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2013 British Grand Prix

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Eleven of the best fans’ videos from the British Grand Prix including Jean-Eric Vergne’s tyre blow-out and Sebastian Vettel asking for another boo.

Pic crashes in first practice

Persistent rain meant drivers spent most of the first practice session in the pits. Charles Pic ventured out and perhaps wished he hadn’t after this crash at Club which this fan had an excellent view of.

Massa crashes in second practice

Felipe Massa hit a barrier for the fourth time in three race weekends during the second practice session.


Drivers tackle the high-speed change of direction at Becketts during second practice, kicking up a few sparks as they go. This is one of the best places to watch F1 cars in action on the entire calendar.


Mark Webber gets a poor start while Paul di Resta is squeezed onto the grass.

Vergne’s tyre blow-out

Vergne was the third driver to suffer an explosive tyre failure during the race. His Toro Rosso shed its left-rear tyre while the two Lotuses behind were conducting a pre-arranged position swap.


The Safety Car was deployed after Vergne’s puncture. At the restart Massa, who’s made an early second stop for another set of hard tyres, passed Giedo van der Garde’s Caterham at Vale.

Vettel retires

Vettel’s gearbox failed on lap 41, ending his hopes of a second win at Silverstone. But it’s clear from the reception that wasn’t what some people had come to see.

The marshals had to abandon their first attempt to recover Vettel’s car as the field came past but got it out of the way in the end.

Hamilton passes Raikkonen

Lewis Hamilton, who had led the early stages but was another driver to suffer a puncture, passed Kimi Raikkonen for fourth place with two laps to go.

“They’ve got to change them, haven’t they?”

Ex-driver-turned-TV-pundit Martin Brundle gives his thoughts on the tyre failures to a group of fans.

“If I could ask for a boo again?”

Despite the disappointment of retiring from the lead of the race and being booed by the crowd when he did Vettel turned up to play drums at the post-race Silverstone party – then asked the fans for another boo! He did get a cheer in the end, though.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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    41 comments on “2013 British Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

    1. I suggest watching the entire last video and not just the end, goes to show how much of a class act Seb is

      1. Yes, pretty good video. Definitely recommend to watch it completely.

        Not suitable for those that thought the swearing in Abu Dhabi 2012 was bad though!

      2. I agree %100. Worth the watch for sure.

      3. Why?
        Horner spends the time telling anyone who will listen how english red bull are
        Interviewer tells everyone how we should love vettel
        vettel says he signs tits and watch me play the drums

        This does nothing to think anyone in that team is remotely likeable.

    2. I would prefer if the people who go to an F1 race and boo at a driver, or cheer when he retires/crashes, were to go back to watching football again. No matter which driver you prefer, this is utterly disgusting.

      1. Aaron (@tripperhead)
        3rd July 2013, 10:44

        While I think some of the cheering can be attributed to people glad to see their driver take the lead (rather than taking glee at another driver’s misfortune), this now fanatical booing of Seb at every race is, as you say, utterly disgusting. Poorest sportsmanship shown by fans in F1 for quite some time.

      2. I don’t think this attitude should be welcome in football either. I follow a local team and I have never head booing. I’m affraid it comes with the masses.

      3. Oh please. I was over the moon when Seb retired. Delighted. Doesn’t mean I hate the guy, doesn’t mean I should watch football instead.

        I gave a little cheer with the rest of the crowd. I imagine you were sitting in your seat shaking your head by the sounds of it. Get with the atmosphere. Jeeeeeesus.

        1. It is perfectly within the spirit of sport and fair play to be happy (especially in the heat of the moment) when your favourite’s opponent stumbles. Booing him on the podium is a bit different; that’s not very nice indeed.

      4. So if Vettel retires again, how do you think the Silverstone crowd should react? Complete silence in respect of a jolly good drive and a few comments of ‘rotten luck old boy’?

        It’s human emotion, and I think it’s good to see. It’s not so much cheering at someone’s misfortune as it is cheering at someone else’s fortune (Rosberg, Alonso, Hamilton, Webber etc…).

        Why don’t we just ban the Tifosi while you’re at it too?

        1. Quite! There were definitely some expressions of delight in my house (even – horror! – some snidey comments along the lines of “For him zer race is over”) and we don’t hate Vettel – we just want to see a close fought championship, which another Vettel win would have made less likely.

          Being told how we should all think, feel and behave is getting really boring.

          1. Being told how we should all think, feel and behave is getting really boring.

            Couldn’t agree more, I was actually in the stands at Farm Curve jumping for joy when we saw it on the screen. The woman next to me was so delighted she actually hugged me, to the chagrin to her husband. People need to stop being so easily offended and realise there’s a reason why Vettel’s become so unpopular, and it’s not because he’s ‘German/successful’. I hear many disparaging/htae filled comments about Di Resta on the forums, and although I don’t grasp quite why he’s so loathed, I actually find it pretty hilarious.

          2. I want to see a closely fought championchip as well. But not with technical problems and crashes. If a driver makes a mistake, or a car fails, then so be it.

            Cheering for the bad luck or mishaps of other people is low. If you think you’re fine doing it, so be it. But please let me express my opinion that you lack character.

