Force India cancel practice run for Rossiter

2013 British Grand Prix

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James Rossiter will not make his F1 practice debt at Silverstone today as planned, Force India have announced.

Rossiter, the team’s simulator driver, was supposed to drive Adrian Sutil’s VJM06 during first practice for the British Grand Prix. But Force India have scrapped the plan due to wet conditions at the track this morning.

“The wet track means that, unfortunately, James Rossiter won’t get the previously announced FP1 run,” the team said on Twitter.

“His work was dependent on dry conditions. The team will evaluate other future opportunities for James to drive the VJM06, in conditions that will be more representative for the sim.”

Rossiter last drove for the team during pre-season testing.

2013 British Grand Prix

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  1. Bad luck for James..but they would have learnt nothing in those conditions considering that it was to get data for the simulator. FI really is serious about updating their simulator. Dont see such from McLaren or Ferrari…

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