Vettel collects world title trophy at FIA gala

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Sebastian Vettel was officially handed the 2010 F1 drivers’ championship trophy at the FIA Gala yesterday.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was also on hand to collect the constructors’ championship trophy.

Three-times world champion Jack Brabham was awarded “the Academy Award gold medal for motorsport”.

And promotional awards were given to the organisers of the inaugural Korean Grand Prix, the Korea Automobile Racing Association and Abu Dhabi TV.

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49 comments on “Vettel collects world title trophy at FIA gala”

  1. Alonso might shave his legs, but all the facial hair he’s growing can’t be that comfortable under a helmet either I think :p

    1. And it makes him look a lot older. At the Ferrari World Finals it was quite OK, but now it’s getting too much.
      Oh well, if he keeps his speed he can grow as much as he wishes!

      1. i think the facial hair suits him, because even when he shaves you can still see the roots of it quite notably. He might as well just leave it on…

        1. hez just sad n probably all upset and crying at home. Like somebody after a bad break up looks. :P
          no shaving and drinking all day! :D
          Referring to alonso btw. :D

          1. Alonso’s almost likeable with his beard, worked for Jenson! :D

          2. Massa lives in Alonso’s beard

  2. The moment we all dream about, realised for that happy young man at only 23 years of age…a remarkable achievement.

    Congratulations Sebastian.

  3. What was Webber getting an award for, best number 2?

    1. Its clearly the ‘Not bad for a number 2 driver’ award.

    2. 3rd place.

  4. Those 2nd and 3rd place trophies show a sharp and interesting design. That should inspire yet some more creativity for the GP trophies.

    1. Most of the GP trophies are good, but those Santander ones are crassly commercial – each track should have its own trophy design.

      1. I think we should send Santander a signed petition promising never to use their financial services until they stop using those damn logo trophies

        1. I won’t ever use their service anyhow since I don’t think they exist in the US, so I’ll sign the petition no problem!

      2. I never known what Santander does until a quick Google search 20 secs ago…

        1. Itz an oil company rite?

          1. Haha,..its a Spanish bank, a very good one,.. ;)

  5. Epic beardage from Webber and Alonso.

    1. Clearly losing the title has sent them spiralling into a mid-life crisis.

      1. Either that or they’re really big fans of Nick Heidfeld.

  6. Judging by their beards Alonso and Webber have taken a turn for the worse since they lost the title. Have they been living on the streets?!

    I can imagine them both staggered in off the streets with a bottle of vodka, and then drunkenly heckled Vettel while he got his trophy: ‘You can’t even- hic- overtake’. Let’s hope they both get some professional help before next season

    1. Yet their ties are all neat and in place, unlike young Vettel’s – maybe they were all out in the back alley getting -hic- ready.

      1. Quite right…it must be “a Seb thing” to have your tie undone, Loeb is just as bad!

        1. They probably prefer having beards, yet can’t usually grow them like that during the season because they have to look cleaner and presentable for PR reasons, I’m guessing.

    2. “Fernando’s beard is better than yours Nick H and Damon H – do you understand?” Said Rob Smedley.

  7. Fourth image row from top,

    Alonso: Hmmm, I can cut grass with this…

  8. Where can I see FIA GALA F1 highlight video?

    1. The most important question. :)

      It doesn’t come out for the public until it’s shown on Eurosport tomorrow night.

      1. I’m waiting eagerly.

  9. Does anybody else find it weird that the Koreans got the award for the best-organised race?

    1. Maybe they were just so relieved that Korea was ready to hold the race? :P

      Yes it is a little weird given all the gossip before everyone even got to Korea and then all the confusion on Sunday but they got the job done in difficult circumstances.

    2. After Qatar got the World Cup, this kind of pathetic posturing shouldn’t surprise anyone. We’ve had enough of it in F1 for years now anyway.

      1. As soon as Qatar’s pitch was “football has united the Middle East”, they were untouchable. The stadiums they’ve proposed erased whatever doubt there was that they would win it. If you think Formula 1 architecture is excessive, you should see some of the stuff they have planned for Doha in 2022 …

    3. Jarred Walmsley
      11th December 2010, 20:58

      Maybe the FIA is trying to show us that they do have a sense of Humour after all?

    4. I wondered the same thing. Maybe they awarded it to them in kind of a backhanded way to suggest “we both know your organization of the event was terrible, and you better fix it for next season.”

      1. Kind of like the mafia kiss of death you know…

  10. Could have done his top button up…

  11. Guilherme Teixeira
    11th December 2010, 15:06

    Does anyone else think that Horner looks terribly scary at the second picture from the penultimate row…?

    1. O.o

      I’ll never be able to look at him the same way again.

  12. It’s ridiculous the crowning of the World Champion is hidden away at a VIP party.

    It’s like after the World Cup the players waiting a month to get the trophy at a snazzy dinner party, away from all the fans.

    I don’t see why the winning driver can’t get up on the podium at the season finale and Bernie or Todt present the trophy to them there.

    1. What? And let us vulgar commons witness the anointment of the new champion? Bernie would never approve of that! ;)

      1. It’d be on pay-per-view ;)

    2. I guess it’s like the Autosport awards, the UKs biggest motorsport prizegiving award and I nobody covered it. I only know the Scottish lad Lewis Williamson is getting the Mclaren Test Prize because it was mentioned in my local newspaper!!

  13. The rare Fernando Alonso, shown here to have grown in his winter coat, in preperation for winter hibernation.

    Say that in you’re best Attenburgh impression ;)

  14. Don’t they telecast it? Moto GP show there award night?

  15. Alonso’s beard is horrible.

  16. Forget everyone else, I’m impressed they got Rory Bremner.

  17. also Bernie’s looking a lot better! his face is less bruised.

  18. Anyone have a link to the F1 gala video they release every year?

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