Trulli “very happy” with steering breakthrough

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Jarno Trulli, Lotus, Hungaroring, 2011

Jarno Trulli says he’s “very happy” with the new power steering system Lotus used at the Hungaroring today.

Trulli has struggled with the steering on the Lotus since the beginning of the season.

After using it for the first time in today’s practice sessions Trulli said: “I’m very happy.

“I want to thank the whole team, everyone at the factory and in the race team because they have all been patient with me and have worked hard to give me the new power steering system and a car that I can really feel.

“As soon as I pulled out this morning it felt so much better than before so today I’ve been able to start rebuilding my confidence in the car, and working on all the little changes and improvements that help me to find a set-up I can really work with.

“It’s been a really positive day and for that my thanks go to everyone in the team.”

Trulli ended the second practice session four-tenths of a second quicker than team mate Heikki Kovalainen who has out-qualified him eight to one in 2011 so far.

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “Trulli “very happy” with steering breakthrough”

    1. Well, we all were a bit sceptical, but this is about the first time he can compete with Heikki, and he goes half a second quicker, like he was able to do last year. Quite a difference from his earlier performance, or from what Chandok was able to do last weekend.

      Wouldn’t mind seeing a happy Trulli for a while. I wonder how this plays with Chandok being put in a Lotus for the India GP – will Heikki now have to give up his seat?

    2. Trulli ended the second practice session four-tenths of a second quicker than team mate Heikki Kovalainen who has out-qualified him eight to one in 2011 so far.

      I think this is the proof. Although it’s just FP, it’s a good sign.

      1. Certainly is. So weird that it’s taken so long to sort it…

    3. Although I love to see new blood in F1 , sometimes I like it when the old W(h)ine-farmer does well. Let’s see how the quali battle progresses.

    4. so is the power steering really fixed or was he scared after they replaced him with chandok?

      1. He’s time was almost half a second quicker than Heiki, I think that says it all.

        1. Also, they didn’t “replace” him, he gave up his seat for Chandok while waiting for the steering to be fixed since going through another weekend with problems won’t do good for anyone and Chandok can better prepare for the Indian GP.

    5. its quite bizarre, a top class driver slowed down by something as simple as power steering, while his teammate isnt affected at all.

      but if trulli now goes faster, it will show it was a genuine mechanical problem. he was 4 tenths faster in practise 2, but slower in practise one.

      lets wait till the end of the race, or maybe 2 or 3 races to evaluate this. it must be a genuine mechanical fault but, as trulli was as fast as alonso in 2004, and kovaleinen was crap compared to hamilton in 2008.

      1. Douglas 62500
        30th July 2011, 4:53

        Wish him all the best with the car. Let’s be honest why would an F1 fan not want to see the classic Trulli come back with his absolute qualifying artistery !!!!

        1. then spoil all of top teams by Trulli train!

          1. After ths steering wheel it’s going to be Trulli Xpress train :D

    6. UKfanatic (@)
      29th July 2011, 22:09

      I believe on Jarno, Im no F1 driver but its much easier and secure to drive a car that you actually feel, I’ve drove some very light and twitchy steerings, like my ps3 steering Im always complaining about it

      1. UKfanatic (@)
        29th July 2011, 22:12

        last year heikki and trulli were neck and tie, despite all mechanical problems that jarno keeps suffering, I just fear a bit for Chandok nice guy in my opinion the 2nd best rookie of last season behind Hulk, discreet gp2 driver but a nice driver anyway and nice person

    7. Hopefully we will see a happier Jarno now.

      1. Faster Jarno would be better though :P

    8. Well he has moaned about this and when it is sorted he goes quicker. Fair play, watch this space.

    9. Jarno Trulli says he’s “very happy” with the new power steering system Lotus used at the Hungaroring today.

      Reading between the lines a little bit: “Okay, Tony made his point in Germany. I’ll shut up and drive the car now.”

      1. hahaha

      2. Nice Humor

      3. ….. You really think that don’t you pm?

        Hopefully the developments work for him and he can silence the skeptics for a bit.

        1. Come on, things don’t add up. Jarno Trulli is one of the msot experienced drivers on the grid. He knows how to develop a car. And yet, after half a season, he’s still having trouble with the power steering … so the team put Chandhok in the car to get feedback?

          Come on, this is Tony Fernandes sending a message to Trulli: if you want to do something about the power steering, then spend less time talking about it and more time working out hat to do about it, because you can be replaced quickly and easily.

          1. Nice theory PM but they announced the new power steering system would be in place for hungary before deciding to give karun a weekend in the car.

            1. Maybe, bu I still find is a massive coincidence, and I cannot suspend my disbelief enough to believe it is anything but Fernandes trying to keep his house in order.

            2. a massive coincidence…

              Nothing to do with you being a massive fan of Lotus and Trulli does it? :D

              You could be right. But I doubt it. Trulli seems genuinely happy.

    10. Karun – a one man wonder who fixes power-steering and cranky Italians.

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