Start, Melbourne, 2011

Get set for the 2012 F1 season with F1 Fanatic

2012 F1 season

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Start, Melbourne, 2011
Start, Melbourne, 2011

Now that 2012 is upon us the countdown to the new season is well and truly underway.

At the end of the month the new cars will appear and testing begins shortly after that.

As ever F1 Fanatic is your number one resource for information on the 2012 season. Here’s where you can find it all:

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Please note not all the 2012 car launch dates have been announced yet:

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The F1 Fanatic Twitter Director has been updated for the new year. Along with all the new drivers and team name changes lots more new accounts have been added including the FIA’s official account:

You can also find accounts for GP2 teams and drivers:

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More on the 2012 F1 season

Refer to the 2012 F1 season section for updated information on the new season including the new drivers, teams, rules and more:

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26 comments on “Get set for the 2012 F1 season with F1 Fanatic”

  1. I think the 2012 F1 season will be pretty good. I just hope Senna has a drive and a few less poles and victory’s for Vettel.

  2. As a frenchman I’ll be hoping for solid performances from the 3 French, especially from Grosjean who, i think, as done more than the other two to deserve a seat. I hope the Lotus will be better than the LRGP.

    Aprt from that, I’ll remain a BUT/HAM/PER/KOB supporter !

    And I’ll organise a barbecue on June the 24th knowing i won’t miss much !

    1. “And I’ll organise a barbecue on June the 24th knowing i won’t miss much !”

      You’ll be at the Valencia GP AND organise a BBQ?! Awesome!!

      Now I feel a little dissapointed I’m going to the British GP though….

      1. Who said I’ll be in Valencia ;-) ?

        1. But then… How are you gonna organize a BBQ AND watch the Valencia GP?…

          ooh wait… Off course! You’re gonna setup a screen outside! BBQ and F1 at the same time! Awesome!

    2. June 24th is an ideal candidate for telling the wife – “There’s a grand prix on this weekend, but if you really want to go shopping then that’s fine, honestly”, then pick up a few credits in case someone does something silly like organise their wedding on the weekend of a decent race.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        2nd January 2012, 16:45

        I completele agree, even though my wife watches the Gps usually, even though when watching the Valencia one we both prefered to do something else… watch dvds you pervs!

    3. If there’s going to be any BBQing going on, it will be here in Texas in November. Nothing beats Texas BBQ and with the greatest sport on the planet coming here, there’s going to be a few more dead cattle around here.

      1. Now that must be a prospect many have been looking at for quite a while!

      2. The most superawesome tailgate party ever! :D

  3. I think the 2012 season will be great with Merc back on form. but I really want to see Senna and Alguersuari with a seat, I want to see more of them.

    1. @johnniewalker I really want to see a competitive Mercedes too. Third time lucky, eh?!

      I agree with you on Alguersuari and Buemi. Toro Rosso may have finished developing them. But clearly they think that they’re worthy of a seat because they wouldn’t have dropped them if they weren’t finished ‘developing’ them? ;)

  4. I want Heikki to start scoring points for Caterham F1. I’m sure that Mike Gascoynes team of people can make gains for 2012. Come On!!!!!!!

  5. Come on mclaren 2012 is the year to make amendments and dethrone Red bull from the top

  6. All i want in 2012 is a Championship battle, we had everything in 2011 apart from that, there were great individual races but never the championship battle that makes it that much better. I don’t mind who fights for the championship, but please, someone give Seb a run for his money this year!

    It would be fantastic if the top 4 teams turned up in Melbourne with evenly matched cars and any 1 of 8 drivers in the running for Pole and win, only being separated by the type of circuit they were on and what suited their car. I would love to see it that close! (Maybe i should get into GP2) But please, please no domination in F1 in 2012!

  7. Please dear god let it not be another year were Vettel wins nearly everything. Last year was a good season and I enjoyed it yes, but the season before that had a great tittle race so maybe a mixture? If Red Bull and Vettel have another dominate season I can see there being major problems.

