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You can now shop for the latest F1 merchandise, clothing, DVDs and books through Grand Prix Legends on F1 Fanatic.

Grand Prix Legends is our newest affiliate partner, which means you can help support F1 Fanatic when you buy products through them here.

F1 Fanatic earns commission on all purchases made through Grand Prix Legends’ presence on the site, though you are not charged any extra.

To see a sample of Grand Prix Legends’ range, and buy F1 merchandise through their website, visit the Shop tab in the main menu.

Remember you can also shop through our other affiliate partner Amazon and help support F1 Fanatic in the same way.

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6 comments on “Shop for F1 merchandise through Grand Prix Legends on F1 Fanatic”

  1. That’s cool :D

  2. Shame they don’t have Vettel foam Fingers :( Me want!

  3. Looks good! Found a bit of an issue, will post it in the relevant forum topic.

    1. Or an official Vettel dummy?

  4. It is ridiculous how expensive F1 merchandise really is! Not just now, but always. Amazing!

    1. Team kit is always very expensive. Not something I’m fussed about personally, as it’s out of date within months and available heavily discounted.

      I do collect the Minichamps model cars – prices on those have doubled in a little over 4 years. No point buying them at RRP these days though, as they’re available at nearly 50% off on eBay if you wait a few weeks after release.

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