Sergio Perez, Sauber, Barcelona, 2011

Perez: “We have to stay realistic”

2011 F1 season

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Sergio Perez, Sauber, Barcelona, 2011
Sergio Perez, Sauber, Barcelona, 2011

Sergio Perez said he will stay “realistic” despite going fastest in testing today.

The Sauber driver said: “People will now think I will go to Melbourne and win.

“We have to keep realistic. We have to keep working a lot and developing the car as much as possible for Melbourne and see what happens.”

“For sure it?s always very nice to end up testing in P1 but now tomorrow everyone forgets this. We concentrate on Melbourne.”

He added that the Circuit de Catalunya was giving more grip now than it had during the first test: “It had changed a lot. It was much better, more grip.”

Perez says he is aiming for top ten finishes this year: “I want to be in the points. I would be very happy and love to get points.”

With his first F1 race coming up Perez said he wouldn’t feel intimidated by racing against the sport’s bigget names.

He said: “For sure it?s very special to drive against the best drivers in the top league of motorsport. It?s a dream come true.”

Quotes and additional reporting by Leandra Graves

2011 F1 season

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16 comments on “Perez: “We have to stay realistic””

  1. I don’t think anyone would actually expect him to win in Melbourne but it’s not looking bad for him overall.

  2. at least he can keep all the people that call him “pay driver” shut for a while.

    1. I think they would have loved to take him on without the sponsorship money as well. He has genuine talent. One of the best on the Ferrari development program as well.

    2. That’s more of an accusation levelled against Maldonado, GP2 champ only after 4 years.

  3. Nice quotes, seems the bloke is pretty down to earth. I am very curious to see how he pans out this year, just as much as the Sauber car itself.

  4. I think Sauber probably have the most exiting driver line up this season.
    At first I thought Perez was just a pay driver but now I’m really looking forward to seeing him race.
    Hoping for a podium for either him or Kobayashi

  5. The Sauber drivers look like an interesting team; I wonder if Perez will perhaps prove to be a faster qualifier, but with Kobayashi potentially gaining a lot of places during races (as he seemed to lack a bit in the qualifying part – or the car genuinely wasn’t there for it) they might be a very good set of teammates too.

  6. It seems that “for sure” is a habit ingrained into Sauber drivers from an early age!

    1. That might have some to do with the Ferrari driver development program as well…..

  7. Only for those who think of him as a pay driver, just remember his days in british f3 with an inferior car. Don´t expect miracles, he is only a rookie. He’s been very good in junior series, but now let´s see if he is F1 worth.

  8. “People will now think I will go to Melbourne and win.

    F1 fans aren’t that stupid Sergio. We expect you and Sauber to put in a strong performance, but a win is a little out of the question.

    1. Hes not talking about F1 fanatic readers. but all the casual Mexican fans that are becoming interested since he got the seat..

      last test when he finished 2nd some friends asked me “heeey did you watched our guy in f1?? secooond! his going to kick some ass bla bla”..

      and i explained testing times where not relevant and bla bla but i dont think they get it..

      I dont like the way maldonado beat sergio in qualy on gp2. i think hes stronger in races. but hope he proves me wrong.

      1. He’s not talking about F1 fanatic readers.

        Yeah he’s talking about less hardcore fans.

        1. You usually just get all the nut cases on here. :D

          1. We pride ourselves in it :-)

  9. If Sauber can make a car which can qualify in the top 10 then out for both the drivers. They will fight. Yes it’s early days. Who have the pace & who is not will only be known on Saturday of Australian GP.

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