some great albeit insane racing.

    2. Sound_Of_Madness
      8th September 2010, 14:50

      Ι just hope Austin will be put back-to-back in 2012…

      1. With Montreal? It’s going to be blazing and really not be an attractive race. In terms of minimizing travel, it makes sense if you can pair it with Brazil to prevent the heat.

        1. Yeah, Austin should be during the flyaways, if they try to stick it in the Summer schedule it’ll be unbearably hot.

  18. How many tracks that I would miss with no regret!!!
    Bahrein, Abu Dhabi, Valencia, Singapore…
    I would like some traditional venues back on track, and another couple of Monza-like circuits. Bahrein on the external loop cpould be a good cancidate, just to start.
    Anyway, Brazil as the closing spot is a good new to me also.

    1. There are no “tradiitonal” tracks left. The French Grand Prix is the only one unaccounted for.

      1. All the money spent to build some incredibly boring tracks could have been spent to secure Brands Hatch, Watkins Glen, old Buenos Aires, Paul Ricard (well, they did a lot actually there).
        But for Bernie it would not have been the same not getting money from arabics, chinese or singapore governments.
        That’s how the world turns.

        1. Brands’ Hatch and Watkins’ Glen are too small and too narrow. You wouldn’t be able to fit the grid into the Brands’ paddock, for one. And modern Formula 1 cars would lap them in under a minute. They’re too short.

          Old Buenos Aries is in a bad part of the city. Like, a really bad part. The kind of part that you don’t go into willingly unless you absolutely have to.

          As for Paul Ricard, the teams know it too well. It would just be a repeat of Barcelona: a processional race. And a waste of a calendar slot.

          And what’s wrong with taking a chance on expanding to new markets? You’ll notice that the 2011 has a greater spread of countries represented; it’s the truest “World” Championship to date. Sure, some of those circuits might be bland – but you need all kind of circuits. you can’t have 20 Spas just as you can’t have 20 Shanghais. You need the spread, otherwise it just becomes a case of whoever builds the best car wins.

          1. I dont’ believe Barcelona uses to be processional because it a test track…
            I confirm I’d like a lot to have back Paul Ricard and some old (rejuveneted but old lay out) tracks, better than many of the newest.
            Beside that, it is a very long time teams don’t massively test at Paul Ricard…

          2. What about Imola? You can’t pass there but it’s a beautiful piece of road. I think spending the money at Elkhart would be a good plan too. Plenty of space on the pit straight; some reprofiling of the back straight and Canada corner could be tolerated to prevent truly insance accidents.

          3. Imola is in no condition to host races. It needs upgrades first.

            Elkhart Lake is too narrow and too isolated. As the Aida and Magny-Cours circuits proved, isolation can make for a very unpopular race and will ultimately kill it off.

            I dont’ believe Barcelona uses to be processional because it a test track…

            All the evidence is to the contrary. Teams test a lot at Barcelona because the weather is stable year-round, and it’s also very much a middle of the road circuit in terms of downforce and setup. It has a history of producing processional races, like the 1999 Spanish Grand Prix, which is infamous for having just one recorded overtaking move.

  19. Looking at the calendar again, I’d expect the Italian Grand Prix to be moved by about a week. It’s currently lined up on the 10th anniversary of September 11. I can’t imagine too many people are going to want to be having much to do with sporting events on that day, what with the remembering and all.

    1. The 2005 Belgian Grand Prix was on September 11, so I don’t see 9/11 as a reason to move a Grand Prix.

      1. Silverstone was on the same day as the World Cup final. Not that there actually was a clash, great day of sport that one.

      2. The 2005 Belgian Grand Prix was on September 11, so I don’t see 9/11 as a reason to move a Grand Prix.

        Yeah, the fourth anniversary. We’re talking about the tenth here; it’s a much more important anniversay. The 10th, 25th, 50th and 100th will all be the big ones.

        1. Then again, i think Monza will be packed anyway. No way the Tifosi would stay away because of that.
          If it would have been some of the Arab GPs or maybe Ausin or Montreal, that might have been a problem, but not in Italy I think

          1. To be honest in Europe thats not as big a deal as you think it is. you’ll probably get your minutes silence is all

          2. I think it would be better to have the Belgian and Italian GPs one week apart rather than two.

  20. The interesting thing is that Bernie has shown little-to-no interest in cutting back, which will be inevitable if any more than 3 or so more are added. China, Valencia and Turkey (sadly) could go pretty painlessly, but beyond that it could be tough. Hungary looks weak but recently had a contract extension, Malaysia was complaining about the cost but interest is booming thanks to Lotus, and sadly the likes of Bahrain and Abu Dhabi look bedded in for the long run. Let’s just hope that Spa can keep paying up. So if Bernie wants to add Russia, SA (Is Kyalami a total dump these days?) France (Paul Ricard, PLEASE!) and Argentina (Potrero de los Funes! Probably not though) he actually has a fair bit of wiggle room.

    1. Yes, Kyalami is a total dump. Well, maybe not total – but it’s nowhere near standard.

      Paul Ricard is a bad idea; the teams test there a lot, so it would run the risk of being like Barcelona – a total waste of a grid place.

      Portrero de los Funes needs a major upgrade to be on Grade-1 standards; it barely makes Grade-2 at the moment. It also won’t happen unless the Argentine government win the San Luis seat, because the race will get government support, but San Luis is controlled by the national opposition, and I’m told it’s a pretty secure seat. So you’ll have to hope that a) the government can win it, b) the opposition hold it, take power and are still interested in a race or c) a private group backs the race.