    What I would also like to see is the new drivers on the grid including though’s that have already had a drive before i.e Lotus drivers, to have a good season and stay with their teams more than a season. It’s really frustrating that a rookie driver who has good talent is wasted because they are given one season to adapt to F1 before getting unceremoniousnessly thrown out. You will not get anywhere with knee jerk decisions, keep a driver in for a second season, let them contribute to the car design and then if there still doing bad, get rid of them.

    I would also love to see the track selection process changed for new tracks. I just wish that Bernie would see sense and pick tracks that are ready made and tested instead of saying to someone make a track and then it not being ready. Korea, India and now the USA and probably the Russian one if it still needs to be made. Speaking of tracks, with this calender increase happening whether teams like it or not, I wish that they would just trim the fat and get rid of races considered deadwood and that fans do not like. Chances are money talks.

    Anyway, Massa to win, Catrum to get a point and keep collecting them, Williams to get back on track and Ferrari and Mclaren rise again.

  8. Hopefully we can get a decent number of drivers on the podium. We had 14 in 2008 and 13 in 2009, compared to just 8 in 2010 and 7 in 2011 (at least the 2 outsiders Rosberg and Kubica got three each compared to 1 for Petrov and Heidfeld). And we need someone other than the big 5 to win.

    1. Every time I see the podium stats, or someone refer to the “big 5”, I wonder where the 07-08 Massa went :(

      1. I think we all want to see that Massa back :( I don’t care who we see on the podium just as long as it’s not constantly the same drivers

      2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        2nd January 2012, 16:51

        Those 2007 and 2008 years were before his horrible accident, and no matter if he claims the contrary but that crash did affect his deliver, performance etc etc.

        I hope to see Kubica back in F1 sometime soon but would be much better to see him still mentally strong. There’s Massa we don’t need a second driver who was a “big one” and males us feel sad for them… Massa should retire (no joke) probably after a year he can come back fully recovered from any traumatic thoughts he may still keep.

  9. I expect redbull to still be a strong contender in 2012 but mclaren might steel the spotlight, for ferrari i expect the same possible one win, mercedes and renualt a couple of podiums and williams get into the top of the midfield (wichfull thinking?)FI, STR, SAUBER will be probably the closest battles and hopefully the odd point for the new, not so new teams.

  10. I got so fef up wiv vettels runaway x hide wins in 2011, we didnt get to know the real vettel. So many factors go into making a great driver. For instance 1- overtaking.2- fighting bk from mid/back field.3- loosing.4- personality. All these attributes make a f1 driver x many more wich we’ve not seen yet x hope ro in 20012.

  11. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    2nd January 2012, 17:01

    My hopes for 2012 are simply to see Mercedes IN the battle and Williams alongside with Lotus getting REALLY MUCH MORE.
    I don’t see the problem of Vettel’s being the champion, neither is a problem if he does it for the third time, it’s my opinion and many could say he’s boring, he gets you out of your nerves with “the finger”, with the “that’s what I’m talking about!!!!”, the girls’ names for his cars, well I don’t get sick or tired about any driver actually, sometimes I can get angry with them or some moves (you can say “sure Omar you hate Lewis and Fernando” well I don’t like them but they are fantastic drivers) or even some stewards decision misapplied, so smooth sometimes, so strict for other drivers…. well the point is the grid is full of great and brave men who just need matched cars to make a great show, that would be perfect: challenging Ferraris, challenging Lotus like the beginning of 2011, challenging Force India going back to the 2009 podiums, and F1fanatics writing (and reading) tons of comments here. Thanks to Keith for this page

    1. Sounds like a very solid wish there @omarr-pepper,

      challenging Ferraris, challenging Lotus like the beginning of 2011, challenging Force India going back to the 2009 podiums, and F1fanatics writing (and reading) tons of comments here.

  12. How many pases for the lead were there in 2011? One or 2 maybe. Not more.
    2012 I want more racing. More racing for th lead. Less strategy and more racing.
    Am I gonna get it?

  13. Anyone going out to see any testing?

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