Williams reveal 2013 livery on last year’s FW34

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Williams haven’t brought their new car to the first test of the 2013 season at Jerez. But they have got a revised livery, which is sported by last year’s FW34.

The livery is little changed from last year’s design, but with some extra white.

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23 comments on “Williams reveal 2013 livery on last year’s FW34”

  1. I see they’ve also added the vanity panel to the FW34.

    1. and the livery a bit like last year Sauber

  2. The livery is little changed from last year’s design, but with some extra white.

    It’s better than the FW34 design, though. It kind of reminds me of the FW29 livery. But I would like to see them put a bit more red or silver into it, like the FW33.

    1. I’m pretty sure they’d make a conscious decision to never take any cues from the FW33, ever. Too many bad memories.

  3. What tyres are those?

    1. hard ones

  4. I was hoping for more of Kemppi and Wihuri :D oh well

    1. They’re on the overalls. Don’t forget, PDVSA pay a lot of money for prominence above all other sponsors.

  5. Any ideas on the tube that seems to be fused on the lower beam of the rear wing? I am pretty sure that wasn’t there before unless it was a late in the season addition?

      1. Elliot Horwood .
        5th February 2013, 9:31

        it was on last years car, and this is last years car so…

        1. I looked at a lot of pictures from the start to the end of the season and didn’t see it. Must of been very bad luck with the pictures I pulled up aye!

          Looking at some more it may be there in a more subtle black form its had to tell.

    1. IIRC Williams had to reinforce the beam wing as the entire rear wing was rocking side to side.
      No idea if its the same thing.

      Great looking car, clean & simple but very very nice.

  6. with the livery revealed, I dont see any point in launching their 2012 car at a special function.

  7. with the livery revealed, I dont see any point in launching their 2013 car at a special function.

    1. Launching a new car is about the car though isn’t it, it’s not about its livery. It’s not like they’ve spent a year developing its livery to make a car to challenge for the championship.

  8. is that 2 seperate cars? or did they just add/remove the vanity panel? as in some pictures its a smooth nose and in others it has the step?

    1. Good point, looking over all the other details it seems to be the same car (pretty sure they are only allowed one at tests anyway). Maybe they were evaluating the weight vs aerodynamics. Or it could just be evaluating different front wings and one didn’t have a panel. Who knows. Well… Williams do… but you know.

    2. You’re right.The car in he 5th picture has a stepped nose and the front wing is mostly blue instaed of mostly white.

  9. So the designer opens his preferred software, which allows him to draw any desired shape, has a palette containing all the colors of the spectrum, gradients, alpha transparencies, layers and filters. And he comes up with that.

    1. I’d love to see a livery with more alpha transparency. We need more invisible cars!

  10. Anti. Climax!

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