        2. I’m VERY sure the crowd that booed and cheered was happy for Rosberg and Alonso.
          Good point…

    3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      3rd July 2013, 10:13

      Haha that last video of Seb. Huge respect to him for that haha.

      1. Yeah, I’ve got a lot more respect for him having seen that!

    4. Amazing video at Becketts , just notice the force on the tires, they are almost distorted when changing direction.
      Also the start was amazing, I have just noticed how much Massa was close to the grass when he pulled away.

      1. Static cameras are the best way to see true speed. One day FOM might discover this amazing concept, who knows :)

        1. They used to have static cameras installed on the apexes of some corners at several tracks showing some of F1’s true speed; yet, I noticed they are not doing so recently. I also hope they discover this concept.

    5. Interesting how the often-vilified Vettel showed up the ‘best fans in the world’ by acting with far more class then they did.

      Not massively proud of the British fans, I have to admit.

      1. @magnificent-geoffrey

        It’s got nothing to do with them being british, and I’m sure most people know that this happened in Spain and Italy as well. Hockenheim 1995, when Hill crashed out in the first corner and the crowd started cheering was making me sick as well.

    6. Great videos, thanks for posting them.

    7. The 4th video featured something that really annoys me. People using an iPad/Tablet to film. USE A CAMERA!

      1. I couldn’t agree more.

        Of course I love all the new gadgety tech we can carry in our pockets but I detest the phenomena of nothing but a sea of arms in the air clutching their mobile devices capturing low quality footage (as shot composition) and missing the action themselves.

        Music concerts are even worse for this but watching this start – one of the greatest spectacles in all sport – and the fact that most people there would be better off at home as they desperately try to watch the actual live event through their mobile cameras.

        How much were the tickets again, on the pit straight!?

        If someone were to block my view of an event with their waving mobile infront of my face I’d take it and shove it where the sun don’t shine…

      2. Agreed.

    8. These articles are amongst the best on F1Fanatic. Thanks all of you for supplying your videos!

      Lovely to see how great a guy Vettel is really. The drumming, he knows his F1, and he has a nice sense of humor like what is shown in that last video.

    9. Christian Horner I think was more upset with the booing (negative publicity ) than Seb was . I think he was a bit relaxed than usual considering how his attitude is towards loosing . I don’t like Red Bull at all , but Seb has a good sense of humour most of the times ,is quite affable as a person and definitely has better attitude than a certain spaniard . Its the politics and “win at all costs” stubbornness that I don’t like in him . It may win heaps of laurels and world titles but not necessarily loads of fans . Good luck to him for the rest of the season. By the way, the booing happens if its your rival’s home race ( Not a good thing to do ) . In Monza , Lewis was booed so loud during the podium.

    10. Martin Brundle you legend ! So down to earth

      1. Brundle has always been a class act- I recently read a quote from him where he said that his driving career was merely research for his commentating career! Some drivers have had more than their share of bad luck, and his statistics don’t really show just how good he was in F1. Not every driver can say that they scored points in their first gp (5th place- Brazil 1985). His career outside of f1 has been stellar. Total respect!

    11. @andae23 – great job finding these videos and the amazing stats you post on the facts and stats article!

      Really nice to see Sebastian showing a lot of class in response to the obvious dislike people show towards him. I hope the people who cheered his retirement watch this video.

      1. @sumedhvidwans Like I say above, what do you expect from the crowd when he retired, silence?

        The booing is something different (and hard to defend), although Vettel’s actions in Malaysia have certainly helped cause this reaction because actually he was quite well liked in the UK in previous years.

        Nice to see the last video though I agree.

        1. @john-h

          So Vettel is now being criticized for disobeying team orders? If I remember correctly, following team orders is something wrong.

          If you really think there is a rationale behind booing Vettel and that in some way, he ‘deserves’ the booing, look no further than the double standards expressed in the poll results here .

          1. My view on it is that team orders are wrong. I also think disobeying team orders is wrong. So I gained more respect for Rosberg over Vettel in that situation.

          2. @sumedhvidwans I was explaining why it had happened, not saying it was deserved. I’m not defending the booing at all, I thought that was pretty clear in my comment.

      2. @sumedhvidwans Thanks, but I can’t take full credit for that: Keith did a good part of the research himself – he’s just a little shy to put his own name under it :)

    12. Do I like Vettel? Not so much. Do I hate him? Not at all. Would I have cheered when his car slowed? I did. Would I boo him when he wins a race? Not a chance.

      1. That pretty much sums up how many feel including myself !

    13. Under the 6th video, don’t you mean Vergne’s puncture, Keith ;)

    14. I have quite a good video of the fans after the race running onto the track :)


    15. Vettel is such a likeable guy with a good sense of humour. The booing in Canada was unsavoury, but people are over-reacting to the cheering when he retired at Silverstone. Any booing is wrong, but cheering when he retires is just showing emotion. This is sport, people have their favourites and also some people want to see a closer championship battle. I wasn’t personally delighted when it happened mind.

    16. Brian Kneis
      4th July 2013, 4:08

      The intensity of the start is just amazing!!! I find it amazing how clear the difference in start performance is when you are watching it live from 100 feet away, WOW. I live 1 mile from the proposed grand prix track in New Jersey and I desperately hope the race happens!

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