Schumacher “showing moments of consciousness”

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Michael Schumacher is showing signs of awakening from the coma he has been in for over three months, according to his agent.

A statement issued on Thursday by Sabine Kehm said: “Michael is making progress on the way.”

“He shows moments of consciousness and awakening. We are on his side during his long and difficult fight, together with the team of the hospital in Grenoble, and we keep remaining confident.”

Kehm repeated the family’s request for privacy.

“We would like to thank you all for the continuous sympathies. At the same time we again ask for understanding that we do not wish to disclose details.

“This is necessary to protect the privacy of Michael and his family, and to enable the medical team to work in full calmness.”

Schumacher fell while skiing near Grenoble on December 30th last year, suffering serious head injuries.

2014 F1 season

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31 comments on “Schumacher “showing moments of consciousness””

  1. Brilliant, wonderful news…come on Michael !!!

  2. At last, some positive news !

  3. Keep Fighting Micheal , We are all with you.

  4. This is great news ! hope he recovers completely :)

    1. Well full recovery is very unlikely in Michael’s case (or that’s what I’ve heard).

      Great news nonetheless!

    2. I hope so too! I’m sure if anyone can come through it he can.

  5. Great news!! Forza Michael :-).

  6. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
    4th April 2014, 11:32

    I think I might cry… But I am a guy, so I won’t.

    Comon Michael!!!!

    1. I will be having tears of joy the day we will hear that Michael has finally woken up and is recovered. Waiting for that news. :)

      Keep fighting Michael !

  7. I really hope he’ll be somewhat like the old Michael Schumacher if he wakes up and not severely handicapped… come on Michael.

  8. Oh God, I really hope Michael will wake up from coma!!!

  9. Wow! That’s absolutely brilliant news!

  10. Excellent news!! I was becoming less positive over time. Great to hear this

  11. Any news on his recovery is great to hear. I still hope that Michael can make a strong recovery, although the road there will be a difficult one. My thoughts are with Michael Schumacher and his family, and I hope their privacy during such a difficult time will be respected.

  12. Great news. Come on Michael, we have faith in you!

  13. Great news.

  14. Wow ! that is great news . There is hope .

  15. Against all odds!!! That is definitely Michael Schumacher. I hope that he will be able to wake up and see his family. My father died recently so I know the situation.

    1. I send you a big hug.

      Come on, Michael. It really does make me so sad, this situation.

  16. I hope he didn’t had an amnesia….

  17. That’s great news. I do sincerly hope he’ll have as few as possible side effects from this accident. It must be especially difficult for his children and my thoughts are with them, even more than with MSC himself.

  18. Fikri Harish (@)
    4th April 2014, 12:37

    A guy next to me on the bus just gave me a weird look because I just visibly cried.

    1. +1 with my coworker here…

  19. Keep going Michael!

  20. Just heard this fantastic news on the radio. After so long with no news this is brilliant. Small steps. :)

  21. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    4th April 2014, 15:43

    His next victory is coming, please!!

  22. Come on Schumi!!! Your nearly there!

  23. Forza MSC!

  24. Gary Hartstein is optimistic…

    I don’t think we should get carried away here. This news may improve Michael’s prospects of recovery, but clearly it is a very long way from recovery itself.

  25. This is such fantastic news! He has always been a fighter and a racer, and that’s what he has always been fantastic at. I do hope he makes a full recovery!

  26. Keep fighting Michael!!

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