“We punched above our weight” – Hulkenberg

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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Nico Hulkenberg says Sauber exploited an opportunity to finish ahead of quicker cars in Korea.

“What we did in Korea was obviously outstanding and I’m really happy and proud about that,” said Hulkenberg, who finished fourth in Sunday’s race.

“But we probably punched above our weight there and out-performed a few cars which we shouldn’t do. There was this opportunity and we grabbed it – that was very good.”

Hulkenberg said a combination of car upgrades and the mid-season change to the tyres had helped make Sauber more competitive.

“I certainly haven’t changed,” he said. “I think the car, of course we put on some updates, a big one in Budapest which we now understood better and better. And then some small bits and bobs and I think the tyres did the rest to it.”

Hulkenberg has been linked with a move to Lotus for next year but he contradicted claims he has given them until the end of the month to decide whether they want his services.

“I have not set a deadline,” he said, “I think that was a misunderstanding and someone not laying it out correctly. What I’ve basically said is that I would like to have clarification or certainty by the end of October.”

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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    12 comments on ““We punched above our weight” – Hulkenberg”

    1. pun intended?

      1. Ha ha, good catch!!

    2. Doesn’t he mean under his weight?

      1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        10th October 2013, 8:57

        No, he doesn’t.

    3. I know there was some other issues during the race that may have lead to him having a better run they he may have otherwise (*cough*tires*cough*), but his preformance was a nice glimmer of hope that the small teams (well I guess Sauber would be more of a medium sized team?) can still be pretty competitive given the right circumstances.

      1. @fisha695
        I totally agree with you there! I can´t help but reading this:

        Sauber exploited an opportunity to finish ahead of quicker cars in Korea

        As: “Yeah we got the good Pirellis and made the most of it!” It just goes to show the difference something like rubber makes!

        NOTICE: this is my sole opinion, please do not flame on me!

    4. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      10th October 2013, 8:58

      Hulkenberg is basically confirmed.

    5. As much as I like Hulk, I hope no repeat for Perez phenomenon as he had 3 podium finish last season with the same Sauber, and then targeting for this year WDC with Mclaren. Ha?

      1. The difference is the comparison to team mates … Kobayashi did almost as well as Perez and yet got dropped of F1. And Perez performance was 3 podiums but nothing aside. Hulkenberg has been quite consistant this year and always (well) ahead of Gut. Okay he doesn’t have F1 experience but the gap is quite there.

        After it’s always to teams to make the choice …

        1. Kobayashi was super unlucky last year and probably should have had a couple more podiums himself. His qualifying pace at times was up there with the best drivers in F1 at a good handful of races and I have no doubt had Kob stayed at Sauber this year he would have done a better job than the current lineup combined.

      2. The guy just seems much more well rounded than Perez and has gone through a hell of a lot more to get where he is now. Hulkenburg at this point, esp for this season deserves every ounce of praise that gets thrown his way.

    6. Hulkenberg almost carried Force India past Sauber last season.

      Ironically, he’s about to carry Sauber past Force India this year.

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