      1. My god I hope they sort out Portero de los Funes, old style design AWESOME setting, good looking corners, not massive amounts of downforce, Oh twould be heaven. Probably have to butcher the place for saftey though.

        1. It really only needs a serious upgrade to its pits, paddock and grandstands. I’m told everything else is good enough as is.

    2. Does Bernie still own Paul Ricard?

  21. Too many races…

    Where it’s the cost reduction?

    I’d prefer better cars, faster circuits and many driving quality all of this equals fan emotion.

  22. Charles Carroll
    8th September 2010, 15:42

    I’ll be honest here.

    I don’t care where the races are held just as long as I can see them on TV here in the U.S. You can hold all of them in Mongolia for all I care, as long as it is covered here and the racing is exciting.

    In fact, perhaps Formula Mongolia, with tracks all resembling Spa, Monza, and Silverstone would be far better anyway.

    1. Hmm, this Mongolia idea gets better by the day

  23. Seems like a good calendar, overall. Hopefully the racing will be the same as this season!

  24. 11 non Euro races, 9 European tracks…

    1. What’s your point? That Formula 1 is moving away from Europe?

      Guess again – there are only ten “traditioinal” European venues, and France is the only one unaccounted for. European races aren’t getting replaced; the championship is just expanding to new places. After all, the 2009 championship had 17 races, the 2010 has 19 and the 2011 will have 20. The championship is expanding; European races aren’t being replaced.

      1. @ PM
        Agree with you but we are missing the San Marino GP which was suppose to return on 2008, & with Red Bull racing there still isn’t any words on the Austrian GP which was last held in 2003 if not mistaken.

        1. Imola and the A1 Ring are currently in no condition to host races, and neither San Marino nor Austria have venues that could otherwise host the race.

  25. Brazil has to close. You must close the season in an old-school track jammed with totally bezerk fans, who are not too concerned about scuffing their vintage Vivier pumps to storm the track post-race. Closing at Abu Dhabi is a type of profanity the sport should no longer abide.

  26. They should have started the season with Australia rather than Bahrain,I hope as they are turning to then old configuration for 2011 it provides good racing.Brazil the end the best decision.Any idea which track will host the German GP?

    My personal goal is either 10th April or 30th October & if I become too rich by then may be 25th September.Does anyone matches this dates?

    1. I hope as they are turning to then old configuration for 2011

      They are: Bahrain reverts to original layout for 2011

      1. At last we are having 20 races in a season.

      2. Charles Carroll
        8th September 2010, 17:55

        I’ve often wondered if something can “vert” given that something can “revert”?

        Yes, I’ve been in my garage again with the door shut.

  27. 13 March – Tilke Grand Prix, first round
    27 March – Australian Grand Prix
    10 April – Tilke Grand Prix, second round
    17 April – Tilke Grand Prix, third round
    8 May – Tilke Grand Prix, fourth round
    22 May – Spanish Grand Prix
    29 May – Monaco Grand Prix
    12 June – Canadian Grand Prix
    26 June – European Grand Prix
    10 July – British Grand Prix
    24 July – German Grand Prix
    31 July – Hungarian Grand Prix
    28 August – Belgian Grand Prix
    11 September – Italian Grand Prix
    25 September – Tilke Grand Prix, fifth round
    9 October – Japanese Grand Prix
    16 October – Tilke Grand Prix, sixth round
    30 October – Tilke Grand Prix*, seventh round
    13 November – Tilke Grand Prix, eighth round
    27 November – Brazilian Grand Prix

    1. You missed one. Or call Germany a a halb-Tilke Grand Prix.

      1. Yeah, I was trying to figure out a way to handle Germany, but I figured I’d be generous and pretend Tilke didn’t touch it. It’s not too terrible if you forget what it -used- to be.

        1. Sound_Of_Madness
          8th September 2010, 19:37

          IIRC Valencia is Tilke as well?

    2. The word Tike means big go kart track…but it’s never been about the racing

  28. I’ve always asked mylself:

    Why does the F1 calendar make everyone travel twice to Asia, Europe, America and Midle East?

    Why fly thousands of people around the world twice? Wouldn’t be better to pair close locations one after the other on the calendar?

    1. exactly. why not have a pacific/asia leg, a euro leg and a north/south americas leg?

  29. All the way through until the END of November :D and not too many in the May / June time when I will have lots of exams.

    However why have they moved Turkey to 8 May? To make sure it’s removed from the calendar?

    1. Probably because Turkey was a point of contention this year. It was originally scheduled to be a week after Monaco, but that would have technically made it a flyaway race even if the teams could access it by driving for a day or two. It was moved back a week to avoid the carnage and save the money that would normally be spent flying everything there, so it’s clearly been brought forward to avoid that situation again.

  30. Just get rid of the inner complex completely, and turn Bahrain into a speedway

    It’d be far more entertaining

  31. Not having France is a historical travesty.

    And, we are actually not at, or near, a saturation point.

    As long as the demand is present more races could, I’m not suggesting should, be scheduled. If races are close in proximity they could follow with only a week between. Teams could even develop more than one traveling unit…with only the key personnel doing a transfer.

    If the demand for race entries continue, and the money follows, it will be difficult for teams to not participate in whatever the FIA/FOM decide on.

  32. brazil is the best spot for a season finale, specially when it’s raining there!

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