The 2011 F1 season: The complete F1 Fanatic review

2011 F1 season review

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Sebastian Vettel celebrates victory in India

Find every part of F1 Fanatic’s 2011 F1 season review below.


A detailed look at every team’s performance in 2011.

2011 F1 Fanatic driver rankings

I picked Sebastian Vettel as my driver of the year. And it turned out you agreed with me, which is nice.

You also voted Mark Webber’s pass on Fernando Alonso at Spa the best overtaking move of the year, and picked Jenson Button as the best overtaker of 2011.

28. Karun Chandhok
27. Narain Karthikeyan
26. Jerome d’Ambrosio
25. Jarno Trulli
24. Vitantonio Liuzzi
23. Daniel Ricciardo
22. Pastor Maldonado
21. Pedro de la Rosa
20. Bruno Senna
19. Rubens Barrichello
18. Vitaly Petrov
17. Kamui Kobayashi
16. Nick Heidfeld
15. Timo Glock
14. Felipe Massa
13. Sebastien Buemi
12. Paul di Resta
11. Jaime Alguersuari
10. Sergio Perez
9. Adrian Sutil
8. Heikki Kovalainen
7. Michael Schumacher
6. Mark Webber
5. Lewis Hamilton
4. Nico Rosberg
3. Jenson Button
2. Fernando Alonso
1. Sebastian Vettel

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Analysing the 2011 F1 season.

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Your polls, predictions and opinions on every race in 2011.


The best of F1 Fanatic in 2011.

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7 comments on “The 2011 F1 season: The complete F1 Fanatic review”

  1. Still pleasantly surprised by your choice of Nico Rosberg being the 4th best driver, @keithcollantine Initially, he wasn’t really on my radar for the top 5 but your article made me realise how good a season he had.

    Enjoyed the discussion in the comments on all the above so thank you very much!

  2. Its just amazing to see the amount of work put into this review @keithcollantine!

    It really was a nice experience to look at your driver ranking and compare it with my thoughts and others.

  3. Keith, your extensive coverage of F1, and the presentation and organization of it, is to be commended. Fantastic job! F1fanatic is blessing for F1 fans around the world.

  4. F1 Fanatic has become the latest source of F1 news for me. For the past year I’ve balanced it between and Together I’ve had the quickest combo of F1 news and coverage I could ever want.

    I thank you personally Keith for your in-depth analysis and I thank the other members for concentrating all the F1 goodness right here!

    Here’s to another great season!


  5. Wow. Thanks so much Keith, this is all incredible.

    Really enjoyed this season anyway, but meeting fanatics, discussing it all, and of course, the site itself made it even more brilliant.

    I’m so proud to be a member of this amazing site.

  6. I must agree with the comments above. Great work Keith. Thanks so much for all your work that keeps us on top of the sport we so love.

  7. it’s rumored that both Red Bull and Ferrari would have come to an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone to determine the terms of their future participation in the World (the agreement dated back to November which explain why the 2 team have left FOTA)
    if this is true that mean the remaining members -McLaren and Mercedes – can no longer treat the same conditions, nor to threaten an alternative as they did in 2009 because there’s no sense of a Formula1 without Ferrari and the team champion of the world

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