2013 United States Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 United States Grand Prix

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Jenson Button hit trouble on the parade lap at the Circuit of the Americas as the car which was taking him around the track broke down.

See video of that moment and more in this collection of F1 fans’ footage from the race weekend:

Fog delays practice

The weekend got off to a slow start as fog delayed the beginning of practice by 40 minutes. Here’s the Medical Car assessing the track conditions.

View from the tower

The observation tower at the circuit offers a fascinating view of the action.

Parade lap problems


Jenson Button’s vintage car breaks down on the parade lap so he has to catch a lift.


A great view of the cars climbing to turn one and dropping into turn two.

The field winds through the twisty first sector and Button puts a daring move on Felipe Massa.

Sutil retires

Adrian Sutil climbs from his wrecked Force India after his first lap crash.

Toro Rosso battle

The two Toro Rossos almost make contact, allowing Esteban Gutierrez to attack Jean-Eric Vergne on the last lap.

Vettel wins again


Sebastian Vettel crosses the line to win his eighth race in a row.

More doughnuts

“I told you this was a good place for them,” says one satisfied fan after more post-race doughnuts from Vettel.

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2013 United States Grand Prix

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4 comments on “2013 United States Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Parade lap problems: “What’s goin’ on right now?”

    JB problem was fun, but the other guy (can’t figure out if it’s ROS, DIR, SUT, or someone else) got sweat. He could have twisted an ankle there.

    More drama, vintage car not only breaks down but took damages.

    I would have loved to see Andretti do some kind of two-seater, as per IndyCar.

    1. Rosberg, he is talking about the parade lap in his videoblogg and he mentioned like you say the possibility of a twisted ankle

  2. The view from the tower looks pretty cool – but I guess tickets are also quite pricey.

    1. Actually not, I went in 2012 and it only costs 30 dollars to get there. But obviously, there’s a limit of people.

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