Sixth in sight (Williams race review)

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The battle between Williams and Force India for sixth in the constructors’ championship was partly conducted in the stewards’ office in Singapore.

Force India succeeded in having Nico H???lkenberg penalised for going off the track on lap one, but Williams still reduced their points lead.

Rubens Barrichello Nico H???lkenberg
Qualifying position 6 17
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’47.019 (-0.655) 1’47.674
Race position 6 10
Average race lap 1’56.880 (-1.257) 1’58.137
Laps 61/61 61/61
Pit stops 1 1

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Rubens Barrichello

Delivered on the car’s potential, starting and finishing sixth. Kept Mark Webber behind with little difficulty in the middle of the race.

Compare Rubens Barrichello’s form against his team mate in 2010

Nico H???lkenberg

Ran well in practice but was visibly furious in qualifying after being knocked out in Q2. A gearbox change penalty left him 17th.

Pitted on lap three and barged past Vitaly Petrov on lap seven. But both ran wide at Memorial corner allowing Sutil past the pair of them.

He made it to the end without a further stop for tyres but couldn’t keep the recovering Robert Kubica on newer tyres behind him.

After the race he was given a 20-second penalty for cutting turn two on the first lap, passing Vitantonio Liuzzi’s Force India.

Compare Nico H???lkenberg’s form against his team mate in 2010

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24 comments on “Sixth in sight (Williams race review)”

  1. Three races, three scrappy showings for Hulkenberg. The man seems to have a terrible fear of chicanes given the number of times he goes over them, not to mention ruining Petrov’s chance of points.

    1. not to mention ruining Petrov’s chance of points.

      By overtaking him? What a crime.

      Seriously though I was surprised he got away with that. Am sure other drivers will take note for dive-bomb attempts at passing at the Casio Triangle in two weeks’ time.

      1. By overtaking him? What a crime.

        Ovrtaking is fine. Barging into him, not so much. Hulkenberg had trouble at turn seven all weekend; he should have know it was his scrappiest corner.

      2. That’s the second race in a row the Hulk has curiously evaded penalties for questionable moves.

  2. Maybe it’s Barrichello’s car developing skills, maybe the Cosworth engine is better than I thought, maybe it’s something else. Whatever the ase, the fact is Williams seems to be getting their act together. It would be nice to see them back to their winning ways. Maybe next season?

    1. I wouldn’t bet my secret chocolate stash on it.

      1. What about your secret secret chocolate stash?

        1. I’ve already said too much…

    2. It’s only really the Williams that shows how good the Cosworth engine is, because all the new teams have to put up with the horrendous X-Trac drivetrain. Is there any chance of Williams licensing out their gearbox next year?

      1. If I were them I’d be in talks with Cosworth to try and bundle the gearbox for HRT and Virgin…

    3. Whilst Keith clasps tightly his chocolate stash, we’ll have to wait for Volkswagen/Porsche I think!

    4. Well I know that Rubens was saying the cosworth engine is easier to drive than the mercedes he was using last year. Maybe its similar to the renault? We can’t really know for sure, but I’m sure its not bad, and definately the best for the money (since I believe its half the cost of the others). Makes sense for williams to stick with it, can’t see them getting to their winning ways in the immediate future, would be awesome though!

  3. If Rubens could get a decent start, Williams would be looking even better. They have definitely developed this year’s car well, in contrast to some recent years. Maybe that is Rubens, maybe not. Teams do seem to go on an upward trajectory when he’s around, I’ll say that. The Hulk, on the other hand, has been less than impressive.

  4. Looks like the next Lewis Hamilton might turn out to be the next GP2 graduate to fail in F1. I’d give him another year but Hulkenburg needs to improve.

    1. What are you talking about? Hulkenberg is fast, he showed it in practise, but had traffic in qualifying and then couldn’t nail his lap. He kept Massa behind for the whole race. I hope what you mean is his incident with Petrov, because otherwise I can’t see what you men.

      1. *mean. And by the way you cannot compare him with Hamilton because nowadays there’s almost no testing for rookies to learn how to get the most out of an F1 car.

    2. He certainly shows flashes of speed, just doesn’t have the consistency needed to succeed in f1. I’m sure if hes given a few years he’ll be succesful

  5. Hülkenberg seems to have the worst temper of any driver currently. He’ll probably grow out of that in time though.

    1. He is The Hulk after all – you can’t see him turn green behind that helmet. ;)

  6. Good race for Barrichello, I just hope that both him & the team have lots of information with them & if they both work well to develope the car can they put a better show in 2011, I want to see that team regularly in good pace just like the old days.

  7. This page needs updating to reflect the consequences of Sutil’s penalty elevating Hulkenberg to 9th. Seems apt that they both got each other punished and demoted.

    1. Hülkenberg was tenth – though with all the penalties flying around I don’t blame you for the confusion!

  8. I thought the Hulk was classified 10th?

  9. Oh dear :S

    I guess this is why they should have the result settled by the chequered flag!

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