Stewards clear Hamilton after protest

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The stewards of the Japanese Grand Prix have thrown out Williams’ protest that Lewis Hamilton held up Nico Hulkenberg in qualifying.

Williams claimed Hamilton delayed Hulkenberg during his final run in Q3.

Hamilton will start from eighth on the grid ahead of Hulkenberg and behind the other Williams of Rubens Barrichello.

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    15 comments on “Stewards clear Hamilton after protest”

    1. yaay! no penalty! Hope he has a good race now..

      1. You mean only one penalty…

        1. yeah i meant no more! :P so far. cant say wat he’ll do on track. looks to me like he plays f1 2010 wayy to much! :P

    2. Good. It preserves the grid (even if Hamilton still has alot of work to do).

    3. Thank goodness for that. Let’s keep the class B drivers from impacting on the WDC. You aint quick enough Hulk.

      1. Gahahahaha. What utter rubbish.

      2. So I guess only 5 drivers should have raced today? Everybody has to start somewhere, Hamilton is rare example of a driver who started in a top team…

    4. I didn’t see too much happening there. Anyone explain why there is no action taken on Schumacher & ALonso incident.

      1. The Hundredth Idiot
        10th October 2010, 4:52

        They were both on out laps, so neither of them were impeding the other’s hot lap. No action necessary.

    5. Yes I’m happy about this decision as well. He did what he had to do to get P3… no way he was gonna take the pole from RB here.

      From 8th, I wish him the best of luck.

    6. Why action has to be taken on alonso mich incidence, micheal was also on his flying lap alonso came behind him and he should ve had little brains to lift off.. Wat he thought ? Was he up behind minardis or arrows ? He was up against mercedes engine… His next lap was 1 32 633 and micheals was 1 32 513.
      Plus it was q1 and not for pole… Micheal had the right to set his time.

      1. Weren’t they both on out-laps?

    7. The bottom line is Williams should’ve taken more care to place Hülkenberg on track with good position. My girlfriend has now knicknamed him Sulkenberg due to all the pouting that seems to be rapidly becoming his trademark.

      1. They did that – he would be in clear air if Hamilton hasn’t backed off so much in last sector to create a gap. You can’t really plan for that 2 laps ahead.

    8. i thought the title of article was “Stewards clear Hamilton after protest”. 3/4 of the comments diverge to shcumi and alonso. wow. keep on the subkect fellas
      it was hami on the discussion not schumi and fernando

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