Typically hot weather expected in Abu Dhabi

2011 Abu Dhabi GP weather

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Abu Dhabi, 2010

It would be a surprise to see much rain on a desert island track but it has happened before: last year’s first practice session was run in damp conditions.

However the weather forecast for this weekend’s activity currently points towards three days of warm, dry running.

Air temperatures will hit 30C on all three days. That will lead to correspondingly high track temperatures of up to 40C but unlike at most races these peak temperatures will be seen in the first and third practice sessions rather than qualifying and the race.

This is of course because the main action at Abu Dhabi coincides with sunset. The race will start at 5pm local time with the sun setting around half an hour later.

As a result track temperatures will drop during the race and that could keep the teams guessing on tyre performance. This was a significant factor during last year’s title-deciding Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso’s fateful early pit stop came as the team perceived a slight drop-off in tyre performance. However the front runners’ lap times improved as Alonso pitted, meaning they were able to delay their pit stops. With others who had already pitted able to make it to the end of the race, Alonso lost out.

Expect Ferrari to be especially wary of that phenomenon this weekend.

Location of Yas Marina

Yas Marina, home of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, is around 200 miles east of Bahrain.

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    9 comments on “Typically hot weather expected in Abu Dhabi”

    1. I stay in the middle east and let me tell ya, 30 degrees is not hot :)

      1. You’re right most of the year round 30 degrees would be bliss in alot of countrys how ever you can actually cook an englishman at 21 degrees. for the recipe see heston blumenthals new book.

        Oh and Alonso will finish ahead of button the mclarens can’t take heat because they’re english.

    2. Expect very tough conditions for the guys in humid conditions.

      I am angry at the media with the exaggerated rubbish they’re coming up with that Button is destroying Hamilton.It’s funny really, with all respect to JB, this season he has been the better (luckier) driver, brilliant season, credit goes where credit’s due. However, the rubbish the media are coming up with and exaggerating Button’s talent, get real. For JB to beat LH it takes Lewis to have this kind of season and still LH mathematically can beat JB in the standings, its reidculous.

      Think carefully about this:

      “For JB to beat LH it takes Lewis to have this kind of season”.

      1. I’m struggling to agree…

        Sure Lewis has had a bad season… but Button is the only guy holding a candle to Seb.

    3. Button and Hamilton have both retired twice. Button’s retirements were both mechanical. Hamilton’s were crashes. If Button hadn’t had those mechanical problems, the gap would likely be over 50 points.

      Yes, maybe Hamilton has had a bit of bad luck, but no more than Button when you take the mechanical failures into account. Button has raced wheel-to-wheel with many others this season, with only Canada to note as an exception – where conditions were difficult.

      I like Hamilton and Button, but the fact is, Hamilton has far more wheel-to-wheel incidents than Button, for a not dissimilar number of overtakes, which makes me think it’s more a problem with Hamilton knowing when a gap is a gap than it is “luck”. Button hasn’t had the same issues with Massa, Maldonado and others, and it’s not like he’s not mixed it with them at all.

    4. Just wondering, why are people commenting on Button and Hamilton here instead of about the beautifull weather in the Gulf region?

      I think the most sensible thing about the whole race is the desicion to race at sunset. Makes for a bit of a spectacular event and people don’t have to drop dead in the heat.

      I wouldn’t be suprised if Ferrari now cocks up the other way around, not wanting to make the same mistake as last year. On the other hand, McLaren lately has a gift for making exactly that kind of desicions, so that might lose them the race (if they get into a position to actually lead and win it).

    5. DRS, we rely on you.

      1. Its what we are all thinking…

    6. Should be good to see the teams panic as they approach the cliff and a sunset.

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