Virgin: Ordinary race for Glock as d’Ambrosio retires

2011 Abu Dhabi GP team review

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Glock was briefly troubled by Daniel Ricciardo on his way to 19th.

Timo GlockJerome D’Ambrosio
Qualifying position1921
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’44.515 (-0.184)1’44.699
Race position19
Pit stops20

Virgin drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Timo Glock123.333112112.192111.677112.768111.364111.194110.895110.973111.621111.114110.666111.274111.683111.15110.522110.782110.65110.503110.451110.308110.418111.325113.098112.281132.106109.295111.1108.941108.804108.489108.807108.453108.387108.419108.798108.774108.947108.637108.579108.312108.085109.002111.499132.337110.353109.919108.801110.436110.062112.364109.47111.758
Jerome dAmbrosio126.137114.041112.335111.801112.502111.367112.378112.274112.112112.046111.704111.468111.259111.251111.301111.196112.36124.449

Timo Glock

Timo Glock, Virgin, Abu Dhabi, 2011
Timo Glock, Virgin, Abu Dhabi, 2011
Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Soft 21.792s
Pit stop 2Medium 20.561s

Glock had a fairly typical weekend, qualifying and finishing behind the two Lotuses: “I had a strong start, the speed was not too bad and I was in front of a couple of quicker guys, even though in the end they caught us up. I just drove my race and my engineer kept me updated about the gap to the guys behind, which was quite easy to manage.

“In the second pit stop I think Ricciardo pushed a bit more, but I still managed to stay in front of him as well as keeping an eye on the rear tyres.

“In the end I got the best out of the car even though I have to say it was a bit difficult with the last set of tyres because the medium compound combined with all the blue flags made it difficult to get them up to temperature.”

Timo Glock 2011 form guide

Jerome d’Ambrosio

Start tyreSoft

D’Ambrosio was pipped by Ricciardo in qualifying and slipped to the tail of the field during the race.

But on lap 17 he felt a problem with the brakes and, with debris coming off the front-left wheel, the team decided to retire him.

Jerome d’Ambrosio 2011 form guide

Robert Wickens

Drove Jerome D’Ambrosio’s car in first practice.

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    1. I think Virgin are really just coasting now, and have been for some time.

      1. They must be avidly looking forward to next season and a bit of a fresh start now.
        Even HRT seem to have more to look forward to in the races, as they can at least try and pass one of the Virgins during the race.

      2. @BasCB @Prisoner-Monkeys Sounds about right to me. They have nothing to lose. They’re not fighting for any positions and they must be feeling pretty positive after the Marussia deal.

        Expecting a big step next year. They’ve been without Wirth long enough to have 2012 all planned out.

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